Air Conditioned Survivor: 1964 Dodge Polara

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Simple and clean, this 1964 Dodge Polara is a sharp looking survivor. In driving condition, and featuring a functional air conditioning system, this could be a great affordable classic for a family man. This survivor can be yours for $5,800! Check it out here on craigslist out of Los Angeles, California. Thank you to J Liu for this very nice survivor submission!

Although the photo is a bit out of focus, it is clear that this interior is in awesome condition. The dash and steering wheel look like new, as do the door panels. Nice condition interiors like this certainly bring more money as to restore an interior to this level would be exhausting and costly. It is unclear what engine is under the hood of this Mopar. Based off of the rest of this car’s appearance, I would be willing to bet that the engine bay is fairly clean.

Very complete and appearing virtually damage free, this Polara is an excellent condition machine. The paint has a matte finish, but it isn’t that noticeable as the car is evenly matte all over. All of the bright work shines wonderfully with no evidence of rust or oxidation. Being a California car, I assume there to be little to no rust on this Mopar survivor. With plenty of space for the family, and air conditioning, this could be the perfect family ride. Would you ride your family in this Polara survivor?

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  1. TimS

    There must be some kind of contest to see how little one can put in a Craigslist ad. This could be a relatively rare ride or a basket case. That or the “seller” would rather not. If it’s a solid cruiser I can see why.

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    • Kevin McCabe

      Someone needs to conduct a course in how to write an advertisement when someone is trying to sell their car. How about a more detailed descripton? Engine? Power steering? Power brakes? The picture of the interior at least lets those of us who know what to look for that the car has an automatic. How many miles on it? Does it have any other options? I see window cranks, so power windows are out. Since it appears to be a factory a/c car, does it have tinted glass all the way around? C’mon people! Yes, pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes you need to resort to some written ones as well to help the pictures out.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Looks like a pretty solid value in a ’64 family car. Not especially sexy, but solid and reliable to be sure. With AC, you’d hope to have at least a 318.

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    • SonShine

      ’64 Polara 4 door Hardtops [and convertibles] were only available with V-8s. Polara two door hardtop started with a 225 S/6. Go figure.

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  3. Robert A

    This was my first car handed down from my grandpa from sacramento. I drove it in high school in Newbury Park Ca. Glad to see someone has taken great care of it. My grandpa loved his car & i did too. Loved the push button trans!!!. it has the 318ci.

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  4. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    This looks like a pretty clean car but it would be nice to know a little more about it than “very clean run good.” The interior looks great and it seems the exterior is in good shape, too. If it has a V-8, that would be a plus though I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slant-six under the hood. I like it and if it doesn’t have any major issues, the price seems fair.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Bottom line gotta look at in person- possibly a scam especially with 4 words of bad grammar. Looks sweet from here, turn the key and drive!!


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  6. Pete Phillips

    These are really good cars. I have owned three of them. I don’t think the Polara ever came with the slant six. Most had the 318 V-8, but could be ordered with the 383 and all the way up to the 426. To me, the 318 in one of these cars is the perfect combination of power and economy. I have a very restorable 4-dr sedan, same color as this one, or could be considered a very good parts car, very solid and not expensive.

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    • Bill W

      In the U.S. you could get a Polara with a slant six in the sedan and hardtop models, but not the convertible. In Canada, though, you could get a Polara convertible with a six.

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  7. Gay Car Nut

    Beautiful looking car! I’ve always loved original survivors. I hope this goes to a good owner, someone who will enjoy it and take care of it.

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  8. Wrong Way

    I wished that there were more detailed pics of it! However this would be a really nice cruise in car for anyone to cruise in on!

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  9. Bob C.

    This breed of Dodge was GREAT. Come on, more info! Like, what’s under the hood?

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  10. Pete in PA

    This brings back memories. A 64 Dodge Polara 4 door was the first car I’d ever seen with factory a/c. My aunt bought it as a new car. It was white but I don’t remember the interior color.

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  11. paul oberman

    Went and looked st this car today. Very original. A couple of minor body repairs. Front right fender and core support replaced, but the car does not look like it has ever been hit hard.

    Ac compressor in the trunk. They pulled it off to just get the car running. It is a bit rough in the idle, but feels like the carb needs a rebuild.

    Interior pretty good. Door panels need a bit of help. They look salvageable. Seats and headliner are great. Rubber is really good.

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    • Miguel

      Why would somebody need to pull off the compressor to get a car running?

      Some people create work just to create work.

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      • paul oberman

        I can only guess, he said he didn’t know, but did say they pulled it to get it running. I suppose the compressor could be frozen.

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  12. Del

    Paul looked at it and got engine pic.

    Looks like a wide block 318.

    I was going to say price was to high but I noticed its a rare 4 door hard top. These are rare now.

    Guess price is not far off

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    • paul oberman

      yea, postless.

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  13. Gransedan

    Nice car. Does seem to be missing it’s ‘neutral’ pushbutton.

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  14. Tony haun

    Here it is

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