All New Floors! 1969 Mercury Cyclone “Spoiler”

When I spied this 1969 Mercury Cyclone “Spoiler”, I did a double-take as I thought it was the one that I covered back in March, but it’s not, it’s a completely different car. This example has had a significant improvement facilitated, so let’s look further. It is located, coincidentally, in Binghamton, New York, where the previous example was found so I’ll take a stab and suggest that the seller favors Mercury Cyclones. It is available, here on eBay for $10,099, reserve not yet met. Thanks to Larry D for this tip!

I’m not going to delve into the history of the Cyclone since it was covered before but I will try to compare and contrast this car with the previous post, as well as highlight this example’s strengths and weaknesses – the largest of which seems to be the general condition of the body. It’s a bit banged up with dents and rust, both surface and rot-through, and a good deal of Bondo in the driver’s side quarter panel, in particular. As with the previous example, the decklid spoiler has not been installed – or at least there is no evidence of its existence. And speaking of the decklid, the one on this Cyclone is in considerably worse shape than our prior example. Of note are the “Cyclone Radial GT” tires holding up all four corners – an intentional buy perhaps?

One big difference between this Cyclone and our previous subject is the floors, this Cyclone has been treated to an entire floor pan replacement courtesy of AMD (Auto Metal Direct). The work appears to have been well executed and the structural support pieces look sound.

Another notable difference is the interior. Most Cyclones came with red upholstery, such as this example. March’s feature was outfitted in the rarely encountered black vinyl option – and it was in nice shape. Beyond that, the condition of the red upholstery in this Cyclone is significantly worse and the front seat, at least, will require a redo. Unfortunately, the door cards don’t appear to be holding up too well and will probably require replacement. Obviously, underlay and new carpet will be needed at some point. It’s not possible to get a straight-on look at the instrument panel, but from the side, it reveals itself as complete if a bit dusty.

Under the hood, we have a match in the form of a 290 HP “M” code 351 CI, “Windsor” V8 engine attached to a three-speed automatic transmission. Whereas the previous Cyclone had a recently rebuilt engine, including an open-element air cleaner, our subject car has seen 77K miles of use (at least) and is claimed to, “run and drive and start as it should with NO battery, heater core, master cylinder, rear shocks, front brakes, carb rebuild, brake lines, fuel lines, and radiator hoses. It will need exhaust work and currently has no mufflers..“.

Everything is a trade-off, This Cyclone has a worse body and a more worn engine than our March example but it has new floors and a trunk pan. The bidding is also in the same range. The seller advises, “This is a project car!!… There is still work to do on the body as seen in the pictures“. As previously stated, there were 617 of these Cale Yarborough Cyclones produced in ’69 and the seller claims that this example is one of only twenty-seven known to exist. I’m not sure how or why that should be taken as fact, or even how it can be known. True, there are registries for certain special makes and models but how many cars of a certain breed exist and are never registered? Regardless of numbers, this is a rare item, it has a Marti Report to back up authenticity and has had a lot of heavy lifting already completed. I’d say it’s a good start, how about you?


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  1. Jonny

    To writer ODonnell – this is America, and here they are called “interior door panels.” Door cards is the British term – you’ve obviously been a fan of Wheeler Dealers and Mike Brewer who calls them that. Let’s keep American cars American when referring to their components!

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      I first heard them called a “door card” in 1973 when I worked in a body shop that was in America of all places. So, I’ll call them what I want to call them and you can call them how you prefer when you start writing your own posts.


      Like 62
      • On and On On and On Member

        Kickin’ ass and taking names, you go buddy. You put up with tons of gruff in your job. Tell it like it is.

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      • BigAl

        Dude got his head stuck sideways in his boot

      • Gary

        It’s a door panel O’Donnell, not a door card. It just sounds stupid and if you can’t take criticism stop writing, we can do without you

        Like 2
      • Jim ODonnell Staff

        57 people disagree with you. I’m the writer, not you. If you don’t like what I write, stop reading me please, and bother someone else on some other site. Stop right now!


        Like 6
      • piston poney

        o’donell your fine ive head them call both, i even call them both, and dont take crap from anyone, your write up is fine

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  2. RNR

    Another missed opportunity to title a listing:

    “Spoiler Alert!”

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  3. Mike

    Imagine how bad the floors must have been!!!

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  4. man ' war

    Up in my neck of the woods in the Denver Craigs, there is a 68 Mercury Comet in similar shape to this one with exterior body looking a lot better at $3500. Maybe the Comet’s body panels could be used on this Cyclone? Or probably better yet, put the 351 in the Comet? The only thing is its ‘door cards’ are in the back trunk. lol

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    • BJ

      Man ‘ war, that’s not the ‘back trunk’ that’s the ‘boot’, and in the front it’s the ‘bonnet’ not the ‘hood’, he, he, depends where you woz brung up!

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  5. Howie Mueler

    At that price i would drop the reserve.

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  6. Larry D

    One thing to note is that these special edition Cale Yarborough Cyclone Spoilers were only available to Mercury dealers east of the Mississippi River. For folks west of the Mississippi who wanted some sort of special car, they got the Dan Gurney version which was white and dark Presidential Blue.

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  7. scottymac

    Got excited when I saw the ad and price, then had to remind myself it was the “Spoiler II” that had the Talladega nose. Think these were referred to as a “W” nose (upper profile of the grill)?

  8. Chris King

    I’ve got a 69 Mercury Cyclone, Oklahoma car, so the rust isn’t near as bad as this. Rust through in the front floor pans, and around rear quarters, Ford has some issues with the back glass leaking down the inside of the back wheel wells. Replacement patch panels are out there for the Torino, but not the Cyclone rear quarters. Only one place will you find these hand made panels to do your 68-69 Cyclone rear quarters. He hand makes them and fabricates old bomber aircraft pieces, so he is not cheap. I paid 500 for each side and that’s just the wheel well pieces. Dr Cyclone is his trade name, Tom’s number is 770-757-1508.

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  9. john hugh

    no thanks..289 ?,lol

  10. Larry D

    @john hugh
    It’s a 351.

  11. chrlsful

    the 1st pic (also ‘thumbnail’ on the 17 car lead page) is one of the few I’ve seen that actually lets one know what its like to stand nxt to the behemouths. That rear deck (fast back) is increadably long ! I’ve wanted to take one, reinforce & create a hatch it has taken so long to find (just got it) a fox wagon. With a 105inch WB I think (& all the wrk) I like what I got better.

    What I don’t like is too much testosterone w/the petty gramar police and a staffer. As staff member I’d think a pro ‘lets it go’ a professional. Only an anal brings it up in the 1st place, sorry to call U both out. The rest is All Ways din-0- mite ! (in fact I looked up AMD for panels after spyin in the above. No go – LQK, new – delivers to the shop a wider range, free).

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