Airstream Alternative: 1978 Chevy Jet Van


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As someone who has never been the most mechanically-inclined, my hat is off to the fabricators and machinists among our readership, as you have likely produced more work with your hands than I have made with a keyboard. That’s why creations like this “Jet Van” here on eBay are so curious to me – how did the designer get the idea? How long did it take? What did his wife have to say about it? 


So, this view gives you a close-up look at the sleeping quarters above the cab, which is also reminiscent of a dog’s snout, ready to sniff your leg. The portholes are said to provide pleasant morning light, but it’s also likely quite intimidating when you see it barreling down on you in the rear view mirror.


The sleeping quarters look OK – I say OK because it appears to consist of a frumpy couch and a bench with a couch cushion on it. Now, I could be underselling the accommodations, but a 5-star Hilton this is not. Still, it looks pretty clean and the side curtains are an unexpected feature in a camper conceived in someone’s driveway. There’s also a bathroom, stove, refrigerator and various storage compartments.


From this profile, it’s actually not a bad looking rig. Supposedly the brainchild of a retired aviation industry professional, the proportions begin to approach professional-grade – though the rear doors scream “school bus” pretty loudly. Bidding is fairly active, as it’s currently over $4,000 with no reserve. The seller says this Jet Van draws a crowd wherever it goes – would you want to be seen in it? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Anna S. for the find!

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  1. Liam

    I think the work on the body looks amazing, and very professional. Reminds me of an Airstream influence. I am not sure I could live with the dog snout very long, and could see me changing that to make it more aesthetically pleasing to me. That said, I would love to own this!

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  2. Kincer DaveMember

    Snout gotta go! Otherwise not too bad. You would really have to watch the overhang in the back, it looks like its been bottomed out already.

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    • dennis

      whats with the elephant snout? LMAO!!

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  3. piper62j

    Wayyyy beyond my capabilities.

    Great find..

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  4. hhaleblian

    Don’t come a knockin’ if my snout be a rockin’.

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  5. Glen

    I was thinking pigs nose, either way I don’t like it. But other than that it’s good little camper.

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  6. DREW V.

    That’s a ’78 Avion motorhome, just sold one last year. This one has been fubared with the customizing. They are/were one of the best looking Class C motorhomes ever built… Ours had a 400 Small blk in it… The one in the pic is on a Dodge chassis, ours was on a 3500 GMC chassis…

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    • EmmyJ

      I have a ’78 Avion motorhome, on the GMC chassis! I don’t think this creation started life as an Avion, though–it looks like it’s on a light-duty chassis, considering the single-wheel rear axle. The body doesn’t look like the Avion body either.

      That said, I love my Avion something fierce!

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  7. Rich

    If I was looking for a camper, I’d buy it and paint it Washington Redskins colors. Go Hogs !!

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  8. grant

    It’s interesting, for sure. I’m not a fan of the snout and I wonder about the fit and finish. Personally, the lack of a side walk through door scares the hell out of me. Campers burn fast.

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  9. Jim Brewus

    Am I the only one that see’s this as a perfect dog rescue/ transport vehicle? Would just need to refab the interior for doggies.

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  10. William H

    The inside looks very “factory” (cabinet, hardware, doors). IMO looks like he may have built the shell then finished out the interior using a donor. Still a neat project. I gutted a ’67 Air Stream and completely rebuilt the inside with modern camper appliances and hardware. Reused the sink, tub, etc, just used an epoxy based paint to cover horrid “autumn gold” finish.

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  11. Mark E

    Great promo vehicle for a BBQ sauce manufacturer!

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  12. Dougm

    at first glance I really thought they were intakes, ready for a pair of Rolls-Royce M250-C47B turbines and now were talking! and the cook stove could run off the same fuel

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  13. Jesse

    An Arkansas fan would love it. I could see it painted like a Razor Back.

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  14. krash

    Looks as though a pig either fell asleep on the van, or is eating it…

    please tell me that the seller didn’t use bacon grease on the tires to get that shine…

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  15. John

    The seller states it draws a crowd where ever it goes! ……no 💩!!

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  16. Slickimp


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  17. Burleybear

    This is really a unique piece. Most of you guys have stuffed shirt approach to
    the unique. Smart ass comments are only revealing your limited imaginations.
    Someone had a vision and created it. Unsual as it may be…have a little respect.
    Snouts included…

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  18. burleybear1

    I have the said camper…updated and original 1978 Chevy G30 “jet” camper.
    Worked out well.

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