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Aggravate Your Neighbors: 1972 Fiat Convertible


Those are the seller’s words, not mine, but I’m inclined to agree. If you want to irritate those who live around you, this 1972 Fiat 124 Sport Spider might do the trick…


Not that you wouldn’t be plenty aggravated yourself, for having spent your hard-earned cash for this pile. But is it really that bad?


No, it’s worse. This car looks like it’s about to break in half. The guarantee that comes with it is probably that if it does break in half, you are guaranteed to be able to keep both pieces.


A week or so ago, we joked about a rusty Studebaker convertible being an ‘automotive fight club’. This is the sequel to that successful franchise. Successful because you’ve suffered the pain and yet you’re back here for more.


But you know what’s coming. You know I’m going to say this might still be a good deal if there are parts here you need. If you’re the kind of guy (like me) who can buy a car and completely dissolve it in the driveway over the course of a few days, and squirrel away the parts up in the rafters for future use on more-worthy projects, this could still be a good car for you.


The seller’s asking price is $175. It appears for sale here on Decatur, Illinois craigslist, under the sweet-sounding title “Italian Convertible Sports Car!” Which technically I guess, is true.


Good parts car? Man cave wall art? Scrap metal, although only barely? What do you think? Let it all hang out! Tell us your opinion, and don’t be shy.


  1. Avatar photo MH

    It’s probably a good deal for that price. If you have a use for any of the parts. Not for me.

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  2. Avatar photo saintmike

    If you live in an area that needs cars to build up the reef, or help build up the land around a river area, that might be a start. Other than that……………..

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  3. Avatar photo Mike O'Handley

    I wouldn’t have wanted it when it was new. I worked on those damned things as a mechanic at a Fiat dealership for about two months in the spring of 1973 (Until some kid ran a red light and plowed into me while I was riding my Honda CB750 and put me in the hospital). They were pieces of crap when new and probably weren’t much better than that disgusting pile in the photo. One guy’s not-so-humble-opinion

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  4. Avatar photo p

    As our drivers ed teacher in high school would have said….


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  5. Avatar photo Dairymen

    The 70 & 80’s Fiats were notorious rust buckets. The joke was that if you left the new car brochure laying too long the cars in the brochure were getting rusty already.

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  6. Avatar photo grenade

    With enough time, there is money sitting there. Part it out on Fleabay and find the Fiat forums. There is money there. 175 is cheap and if someone dropped it off in my driveway, I’d have it stripped and listed in a couple days. :) But hey- don’t drop it off, I’m kinda busy at the moment ;)

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    • Avatar photo John H Bell

      You are right…it has plenty of worthwhile stuff left. I do just that with old outboard motors.

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  7. Avatar photo MeToo

    You were right when you called it a “pile”…..as in pile of ****.

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  8. Avatar photo grant

    Wow I’m always surprised at what people will sell. But we’ve seen what you like to do Marty, maybe this one is your next project.

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  9. Avatar photo olivier C

    If not in too bad shape the rear bumpers alone are worth the ticket price…. ;) I have a 78 with tube bumpers, those look much nicer to me! ;)

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  10. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Worst BF yet!!

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  11. Avatar photo Gnrdude

    Hey a Mombanastra!!!! LookAda Da Car!! It’s a Broke Hey a Fix IT Again a TONY!!!!!

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    • Avatar photo Francisco

      Not funny.

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man


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      • Avatar photo Woodie Man

        He’s got more pictures in this ad than do most sellers with running cars….what the hey! I had a beautiful 1978 124 spider convertible AND a 1975 124 coupe…..I liked driving them both..hard. Leaving aside the tinniness of the interior fittings……..I thought it was a great car…….better to buy one done with OPM!

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  12. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    You would waste so much time taking the stupid thing apart to sell parts it would be worth the effort.

    Just let the earth have it back

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    • Avatar photo Rancho Bella

      Would “not” be worth the effort…………stupid fingers

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  13. Avatar photo ron

    i’ve got a ’74. 35k original miles. absolute joy to drive. but i own a classic mini, a mg midget , and a datsun z, so i’m not picky. some people say fix it again, tony; i say fling it around turns.

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    • Avatar photo jim s

      nice looking car. photo of the midget and mini please. thanks

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  14. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    Cars like this Fiat are cheap eduction, as in Auto Shop 101. I’d pull the engine and trans and would take them and attempt a rebuild. Very low risk factor but think of all the fun you and your kids can have.

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  15. Avatar photo Ray

    I’ve seen better example of this car at Pick-n-Pull, with more usable parts left on them. I think you’d be doing him a favor if you hauled it way for free. I have a 73 I drive. Great little cars. four wheel disc brakes, dual overhead cams, 5 speed transmission, and weighs in at just over 2000 pounds.

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  16. Avatar photo John H Bell

    My brother had a red ’71 back in the early eighties…replaced the rocker panels, added Koni shocks and an Ansa exhaust then had a blast all over Virginia with it. His must have been one of the rare good ones. The top was simplicity in design and function, so easy up and down! Odd driving position: pedals fairly close, steering wheel far away…we loved it!! The one featured here should be plucked for a few parts and scrapped. It has enough stuff left to cover 175 bucks easily IMHO.

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  17. Avatar photo Shane

    Wow. Not much here. I have a ’70, and really enjoy it, and had a ’72. I was looking over the photos trying to find anything worth saving. The bezels on the gauges are even rusty. It’s pretty far gone. However, some (most?) of the ’72 cars have the 1608 engine, which many Fiat folks find to be the best of the bunch (from ’67 to ’83ish, the car was sold with engines from 1438cc to 1995cc) for its rev-happy character. So if it were nearby, I might be tempted by the prospect of a 1600 engine core. But the timing belt cover is aluminum, and I had thought that Fiat had gone to yellow plastic by the time the 1600 came along, so maybe it’s a 1438 after all? My 1600 had a plastic belt cover. Of course, many find aluminum to look cooler than plastic under the hood, so someone may have swapped in the aluminum version instead? Lots can happen in 4 decades.

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  18. Avatar photo Rex Rice

    What a POS! That timing belt cover is the only item I would want, My ’80 is coming up on 350,000 miles & is running sweet. It will out live me but meanwhile, I’m having great FUN.

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  19. Avatar photo Bruce

    I don’t know….Looks like a new right side ball joint and it’s ready to go !

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  20. Avatar photo That Guy

    I also own a couple of 124 Spiders, and I second Ray’s comment – I’ve seen better ones at Pick’n’Pull. Almost everything here is broken, bent, rusted, disintegrated, or corroded. It’s so structurally unsound I think the safest way to remove the engine or gearbox is with a Sawzall, and given the condition of everything else it’s likely those are scrap anyway.

    These aren’t rare cars. Parts aren’t expensive or hard to find. I don’t think trying to salvage the few remaining useful bits on this one would be worth the effort.

    But kudos to the seller for having a sense of humor, and for taking detailed pictures to show the full extent of the horror! :-)

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  21. Avatar photo Sagero
  22. Avatar photo RJ Marks

    I have a 74 and s 79. Love the timeless Italian styling.

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  23. Avatar photo Wintermute

    Don’t care about the pile of rust in the foreground..

    What’s the story with that Mazda in the background of the first picture. That I’d be interested in buying!

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