Affordable Convertible: 1963 Dodge Polara


When was the last time you saw a Dodge Polara? More to the point, when was the last time you saw a Polara convertible? This ’63 Polara appears to be in nice original condition, but in need of some tlc. Although this could likely be a preservation type, drive and fix project. It’s looks may not be for everyone, but for some of us, they are just right. Priced at $5,900, we think this is the beginning to solid unique project. Find it here on craigslist out of Salinas, California.


The body and paint work on this Polara is straight and clean. The underbody appears rust free, with plenty of undercoating. The convertible top has a split in it, so that would need some immediate attention. The window seals and door seals are likely due to be replaced as well. The interior of this Polara is red and from what we can make of the photos looks to be in fair condition. The driver side carpet is worn where one would get in and out and the driver side door panel has some water damage at the bottom, and what looks to be arm wear/dry rot on the top of the door panel. The interior is still very vibrant in its shade of red, that we think the dash and steering wheel may be in reasonable condition as well. Power is derived from a 318 cubic inch V8, and an automatic transmission. There are no pictures of the engine bay, but this Polara is listed as a running driving car.


Not the most beautiful Dodge, but certainly a cool one with a great color way. This could likely be an affordable project for someone who wants something a little different. We know we wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to take this Polara for a ride. What about you? Where are the Dodge fans? Would you take on this cool convertible Polara?


  1. PaulG

    This appears to be a good buy, just make it safe and enjoy it while you gather the bits & pieces to make it right.
    A full blown restoration can wait, drive it.
    Just the road trip from N Central CA would be worth it…

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  2. Busyditch

    This car is screaming “Cross Ram Big Block”!!!

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  3. Rick

    Cool car, esp love the orig Cal black plates, shows true provenance. Drive as is, fix it up as you go if you are so inclined. Heck, doesnt even need a top as long as you drive it in dry weather. You wont have to worry about seeing yourself coming the other way, either. And as pointed out above, 413 Max Wedge conversion would make for a fun resto, who cares if its not orig or correct to the car, its not like its worth big money in stock and original condition. Bet there’s not even 100 of these left though.

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  4. Bobsmyuncle

    Loving the Mopar content lately!

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    • Brian Staff

      I have to admit I am a bit of a Mopar fan! Glad you’ve been enjoying the Mopar content!

  5. Gary

    I wonder if it has the push button automatic in it. That would definitely add to the coolness of the car.

  6. Dave Wright

    I owned a 63 Polara 4 door hardtop. Very nice car with an ugly grill. Yes,they have a push button transmission. This one looks very nice for the asking price.

  7. doc

    I like the fog lamps in the grill

    • Bill W

      Those aren’t fog lamps. It has has the quad headlamp system with the outer lamps having hi and low beams while the inner (in the grille) has hi beam only.

      The rear taillamps are not orginal. The inner set of lights should have white lenses – for the back up lights.

      Can remember when these came out. After what Chrysler was peddling in 1962 the new 1963 Plymouths, Dodges and Valiants were quite normal looking. And Chrysler had a good sales year with them.

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  8. DRV

    This is a great convertible. Rare, ugly, and a cool size . Old guys wouldn’t look like the usual old guy in an old car in this with the top down. If you don’t know what I mean you haven’t watched old guys in collector cars.

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  9. Billy

    My grandfather bought a brand new 1963 Dodge Polara the month before he died an early death from cancer so grandma would have something reliable to drive. I always wanted a 63 convert to remember him by, never found one as nice as this. I am not in the position for another car or this would be mine. I feel the grill is awesome! An improvement over the 62. The 318 is a good engine, I also see no need for anything that would be front heavy and kill the good handling. This car is meant to spend happy sunny days cruising, or going for ice cream, not with a loud revving exhaust at some stop light. I hope who ever picks this up, makes it look nice and drives it as I feel it was intended. I bet my grandpa has one like it in Heaven.

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  10. David Hunt

    I own a 64dodge polar convertible.

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  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Guys – that’s a stock grill – it’s a four head lamp car !!!!!

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    • Dave Wright

      Did someone say it wasn’t stock? The 64’s were more attractive.

  12. Don

    318 a

  13. Roselandpete

    The front looks so unusual but in a good way.

  14. James

    If it were local I would be all over that.

    • Joe Haska

      WOW, that’s what I’m talking about, a convertible that seems reasonably priced, could certainly be a winner, top goes down price goes up!

  15. bowlzo

    My brother’s first car was a 1963 Dodge Polara 500 with 426 Wedge and 4 speed, purchased in 1967. The following year I got a 1964 Dodge Polara 500, also 426 Wedge and 4 speed. In our small town we were notorious as “The Dodge Brothers.” While I would – and did – race anyone in anything at anytime, my brother was far more selective and conservative, managing to avoid the countless tickets I received. One night on the way home we found ourselves side by side at the main traffic light in the center of town – we glanced at each other and nodded – when the light turned green we both dumped the clutch and roared down the street, power shifting through the gears – we were still side by side as we blew by the “cop shop” at well over 100 MPH. As a cop pulled out and started after us, we glanced at each other again – cut of our lights – he made a left while I made a right – and we both took off down the back roads while making a big circle that finally took us home. My brother was shaking when we got to the house – I couldn’t stop laughing. In the end, of course, the cop had the last laugh – he wrote me up the next time he spotted me.

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  16. Bob C.

    I like these early 60s mopars. The front ends were a little odd looking like this one yet likable. Fords and Chevys are more sought after, but this example is quite unique.

  17. Jim Williams

    I bought a 63 polara in 68 traded for new 69 camaro still wish I had the 63!

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    • Jim Williams

      I also bought a 63 Polara in 1968 and traded it in for a 69 Camaro the Camaro was blue the Polara was white with blue green interior wish I had the Dodge back

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  18. don cormier

    Had a 63 dodge polara 500 convertible in 69. 383 with push button auto.

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