Affordable Original: 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe

Covered and stored since 1963, this 1950 Plymouth only saw about 13 years of use. A 53 year long nap kept this Mopar in grand condition needing its mechanical systems checked and revived. With a solid body and a wonderfully original interior this Plymouth is offered for just $3,850! Check it out here on craigslist out of Chehalis, Washington.

Under the hood we are greeted by a 217 cubic inch flat head inline 6 and a very old can of motor oil. It is unclear when the car was last running, and if the engine is “free.” There is some dirt and minor grime on the firewall, but a great deal of paint remains. Rust is limited to a few engine components, and not the engine bay itself for the most part. With any luck, this engine could be cautiously awakened, and put back into regular service.

Quite easily one of the nicest surviving Super Deluxe interiors, this Mopar has a whole lot of offer for its reasonable price. Most of the interior upholstery is intact minus a worn driver side door pull. The faux painted dash is beautiful offering a wide array of coloring and chrome. Appearing wonderful, there are some minor flaws that keep this interior from being “perfect” such as minor wear to the steering wheel, and some upholstery fade on the door panels. Although as a whole, this interior is in great surviving condition.

The more you look this Mopar over, the harder it is to not want to buy it. Dusty from storage, the body looks solid as a rock. There appears to be no missing paint, and I suspect an afternoon and a solid polish would really bring this car to life.  Add a few hubcaps and a mechanical looking over, and this Plymouth would be a sight to see hitting the streets once more.  Would you put this reasonably priced Special Deluxe on the road again?


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  1. gaspumpchas.

    Sturdy 6 but top speed of 70, and you could get it up to 60 in second. Keep it or small block it but leave the outside is!! Somebody would have a ball with this either way!!! Budget priced.

  2. James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell

    LOVE these old Plymouths but can’t stand the “Grandma” 4-door models…I wouldn’t be caught dead in a 4-door…!!! (However, I will buy them to use as parts cars…😉👍)

  3. Marvelous

    I had the Deluxe with the flat back torpedo style….$500 out of a garage 20 yrs ago. Hadn’t moved since 1975. Overhauled the L-head, brakes, new wire looms all around. Eventually sold it without further updates for $3K a few years later. Regrets.

  4. Bob Christiansen

    I think these flippers would at least take the car off the trailer before trying to make their profit.Bob

  5. jdjonesdr

    Washington. Couldn’t be any further away from me.

  6. Mountainwoodie

    Man , to find a car with that interior , the original seats and not eaten by moths, rats etc! Even if it is an L head 4 door Pymouth. My question is why isnt the seller cleaning it up? My natural curiousity would force me to get it running and looking pretty with some elbow grease. Nonetheless a great starter car for a youngun…….or a geezer

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  7. Oingo

    I like it, seems like something one could learn on.

  8. boxdin

    Not a particularly attractive car, but if one cleaned and polished the heck out of it and put some different wheels & tires it would be a real stunner.

  9. Luke

    I remember these monsters, if it rained it Would’nt start, you would have to wipe down the plug wires and distributer cap to get all moister off. Best thing was to keep a can of WD-40 handy to spray the ignition system.

  10. Don H

    Rather have the old can of oil, ugly old 4 door not for me.

  11. Howard A Member

    These were “low level” ( sorry Jamie) cars. By 1960, most of these could be found in the back row of the $50 dollar budget lot. I remember my old man talking about having a Plymouth ( or Dodge) like this. Pretty mediocre on the outside, but I think that dash is beautiful, even for a “cheapie” Plymouth. You could keep it original, but rather than stick a bunch into the 6, ( and have a 1950 flathead 6) or just update it, without going gonzo and make it useful. Small stock V8, even a slant 6. It’s not that attractive of a car for the original wow factor, so may as well update it, drive it and have fun. Can’t go wrong here.

  12. jw454

    My grandfather gave one of these to my mother around 1962~63. It was the same colors inside and out. One extremely cold winter, it was the only car on our farm that would start. 2 trucks and 3 other (newer) cars it cranked over and made it into town through deep snow to pick up essentials. In 1964 it took my parents from Ohio to Florida without one issue. Yes, these little cars will take you anywhere if you have the time.

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  13. Alan

    We had a 50 Plymouth 4 door when I was little. No, mom had one. We stood on the floor in the back holding the rope on the front seat backs. Seat belts? Right

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  14. John Cargill

    My dad bought new the exact car with dark blue. Those engines were bullet proof and RACED SUCCESSFULLY in NASCAR. Horse power and torque were competitive. Leave it preserve history. Small block, lazy man’s way.

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  15. Luke Fitzgerald

    Must be saved and preserved

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  16. RNR

    The interior looks crazy nice for something that sat this long – bet the paint polishes up good, too. Somebody (“Uncle” Tom McCahill?) once called the MoPar flathead six ” as sophisticated as an anvil and twice as strong”. The MoPar L6 era vehicles have lots of support in the P15/D24 forum. Clean it up, put some wide whites on it, maybe a readily available Offy 2 x 1 intake and split the exhaust if you want a little more oomph. Four doors or not, this is a bargain – the hobby doesn’t need to be expensive.

  17. John E. Ropelewski

    This could have been my Dad’s car. He bought one brand new in 1950 when I was 3 years old. Dad was not a “Car Guy” but he always said that the Plymouth was his favorite. My Uncle John had a 1950 Ford v8 that was much cooler looking and sounding although if you check out the history of those old MoPars, you will find that they would get out of their own way pretty quick. Dad’s car was also blue like this one. I ought to buy it as a tribute to the “Old Man”.

  18. Guggie 13

    .In 1965 my uncle Blondie (Elwin) bought a new F250 4×4 truck and a 1965 Mercury with the back window that went down . He also had a 1950 Plymouth like this one that he had around since new , more times than not I would see him driving that old clunker Plymouth and the new vehicles were in the carport . One day I ask him why he drove that old Plymouth when you have two beautiful new Fords in the carport . His answer was classic , well I like the old Plymouth its smooth and comfortable and good on gas !!

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  19. Ken Carney

    Ahhh! A four door for my family! Smooth ride, and lots of room to boot!
    They were indeed bulletproof as long as you took care of them. And
    yes, Howard, I recall those days when you could buy one on the cheap.
    In my hometown, (Bloomington, Illinois) there were hundreds of these
    things roaming the streets. Prices started at $25.00, (for a running rust
    bucket) to maybe $100-125.00 (for a bona fide grandma car in pristine
    condition) most of ones I saw as a kid were between $50.00 and $75.00.
    In fact, my Mom bought a ’50 Chrysler for the princely sum of $75.00!
    That was in late ’60 or early ’61. It was the first car my Mom bought
    that the radio actually worked. As the ’60’s progressed, you could buy
    one for as little as $20.00! Dad and I bought one for that amount in ’67.
    And you’re right oingo, these cars were very easy to maintain. Dad put
    me in charge of tuning it up while Mom and my sister made some seat
    covers for it. After that, we took it to one of Dad’s friends for a little body work. We then sprayed it a dark maroon and sold it to a high school kid for $85.00. If I could, I would buy this car to show my young
    BIL just how easy these things are to work on. Shoot, might even tune
    it up myself for old time’s sake!

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  20. Don

    I had one back in the 60’s and I bought it for $50.00. The floor on the drivers side didn’t exist and I put an aluminum plate there.
    For the price, it should include the trailer too.

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