Affordable Gullwing: 1977 Bradley GT

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Kit cars are not for everyone but the Bradley GT was one of the most popular kit cars of the 1970’s. This car is located in Yutan, Nebraska just west of Omaha, Nebraska. The car can be seen here on FaceBook Marketplace for a reasonable price of $3,500. I don’t know how many white on white Bradley GT’s were built out of the roughly 6,000 that were produced from 1970-1981 but this one looks pretty original.

We want to thanks Troyce Walls for bringing this car to our attention. With gull wing doors and an air cooled VW rear engine, the Bradley GT brought a unique look and dependable drive train for buyers looking for something different. This car is a 4 speed manual transmission and is said to be 75% complete. That is code for: “it will need work and sorting!”

Bradley Automotive were headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota. The company gained notoriety over its first few years of existence and grew to sales of $6 million in 1977. After several key employees left the company and went to work for a competitor, Bradley Automotive never recovered and was forced into bankruptcy in 1978.  It reopened as an electric car company but never approached the market share they once had.

While some might mistake the exhaust pipes for straws, the lightweight body and unmistakable VW sound let everyone know that you were arriving in something unusual. Besides needing a rear bumper and some detail work, this is a very doable project if you like white. I have never ridden in a Bradley GT. If you have any experience with one of these little cars, please share it in the comment section below.

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  1. roamic

    My ex-brother-in-law was an engineer who retired to Oklahoma and was going to make these and sell them.

    I think the farthest it got was that he bought the assembly manual.

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  2. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    When these were advertised I remember reading that you could order a kit for VW or Ford. I’ve never heard of one with Ford drivetrain. I think it might have been for the Pinto, but I’m not sure. Sure would like to see one done in Ford running gear though.
    God bless America

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  3. David

    The popular MGTD and 1929 Gazelle kits were available for your choice of Pinto, Chevette, or Beetle drivetrains. I have only seen Vw and Corvair set ups on the Bradleys. Well, for the average person anyway. If you look on the web long enough you will probably see just about anything.

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  4. Corey

    I “helped” my grandfather build a GT 1 from about age 4 to about 8. I loved that car. He drove me all over the place in that car once it was finished. Eventually it was sold although I wish I’d gotten it. It had Corvette Rally wheels, a souped up 1915cc engine and was white with blue racing stripes and black vinyl interior. It seemed like a Ferrari to me but I am sure it handled like a beetle with giant tires and wheels on it – not great. He had purchased a GTII body as well but never got around to building it. I also “helped” him build a Manx buggy and he helped me build my first bug motor. I am still into AC VWs today at 42. I wish he were still around to enjoy the hobby with me. I didn’t realize that they were manufactured here in MN where I live. Thanks.

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    • Mr.BZ

      Thanks for sharing those great memories, Corey.

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  5. roamic

    I’m so glad you’re still into air cooled!

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  6. JoeNYWF64

    Don’t see any gaskets where the doors meet the body – imagine the water leaks! lol Tho this should never be driven in the rain, or rinsed with a garden hose.

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  7. Kenn HIldebrand

    The lack of door seals is probably part of the 25% needing completion.

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    our family built a bradley gt ii back in 1977 and finished it in 1981 we had a great time and learned a lot
    in 1983 we won second place in the world of wheels in dc
    i still have it today

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  9. Jack

    As a GM employee in the middle seventies I’m certain that these kit cars provided lots of good the time. But being a Chevy Vega owner, and being kept awake by it rusting away. Looks like these Bradley folks had the right idea 💡

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