A Thousand Words: 1973 Triumph TR6

1973 Triumph TR6

I’m sure you have heard the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words, but I have often wondered if that really is the case, especially with car listings. A photos sure can say a lot about a car’s condition and it is a lot easier to lie in a description than in a picture, but some things just can’t be said with a photo. Getting the balance just right can be tough, but the seller of this 1973 Triumph TR6 did a decent job. Have a look at the listing here on eBay in Phoenix, Arizona.

Triumph TR6

While I appreciate the seller’s detailed photos, which is certainly something I wish more sellers would provide, I would actually like to know a little more about the car. They state that it was partially restored 20 years ago and that a full restoration was started at one point but they only got as far as redoing the suspension. The seller also claims it starts and runs, but doesn’t state whether it can be driven. One thing is for sure, it’s a great looking British sports car that comes with a lot of extra pieces. If more seller’s would be so detailed in their photographs, shopping online for a classic would be a much simpler task! So who else wishes more seller’s would provide photos like these?


  1. jim s

    it is short on text but great job on the photos which result, at least for me, in a big lust factor. you can see what is right, needs work, and is not stock. no reserve and bids, i think both the buyer and seller will be very happy with the results of this auction. i am going to youtube to hear some TR6’s running. great find.

    • Jack

      The seller added videos a while ago and more info today

  2. Jersey Joe

    Sorry Gents, But words do make a difference! If you can not “truly” describe it, pictures might help you sell it. I have driven a 99+ point looking TR- 6 to a concourse event for someone that I would not sell to your x wife. Beautiful looking car though. Joe

    • Jack

      The seller added videos a while ago and more info today

  3. Rosso1600

    Talk about over-kill. Nice to have a lot of DIFFERENT photos but 10 or more of virtually the same?
    Would have been better if he could actually provide some more detail on the car and its storage, prior use, etc. What about telling us if it actually drives?
    PS. I see he’s just added a video titled driving, didn’t bother looking though, worn out scrolling through from top of ad and sort of lost interest by the end.

    • Jack

      Is it not better to have too many pics, than not enough… Plus, the seller added more info today.

  4. RickyM

    I think you need to put as many varied pictures on as you can alongwith a full description of the car and its history. When I put my 1985 Jaguar Sovereign XJ6 on ebay I did this and the winner of the auction was very happy with the car after seeing the pictures and description of the car. Nice Triumph – like the bumper overriders.

    • Jack

      The seller added more info today

  5. Vincent Habel

    It will have a new home tomorrow if the bidder doesn’t back out.

    • Jack

      The seller added more info today

  6. The Chucker

    I’ve always liked the lines of these-especially when not outfitted with the trunk mounted luggage racks. Those overriders look like something borrowed off my patio grill though.

    • Jack

      I talked to the seller, he said that he custom made them for a bike rack. He also added more info today.

  7. charlie Member

    The correct redline tires cost a fortune to replace – maybe these are still good!

  8. Alan (Michigan)

    Yea, the back bumper thingies are the bottom end of a bike rack for sure.
    My only concern there is whether a pair of holes had to be drilled in the bumper to attach them. Maybe the holes already existed for bumperettes? What are the holes on top of the bumper center for? Plate lights?
    Something which puzzles me: On the bottom of each rear frame section are bolts protruding with no nuts. Looks like one on the right side, and one on the left. There are markings showing that something was obviously mounted there, but is now gone. Does not look like it was small, the footprints are large-ish. I wonder…. Frame-mounted trailer hitch? I personally would not tow a boat with any TR, but some people might.
    Another oddity: I have never seen anyone weld up exit holes in a muffler, and cut/reattach the tailpipes somewhere else. Strange.
    Lastly, I think with all of the photos, and there are plenty, one should have been of the inside right door. Yes, it is said to need a panel, but show where it goes, or what the remnants of the prior one looks like, for Pete’s sake!

    Enough quibbles… I like this car! Brown has never been an option as a car color for me, but it looks good here. Big plus: A spare set of SU’s on the shelf!

    • Jack

      The seller added this info earlier today… “I have a new rear sway bar, bushing, and hardware to replace the missing one.”

  9. Bren

    Brown, not a great colour, but the car looked good – UNTIL I saw the bike rack holders, AND THEN loose wiring on the interior and engine. If he’d spent a few minutes cleaning up the wiring for the photos instead of wasting time on 5-10 basically similar shots – still, I suppose I’m being a bit picky on what looks like a basically good motor ?

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