All In The Family: 1947 Packard Clipper Deluxe


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I was really excited to find this beautiful old Packard for sale on here on craigslist in Tucson. Even though there are very few pictures – none of the interior, in fact – for some reason, it has a look that really appeals to me.


When I read the ad description, I got even more excited. I think this car’s story is good enough to repeat here more or less in full. I hope Barn Finds readers will agree with me that this looks like a really great find, and compared to the many cars we have seen in far worse condition, the asking price is truly reasonable at $5,000.


This Packard does need some work, since it has been sitting for some time, as the seller points out. And even though the paint is not original, this car could be driven pretty much as is, with a new owner doing only needed mechanical and cosmetic work. After reading this description, let us know what you think of this car. I think it will be a really cool car for its new owner, after three generations in the same family.

This Packard was purchased by my grandfather in the late 1950’s for my Grandmother to take my Mom and Uncle to school in. It was then garage kept in Montana from 1973 to 1996 when my Mom inherited it and drove it home to Arizona. We drove it weekends and in parades in Southern Arizona until my dad passed away in 2003. It was then stored in a “barn find” setting in southern Arizona until I had it moved up here.

It has absolutely no rust, it wasn’t near the ocean, and once brought out here it’s been saturated in WD-40 and kept covered. The gas tank has gas in it from 2003, so it will need to be drained before it can be started. IT DOES RUN. It just needs that tank emptied and the lines flushed. I wish I had the time to do it, but I have enough trouble keeping my daily driver going. It is all original, the original horse hair and wood interior, original chrome, and original chrome hub caps, we have extra chrome trim, extra glass, extra hub cap, and some other parts for the car as well. I’m fairly sure we even have an extra headlight, and some exterior parts as well as mechanical parts. Once my mother and father inherited the car they began trying to collect spare parts, in case they were ever needed.

This vehicle has been in the family for 3 generations and was well cared for. The Brown-n-Cream paint is not original. It was done with left over paint because the spray can paint job my grandfather had given it was wearing through. The car has a Straight-8 Big Block, original Packard ID Placard is there, and fully intact.

….. We are seeking a true collector that knows the car and it’s value.


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Todd Zuercher

    This car is in the Phoenix area (east Valley) – not Tucson.

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    • David WilkAuthor

      Thanks for the correction…I got there through the Tucson CL and did not pay enough attention to the location.

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  2. RON

    Nice old a and find. 5000may be fair price, bt when I read the add I see the every day killer o the hobby. The mention f how popular they are in the “Mecum circuit” Therefore come with big bucks .Not a clue to the real worth

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  3. Woodie Man

    While I like the ’47 iteration more than the bathtub ’50 that was my first car, there is no world where this car will ever be highly desireable. Since it has a spray can and then a brush paint job, originality wont be its selling point.

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    I agree with Woodie Man. Unless you have some sort of tie in with this car, they weren’t very popular. Even the 48-50 was just a warmed over pre-war design. Body and trim parts, especially interior stuff, will be hard to come by. This Kanter Auto in NJ. has everything mechanical for Packard’s ( they even had the little rubber pad that went over the high beam switch on the floor for my ’50) but most everything else is going to be a search. Make no mistake, once this car is rolling, it’s Packard quality all the way, it just might take a while for that to happen.

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  5. Dairymen

    You can buy a very nice 49 packard 2 door for a little more, and its basically the same “bathtub” design.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Hi Dairymen, I always liked the 2 door. It wasn’t a standard 4 door without the rear doors, like most 2 doors of the time. The car you show has to be a late ’49, as the 23rd series ( 2395 Eight Club Sedan) came out in late ’49, and it has the same tail lights as my ’50 did.

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      • Dairymen

        Howard I can tell you’re a packard man, and you know your stuff! Have we crossed paths on PI?

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi Dairymen, sorry it took so long to answer, I’m subscribed to this thread, but it doesn’t always show a response ( or several at once) No, I don’t think so, (PI must be “Packard International”) My grandfather had a ’48 Custom 8 and we, in memory of him, had a ’50 Standard 8. I restored it myself ( except paint) and at one time had 4 parts cars. Naturally I got to know quite a bit about them. ( plus I cheat with the big blue and white “G”)

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  6. fred

    Take the ’47 and add a run of the mill paint job ONLY and you are already at the price of the more desirable 2 door ’49. Then add everything else it needs. Restored cars, when priced right, are a much better deal these days.

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  7. mark

    Great find. I hope this car goes to the right person.

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  8. Rich

    Always loved Packards, but think this is more worth about 3500.00

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    • Dave Wright

      So……….if you always wanted a candy bar and stop at a convince store, you won’t buy one because you can get one 30% cheeper at the wholesaler? I predict that you will always want a Packard. I am always the guy that pays the most for what I want at an auction……that is the only way to own it. The rest is just talk.

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      • jim BROWN

        Dave Wright….you are so correct!

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      • JimmyinTEXAS

        I think you are making quite a reach here. Rich said he always love them, not always wanted one. I see the difference.

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  9. Paul B

    I really love these cars but, just curious, how is one supposed to work on the engine with the side-opening hood? Seems like it would be a nightmare to adjust the carburetor or, heaven forbid, have to remove it or the radiator. Someone enlighten me.

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  10. Swede

    You unfasten both sides and take it off.

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    • Dave Wright

      I was curious how long it would take for someone to tell him that…….

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  11. Swede

    I had a ’48. It took 2 guys to take it off. You had to be sure when you opened it that both knobs weren’t pulled!

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