Abandoned Former Show Car: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad

Believe it or not, this Nomad is claimed to have once scored 996 points at a Classic Chevrolet Club show! Those of you familiar with the 1000-point scoring system know a car that scores 990+ is near perfect. Unfortunately, it is a bit far from that score now but is ready for a new owner to return it to its former glory. This 1955 Chevrolet Nomad can be found for sale here on eBay with a current bid over $30,000. Located in New Port Richey, Florida, it has been sitting over 25 years, but still looks pretty darn good to me!

The engine is a 265 cubic inch V8 with a 2bbl carburetor. The ad doesn’t state whether the car runs or drives, but with it sitting 25 years, hopefully, the owner turned it over regularly. Amazingly, the car also featured power steering and brakes along with air conditioning.

The interior is the classic black/white/red that was popular in the 1950s. You can see a photo of the tuck-n-roll bench seat here. The seller says there are over 24 factory options on this car including the following: sun visor, accessory molding, and trim, electronic high beams, traffic light viewfinder, Wonderbar radio, and tissue dispenser.

This is a really cool looking car and appears to be a great starting point for a project. It doesn’t look like it will take much to get the car back to a show-stopper. What do you think? Is $30,000+ a decent value for this project? How high would you bid?

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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    “Abandoned” ?
    Not sure how that applies here.

    I read the 1984 Chevy Club commemorative plate to read 976 points (which is still really high)
    It is a shame that the finish on the rear bumper self-destructed. It is expensive to get good chrome these days. Perhaps my eyes deceive me, but the paint… It just looks orange peeled/textured pretty much all over. Would a full block sand job smooth that out? I am wondering what the story is, regarding why the car is partially disassembled.
    One thing is for sure, it has not been parked on those wheel dollies for 25 years, the car has been moved about. And it was a bit dirty when put under the cover, at least the interior was. Sorry for playing the curmudgeon. I’ve never been a huge fan of tri-five Chevies, so that attitude might be a part of why I am not very impressed. Yes, I know these are uncommon…..

  2. Denny

    30 pics and not one of the passenger side?

  3. That AMC guy

    At least nobody dropped a girder on it.


    • Neal


  4. Mr. Bond

    Gotta love the fuzzy dice!

  5. scott

    For they high of a score, it certainly must have been the sponsor’s own car!!! Nice, but, far far from that score!

    • Larry Ashby

      I guess you are not familiar with what time can do, with or without a cover.

  6. Bill Wilkman

    Am I the only one who thinks aftermarket wheels look ridiculous on an otherwise stock car?

    • pugsy


    • Ben Member

      No you are not the only one I agree 100% I can’t figure how it got those high point’s with those ugly whel’s

  7. Philip B

    I think a lot of the high points come from all the geegaw extras that are on the car. I don’t like when someone loads a bunch of extras on a car. I also noticed the orange peel paint.

  8. Skippy

    I don’t understand how any car could be restored and entered into a concours-style competitions, then used and abused, then stuck in a corner for another 25+ years…. My guess is somebody died and the car was not sold into the collector market but kept by a friend or relative with far less enthusiasm, respect and knowledge. Bringing this back to top condition might not look tough, but chances are it will need a full and expensive restoration tri-fecta (engine, paint and interior/chrome). Hopefully there is no rust. The seller is also pricing his car based on restored, $50-140k, restored, running, level 2 and 3 cars, many of which have been for sale off and on for YEARS! $40k would be fair but somebody might pay more.

  9. Bob Member

    Someone will love driving this old girl again. Nice she is for sale. Good luck to the new owner.

  10. Gaspumpchas

    36 large and it hasn’t hit reserve yet? wow, love a nomad especially a 55. Sure would like to see pics of the right side. Nice example with the options. Beware of the low (5) feedbacks. Caveat Emptor. Good luck to the new owner


  11. Del

    Nomad or not.

    Trophy winner or not.

    Too much for a non running car

  12. KevinLee

    Don’t think that style of wheel was around 25 years ago. We’re they installed just while it sat?

    • Fireman DK

      They look like Cragar SS wheels and they have been around since Christ was a corporal …… well, maybe not that long, at least since the 1960’s…….

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Not seeing Cragar SS wheels, Maybe Anson?

      • KevinLee

        Hello Fireman DK. What I meant to say was that I don’t think that style of wheel in that diameter (18″-19″) was available 25 years ago. I’m an old hot rodder so I do recognize the Torque Thrust style. Hey everyone, hope you all have a Happy New Year!

  13. John C.

    To better word it, those style wheels have been around since sitting bull was a calf. lol!
    And my ex boss has a old corvette that was once fully restored and won several 1st place awards at corvette shows and other car shows. That was over 20 years ago, it has since sat in a storage shed, he doesn’t take it out or even start it and won’t sell it. I once mentioned to him that the longer it sets the less it will probably be worth as things start to deteriorate on it, he just looked at me. Oh well.

  14. stillrunners

    Those are newer American Torque Thrusts wheels….and are the rear wheel wells stock….just thinking a little raised….but those options….non-stock interior coverings was probable the points off ? Most likely the owners passed and that’s why it’s up fer sale.

    • pugsy

      Ding..ding..ding…yes, Torque Thrusts. Excellent wheels for a Nomad.

      Drop it down 2-3″ will get the wheel wells filled properly.

  15. Buzzmad

    How does a ‘55 BLACK Nomad score that high with CC Club scoring. ???

    BLACK was not a stock color in 1955 on the Nomads.

  16. Gaspumpchas

    stillrunners, I believe the wheelwells are stock; they came with the radius like that at the factory>love the look and the styling, and IMHO torque Thrust wheels look good on anything!!


  17. Neal

    One of my favorites of the tri-fives, although I do like the 56 better since the extra chrome side trim makes for great two-tone paint delineation. I don’t like trifives well enough to ever want to shell out this kind of big money for one; too many other cool cars to dream about.
    What in the world is a “traffic light viewfinder” listed as one of the options?

    • Bob

      A traffic light view finder was an option for cars with the sunvisor that protruded over the windshield. When being the first car at a traffic light it would glow showing you the light changing. It was mounted on the top of the dash.

  18. DRV

    A neighbors grandpa built a family empire from those period traffic light viewers. It’s too bad about those highly optioned bumpers are bent and Rusty. Yes those are at least 26 inch rims and not that old. The tint looks correct and very hard to get consistent in color as a replacements which they must be to look that good.
    I am a ’56 fan and not much a 55 or 57 fan.

  19. jesse

    if you want to sell it I love Nomads no matter what condition!

  20. Alfred

    I was in new port richey this morning.

  21. Mark

    JWho abandoned this car?

  22. treg forsyth

    Just the headlight/fender/door chrome trim pieces are $1000 each for good pieces, even if they need re chroming, have a look around and see what I mean. I work at a plating shop and a customer tried welding/repairing the broken studs, needless to say he ruined most his pieces, (pot metal hates too much heat) $30,000 seems cheap now eh?

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