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Affordable Lambo?: 1976 Lamborghini Urraco

1976 Lamborghini Urraco Front Corner

An affordable Lamborghini is much like the fountain of youth, we all wish it was real but we know it’s just not possible. You may never cheat death, but you can get pretty close to owning an affordable Lambo with this 1976 Urraco. Beverly Hills Car Club is offering this all original baby bull for an almost cheap price of $17,500.

1976 Lamborghini Urraco Rear Corner

The Urraco provides all the great ’70s Lamborghini styling without all the ’70s Lamborghini expense. Another great feature of the Urraco is that it’s a 2+2, which may be a big plus with the wife. We wouldn’t want to have to ride in the back, not just because of the cramped back seats, but because we would want to be up in the driver’s seat. The Urraco was Lamborghini’s new entry level supercar in 1970 to compete with Ferrari’s 308 Dino. The name Urraco means “young bull” but it wasn’t particularly small. It featured a body designed by Bertone and a transverse midmounted engine.

1976 Lamborghini Urraco Engine

This Urraco is powered by a 2 liter V8 that produces 180 hp. This isn’t a massive amount of power but it’s plenty. While this small V8 might not produce all the power of its siblings, it still produces all that fantastic raging bull sound. Plus it isn’t quite as self-destructive as the larger Lambo V8s. The engine is shoe horned between the cabin and the boot, which could make working on the engine a bit of a challenge. But the seller claims the engine runs great. We would have a mechanic inspect this engine before purchasing. Remember, just because it’s cheap to buy doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap to fix.

1976 Lamborghini Urraco Interior

This Urraco needs some body work, but it is a survivor and seems to be in good condition considering its age. The Interior looks a little dirty, but it’s complete and original. The dash of the Urraco is rather interesting to say the least and the driving position looks a little awkward. We are still up in the air on the interior styling, but we do like that these cars have the classic Lamborghini gated shifter.

1976 Lamborghini Urraco Rear

This Urraco will provide many of the thrills of its big brothers at a fraction of the price. We hope the next owner drives the heck out of it.


  1. Michael

    Is it a 2000? Wow, that's probably the most disappointing Lambo you'll ever drive. Made for the Italian market with it's 2000cc threshold, this is a snail. And still as expensive as the big ones!How I know? I rebuild a Urraco 3000 engine right now. The gasket kit alone is $1000! Parts are rare, cause the V8 was never built in big numbers like the V12. They throw exhaust valves, cause they are sodium filled and get brittle. we learned that the hard way, cost a rod, piston and liner… On the small ones the cam belts break first, though :-)I love the car, love the shape, they drive good (at least as a 3000) but if anything goes wrong, it is economically dead!

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  2. C Doyle in SF

    The gasket kit is $1000?!?!??!

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  3. Michael

    Yep! Basically everything you touch is a 1000 bucks! A rod, for example… A engine rebuild on these will cost you more than this car, if you cannot do it yourself. And those engines are not built like your common Chevy small block. Dialing the cams is a 2 page read in the manual…

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  4. C Doyle in SF

    That's so disappointing. I'd been such a fan of this one :http://aussieexotics.com/goober/urraco/That I'd been toying with the idea of doing something similar.

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  5. Michael

    That is a great car, love the color combination! Don't get me wrong, a well sorted one is a good car. The only problem with it is that the restoration cost is practically the same as with a much more valueable Countach, and parts are scarcer, too. One does it for the love of the car, there is no profit to be made with it. works for a private person, not for a shop.

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  6. C Doyle in SF

    I suppose no (wise) man begins to restore a car thinking it will be worth more than he invests.

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  7. Michael

    Wouldn't say that! I restored a DB2 for a customer. Turned a $50.000 into a $200.000 car, with maybe $100.000 invested. And they are climbing fast in value. It is possible, but always a risk, like every high return investment.

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  8. C Doyle in SF

    That statement really makes me regret passing on an eBay special – a $16K DB2. Granted, it was in cardboard boxes, but…

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  9. scrappy

    It looks great, just like the cars of the 80’s with the louvers on the rear window and the macho male image, unlike todays cars that are ugly in which they look like UFOS or Water Bugs!!!

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  10. Wiley Robinson

    Wow, same displacement as a late 70s/early 80s Fiat spider. And for the $1000 the gasket kit costs you can milk 180 HP out of a Fiat 2l engine.Pretty car but looking at the huge holes rusted in the lower portion of it and the likelyhood it needs a rebuild to end up with 180 hp brittle car, I think it’s a moneypit. Better to take the $17k and stuff an Alfa V6 in a Fiat X 1/9 and end up with a mint mid engined car that would eat this without breaking a sweat.

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  11. Marti Bishop

    Had one of these as driver in the 80’s.A giant FIat ; service access by dropping rear subframe(suspension engine transaxle). Can do on large jackstands and professional floorjack without lift.(like Mondial).
    Single belt easy refit.(think i did one with engine in car but suppose ro be engine out) Subframe out in several hrs without lift. Ck parts prices at gt parts in Phoneix; valves aaftermarket. Great driving cars for daily use.

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