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Air-Cooled ’62 For $700!

'62 Corvair

Here you have an over 25 year barn stored Corvair Coupe for only $700. It’s listed here on craigslist out of Madison, Wisconsin. You can’t go wrong, right?

'62 Corvair seats

The car has not been run for years. The air-filter covers are sitting on the floor? When was the last time someone sprayed some starter -fluid to get this car’s engine running?

'62 Corvair dash

The seller says that this Corvair is “fairly solid”.  There are no images of the truck, engine, the backseat, headliner or the underside.

'62 Corvair rear

Bud the seller provides a phone number so you may call him with your questions.  We don’t know if the engine turns or not.  The key is in the ignition and there is a clear title though.  If the engine spins do you think is this Corviar is worth $700?



  1. Fred

    $700 is not much more than you would have paid for this car in the 70’s. Compare that to any muscle machine. Any Corvair engine will require going through though.

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  2. Jose

    It would be to me, if it were in California. At least I’d make an offer.

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  3. Vince Habel

    Has extra taillights added.

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    • 64 bonneville

      Vince, there are no extra tail lights added. The car does not have the optional back up lights. I do see some rust issues that will need attention, quickly to protect the integrity of the structure. The pancake 6 in the Corvair is as simple to work on as the VW engine, however it will make a lot more power and torque compared to the VW. Being a 62 model it will have the 110 hp engine as it has the automatic which was a required option with the automatic tranny. 2 single barrel carbs, which are simple to synchronize, as opposed to the later model in 65 and up with the 4 single barrel carbs. BTW in March of 1962 they brought out the Spyder option, a turbo charger with a single side draft carb, these HAVE to be run on premium fuel as it has a 10:1 compression ration. The turbo charged F-85 cutlass with the aluminum 215 cubic inch V-8 only had an 8.5:1 compression ratio.

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      • Steve

        This Corvair likely has either a 80hp or a 102hp.110 hp came out in 64. Only the 140hp had 4 carbs and only synchronize the primary carbs exactly like all Corvairs.

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  4. Ceezy

    I remember back in the late 90s my cousin bought a 64 model running and driving for $800. Nice car, but had some rust in the floors. He drove it as a daily driver for a few years before being side lined by bad carbs. Always had a soft spot for corvairs, wouldn’t mind tackling this if it was at least in running condition.

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  5. piper62j

    This one’s a rot collector and not worth much over $500.. Better for a parts car…

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I guess at this price you couldn’t lose money, even if you shipped it. No wait, I’ve got it…don’t ship it….go up there and get it running, then call ABC Wide World of Sports and have them do a special a la Evil Kinevel , but instead of Evil, film an 85-year-old Ralph Nadar driving this cross country to your house. I mean, at 85, so what if he crashed the thing, and if he did, he’d be right about the Corvair after all, yes?

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  7. Texas Tea

    If it were in my neck of the woods we wouldn’t have any of these conversations. I would own it. Really, how could you go wrong with this one?

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  8. Bob Salter

    Never buy a Corvair that needs structural work. You can probably buy a clean car that needs very little for $3,000 to $4500. The best thing is to buy it off a Corvair restorer. They see about 30 cents per hour for their labour. Ask me how I know. Working on the engines is more like working on a motorcycle engine. The aluminum does not tolerate the ham fisted. Use Anti Seize a lot. Great cars to work on.

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  9. Vince Habel

    The 110 engine first appeared in 64. This is probably a 98 hp.

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