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ALL CAPS: 1964 Ford Country Squire

1964 Ford Country Squire

Check out this Country Squire station wagon that’s listed for sale here on St. Louis’ craigslist. Although the seller is likely flipping the car, we can probably forgive him due to the fact that he found us such a nice, relatively complete example to ponder. His ALL CAPS ad states that the car has “perfect dessert patina”. I’m not sure what cake and ice cream has to do with it, but this car appears to have a good solid body, fresh from the desert. The price isn’t exactly optimal, but nicer examples do bring much bigger money.

Dessert Patina

The dent damage and rust shouldn’t be too difficult to repair if it’s described accurately. The very hard to find faux wood trim pieces appear to be mostly present and accounted for. While the front wheels are of the type that I’d love to leave laying in the seller’s driveway before loading the car onto my trailer, it would probably be easier to get the car home first. It’s stated that the engine turns, but is missing the carburetor. I’m sure if it were mine, even if I were flipping it, I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to hear it run. The three speed manual transmission is unusual for a family wagon, but this obviously means the clutch pedal setup is all there for the next owner to upgrade to a four speed!

Good Looking Wagon

The three photos you’re looking at on this page are all the seller has provided. He’s leaving it up to us to guess what color the interior is and what kind of condition it’s in. The interior color would certainly suggest some possible direction as to alternates for the exterior body color, but white seems like one obvious choice. Some think the 1964 Ford is one of the blue oval’s best body styles of the ’60s. Do you agree?


  1. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    People who type in all caps are giving away their educational level, usually 9th grade… which is consistent with those idiot wheels. Perhaps flipping old junk cars is all he can do to make a living. Still, this is a rare car, especially with a 3-speed! Years ago we restored a Rangoon Red Squire with 289 and Overdrive. Sure wish this one was closer. After all, 1964 was “The Best Year Yet To Go Ford!”

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  2. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Since when did New Mexico become part of the South; isnt it in the West? Curiosity would have gotten the better of me and I would have sourced a carb before listing it for sale. Why do people think someone can make a reasonable judgement about whether to pursue the car with such an incomplete ad? Carazy, Craigslist crazy. And I’d leave those wheels in the sellers driveway too!

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  3. Avatar photo Mike D

    I have to admit that the Squire with the manual tranny is highly unusual, a Country Sedan or a Ranch wagon, would be more likely Looks to be a keeper , should have more pics. would be a looker on cruise night

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  4. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    jesus christ – nex thing youll complain about is people leavin letters off and imagnative spellin –

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      Well said.

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    Look at the rear bumper, does anyone back then which is my era of hot rodding know how to back up without smashing in to something??? Yes the all caps in internet terms is yelling not a form of education level still annoying but so is the texting shorthand but we all are guilty of it. This car looks to be worth restoring if you can get it for the right price I just don’t know how much after market parts are available if needed.

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  6. Avatar photo Old School

    This makes me wish I would’ve kept all the cars I ever had. It would be a nice little paycheck when I retire in a couple years. The guys that buy all these cars to flip must not be married to my wife or any of her sisters. I plan On going to police a police auction this Saturday in Toledo but I’m not telling my wife about it yet.

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  7. Avatar photo George

    3 on the tree is not uncommon for a 60s wagon. An auto cost more and for some families that would be an issue. My father was a minister with 4 kids when he bought a ’65 Buick Special Wagon stripped. It didn’t even have carpet, just rubber mats. Radio delete too!

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  8. Avatar photo Derek F

    I too, love the end-of-the-rocket-era 1964 Fords, but I’m not a huge fan of the Squire’s faux-wood ( that’s why I found a ’64 Country Sedan without the plasti-wood ) but the body does appear very dry, even the damaged rear bumper seems devoid of rust and looks fixable. Unfortunately, I figure the spare tire-well rust was caused by the AWOL tailgate glass.

    And wow, a big-block manual car- pretty unusual to find! It does say the price is negotiable- $3k would be a great buy if the interior isn’t completely shot, but as a southwest car, it probably is. Pick your poison: northern rust or southern sun damage….

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  9. Avatar photo piper62j

    Too big for me.. I kinda liked that Pinto Squire wagon..

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  10. Avatar photo Mark S

    The wood mouldings should be repairable but you are going to have to hand them over to to a custom painter to make them look like wood again I’d personally be afraid to take them off though for fear of baking them. Very nice old car.

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