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Affordable Classic: 1968 Dodge Dart

Four-Door Dart

From Dustyn F – A straight, seemingly rust free body and a hearty slant-six should make this 1968 Dart a really nice around town cruiser. The interior is shot but so long as a new carpet set could be found the rest could easily be replaced with more modern parts. For the price this would make a great family project car to get a younger person interested in restoration. This ad has been popping up for a few months now, every time with a lower price. What looks like rust on the front fender was explained in an older ad to be dirt. The car is located in Redvale, Colorado and is listed for sale here on craigslist for $1,300!


  1. Stephen

    If it’s the larger 225 slant six, then it’ll pull a Dart around quickly enough even with the automatic. I always liked the looks of that generation of Dart and Valiant, and if the rust isn’t too bad, this is a steal.

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  2. Marty Member

    Great price. I love the vintage double whitewall tire on the front.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Always ready for another Dart.

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  4. Kincer Dave Member

    Is it me or is there NO windshield in the car?

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    • Bob's your uncle

      Not just you. It’s not there.

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  5. mark

    That 225 slant 6 is the most durable in line 6 cylinder ever made. That is a great price. At 1300 bucks you could put another 700 into it and have a daily driver for years.

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  6. Kincer Dave Member

    That’s what I thought, really wish there were pics of inside, looks like a great car but have seen pics that looked good before and when I showed up to look at car it was scrap!

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  7. Luke Fitzgerald

    Original twin streak on the RF – cost buttons if ok – don’t like the word “gutted” tho’

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  8. Jason Houston

    I’ve had several of these wonderful cars from Chrysler (1967-1975) and I’ll always go for another. If this no-windshield car were closer to home, $1300 is a bargain, even being a 4-door. I haven’t seen the ad, but if the reviewers here say the windshield issues and interior condition isn’t addressed, that’s the reason nobody has stepped up: the seller’s hiding something… like, he bought the car from the original owner for $200 and is just trying to flip it – a good guy to avoid!

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  9. Scotty G

    It’s always worrisome when someone says that they have “gutted” something to get it ready for restoration, meaning that who knows where all of the parts are and what else happened during that process. I’d much rather do that work myself, but I can see where they thought that they were going to do the work and then became overwhelmed with it, or with life in general and ran out of time, money, and desire. I would want to see the frame on this car, these are somewhat known to rust out and drop to the ground, at least from my experience. It looks like it’s in great shape, overall, and other than the $800-$900 in shipping costs to get it home, this looks like a good deal for someone who wants a nice restoration project for the winter.

    It has to be fairly rare to have AC on this car, that would have to be a pretty rare factory option. Just for the record: I hate (HATE!) mice! They mess up so many vehicles.

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    • Mark S

      If your barn storing an old car leave a dish of antifreeze in the trunk and one inside the interior, the little burgers love the taste and will lap it right up. It wil kill them died in less than a day, and you don’t have to attend to traps every day.

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  10. 64 bonneville

    Car is listed on the “Western slope” area of Colorado. high dry desert area. As mentioned above if the brown on the “A” pillar is dirt, some DuPont # 7 will clean it up. Legendary makes replacement interiors for the Chrysler products, but not sure if they do sedans on the smaller body cars. A local glass shop should be able to get a replacement windshield. the main factor slowing this sale is the words “gutted” the lack of a windshield, with no mention of it, and transportation costs. An economical slant 6 w/ factory a/c would make a great starter car for the hobbyist and you can include the family. at the asking price, I would offer around $1000.00 due to wording in ad and lack of windshield.

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  11. David Frank David Member

    Are those hole in the firewall where the heater hoses went, perhaps? So, no heater core as well as heater ducts?

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    • PRA4SNW

      Good catch. Maybe part of his mouse extrication. I had a mice issue and for 10 years after their removal, I would smell mouse excrement every time I drove the car. I had the interior out of the car twice and couldn’t find anything. It wasn’t until I pulled the heater core housing that I found their old stinky home.

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  12. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah, it’s got AC allright. I believe it’s the Chrysler Forward-Flo system, which replaced the original 4-70 type.

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  13. Howard A Member

    Yeah, nice example of this car, but going to be a tough sell. These were just a regular, 6 passenger, go to Aunt Frieda’s on Sunday car. They were dependable, economical, well built cars. I’m not sure there’s enough appeal for this, to put it back together. yup, David, it looks like the whole heater and possibly the dash is out. Such a shame. In good condition, it would be a great car for today, but probably not something you’d stick thousands into the interior and mechanic’s though.

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  14. piper62j

    Couldn’t kill that slant 6… Great engine seemed to run forever.. The Dart bodies seemed to rust out quickly back then, but these cars didn’t get factory rust proofing until Rust Jones made it’s debut.. LOL

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  15. brakeservo

    Boy I bet that cars a high performance handful! Slant Six, automatic, and A/C combined with high altitude . . . I can just imagine the savage acceleration, no wonder Grandma parked it!

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  16. Mark S

    I’ll bet he went to have the windshield changed, and when they got the old one out there was no sill left to install the new one. I’d also look for a tampered VIN tag. The dash is part way out in hopes of fixing the sill and when they got that part way out they realized they were in over there heads. Now they can’t sell it because there is no windshield. Dog chasing its tail.

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  17. John H Bell

    All things considered…if this thing just happened to be a two-door instead, we’d all be singing its praises and checking mapquest.

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  18. hhaleblian

    I hate meeses to pieces! Suggestion, Brooklands windscreen then LeMons. Heater core delete would lower the cg and weight. Win/win

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  19. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Mark S, thanks for the input regards the anti freeze in a dish!! I have not heard of that one before and it makes perfectly good sense!! Thanks for the “learn something new everyday” part of my day!

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