Affordably Sleek: 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak

A sleek and running two door can often be a slippery slope as they are nearly impossible to deny. Appearing unrestored, and a great start to a classic two door project, this Pontiac Silver Streak needs some love but is a runner. Needing some brake work to be a driver once again, this cool coupe is offered for a mere $2,850! Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

With a recent tune up and a fresh battery, this inline 8 “runs good” according to the seller. It would seem that this Pontiac was a runner as of recently, but is in need of a master cylinder, and possibly some other brake work. It is difficult to decide, but it would seem that the engine bay is cream, or perhaps another light color. There is some rust on the firewall below the brake master cylinder, so I would have to guess that the master has failed before, eating the paint off the firewall allowing the rust to form.

The seller has described the interior as “good” but I would say that it is in fair condition. The door panels and door hardware appear in place and in fair shape. The front bench looks to be reupholstered partially with heating elements added. The back portion of the front bench looks to have been reupholstered, as does the back seat. The very unique dash is in fair shape with some very minor surface rust and wear. Thankfully the steering wheel looks excellent and features the very cool art deco styled Indian head horn button.

Although the 20 foot appearance isn’t too shabby, this Pontiac has some rust concerns. It would seem that the car has received some body work and paint in its past. The rear bumper has some massive holes in it, and the passenger rear quarter looks to have had a very square patch installed. Also the front portion of the passenger rear fender is dented and cracked either indicating low quality paint prep, or perhaps body filler. The paint color isn’t all that different of a shade from bondo. The rockers don’t look too bad, but the driver front fender has some rot around and below the headlight. Equipped with a visor, a spot light, and the iconic illuminated Indian head hood ornament, this Pontiac has some neat features aside from being a two door. The seller has the extra hub cap, as well as fender skirts, and other various body trim that will be included with the car. With great looks and in need of some love, would you make this affordable Pontiac your winter project?


WANTED 1950 Oldsmobile 2 dr coupe Super 88 rust free and running Contact

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  1. txchief

    “Brand new 4×4 parking brake recently installed!”

  2. Mark S. Member

    Very cool car it would look terrific If it were restored. But if your doing it on a budget and as time allows it won’t be just one winter that you are going to need, more like three or four depending how extensive your going. This car looks like the same body she’ll as the Chevy business mans coupe, can some one correct me if I’m wrong on that point. Any of these late 40’s early 50’s cars are in my favorite category I just like the look of these fat fendered cars. If I had the means and the place to put it I’d be buying it.

  3. JACKinNWPA Jack in NW PA Member

    Looks to me like good gasser material.

  4. Poncho pusher

    I have this exact car but the fast back/torpedo body with a straight 8 and automatic trans…..a coupe like this is just a normal “trunk” type body with a rear seat unlike a buisness coupe…..which i do not believe the made in 50…the oil bath is diff then mine makes me wonder if its correct for this car or just a diff all together due to what looks like factory stamping on the side…..the skirts are a plus to have along with the visor and spot light… darn glad that hood ornaments still there…

    • Slick51

      These cars are great, but unfortunately unless you love them there is no value in fixing them up. This one is very rough. Running good is not the same as running well. Many times these engines are so full of sludge. Unfortunately I think this is a parts car or something for someone to practice on.

    • Dick in SoCal

      The Classic Car Database says Pontiac made a Business Coupe in 1950. A Business Coupe and base Sedan Coupe wouldn’t have stainless steel trim around the rear window and windshield top and sides.

  5. Doug

    Back in ‘ 68 I bought a 4dr ’51 when I got back from my ” Asian Vacation” tour with Uncle Sam… mine was in much better shape than this one, and the straight 8 got 22mpg with El Cheapo Regular on the freeway commute to college. It did have overheating issues, which I was able to cure using Arm & Hammer Washing Soda to de-rust the system. ( Do NOT use on aluminum radiators ! )

    The Poncho was rock solid on the freeway when other cars were getting blown from lane to lane by gusty cross winds- 75 mph felt like sitting in a parking lot.
    I sold it because it started making what sounded like a bearing noise in the manual trans, and I was unable to find a replacement trans. I saw the car about 2 years and 50,000 miles later, and it was still making the same noise…
    and running like a Rolex.
    The one area of concern with these cars was the automatic trans – I had a ’52
    that would, without warning, on the freeway downshift from 4th to 3rd – which does NOT make that long crankshaft happy ! This car shared the body shell with the Chevy, so many of the body parts can be replaced with Chevy parts, although the trim holes may not line up. This is basically true up until the ’59 models – the doors will interchange, but the body lines on the skins may differ, as will also be true on the fenders, from ’55 on. ( best to change the whole front clip if possible ).

  6. Dick in SoCal

    I see lots of rust lurking behind the rear quarter panels but at that price, it’s a bargain if you can do your own body work. And yes, Chevy panels and pans work but may need some mods; look closely before you buy. Expect to fabricate some underside pieces.

  7. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    What Poncho said….heeeey Poncho – looks like he has the streak….and yes this does look – All Business – as in a business style coupe….short roof top and may or may not have a back seat…..looks like still a good start….on a not so often seen Poncho coupe….

    • DweezilAZ

      Has a back seat, Lawrence. There’s a shot in the ad. Excellent upholstery on it as well.

  8. Bellingham Fred

    The master cylinder on these cars aren’t mounted on the firewall. they bolt to the frame under the floorboard.

  9. Loco Mikado

    “There is some rust on the firewall below the brake master cylinder, so I would have to guess that the master has failed before, eating the paint off the firewall allowing the rust to form.”

    I guess we will have to send you back to automotive school. The master cylinder on this car is on the frame rail, under the floor not the firewall. Where did you learn about cars?

  10. Mark Evans

    Just rode in a 49 Pontiac taxi in Santiago de Cuba 2 weeks ago. Driver was proud to still be running the original engine but had swapped out the original automatic for a 4 speed with an 8 ball shifter on the floor. Fun Ride.

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