All Original 1968 Dodge Charger

1968 Dodge Charger RT

A desirable and lovely project car can be hard to come by nowadays, especially at a respectable price. This 1968 Dodge Charger meets those qualifications. Located in Cuero, Texas, it has reached a healthy bid price of $22,100. That begins to make sense when you see the condition it is in. The seller knows the car will bring a favorable price for them because the reserve has not met, but hopefully, it isn’t far. A VIN is noted and there are 28,122 miles on the car, which the seller believes is rolled over. You can view more on eBay.

1968 Dodge Charger RT

Under the hood is a numbers matching 440 cubic-inch V8 connected to a 727 automatic transmission. From the factory the car came equipped with air conditioning. Currently, the car is not running for unknown or unsaid reasons and the drive shaft is disconnected and stored in the trunk, along with some engine rocker arms. Photos provided of the underside of the car show some rust, but nothing that looks detrimental or compromising.

1968 Dodge Charger RT

Inside, duct tape does hold together the passenger seat. There are a few trim and interior pieces that appear to be missing or broken. Despite those flaws, the inside does not appear to be beyond a few hours of cleaning can’t solve. There are a number of photos provided for this car, so be sure to scroll and look at them all if you plan on bidding.

1968 Dodge Charger RT

If the body on this car has not had much work done to it, this will be a great buy. Yes, the interior is original and rough, but that can be solved with some elbow grease initially, and then a few clicks of a mouse after you are done. Even though the engine is not working, one can be sourced to at least enjoy the car while the original one is rebuilt. What better way to give a gift to someone…or yourself this season than by a bright red Dodge Charger? Yes, it is close to new car money, but it stands out and can give you a new New Year’s resolution.


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  1. Troy s

    ’68 Charger RT in red with black bumble bee stripes, the plain looking wheels don’t do it justice. Oddly enough I actually like the red ’72 Charger posted earlier better. Big bucks for this one.

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    • SusanOliver

      Almost everyone had wheel covers, dealers wanted mucho bucks for factory wheels. These do seem a little plain, Magnums from 68 in chrome would look pretty nice, esp rep 15 inchers. Chrysler did have some nice earlier spinner wheel covers that I liked very much. Of course, going around a corner fast and losing one, esp if you didn’t know it, was a real bummer.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Guess what other charger had very similar wheel covers & white walls too. Wheel covers flew off & later were back on the car! lol
      Early in the video the charger had wider whitewalls than later on!

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      • Troy s

        Yeah, I know, but those hit men were trying to blend in traffic following that nosey cop around in the hot Mustang. That black Charger was begging for better wheels!

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  2. Dave

    We all know the story on these; they sell for crazy money, more if they’re not a clapped-out rotbox. As Gaspumpchas likes to say, GLWTS.

  3. Stevieg Member

    My favorite year for this generation Charger. I like the taillights better.
    I like the wheel covers on these. I remember seeing them a lot more as a kid. Now it seems they all have some form of mag wheel or rallye rim.
    I personally would rather have the column shift & buddy seat, but that is a minor detail & absolutely could live with this.

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  4. jerry z

    I’m curious if this car had a vinyl top at one time since it has the trim. One pic showing the roof looks rough. It’s funny there is tape on the passenger side seat but none on the drivers side.

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  5. Johnny

    I like EVERYTHING about the 68 Charger but one thing. That ugly gas cap and its location. Why didn,t they put it under the liscense plate. I was gonna buy a darg green one with a black vinly top in 78,but they sold it before I could. It had the 318 auto. black interior. I liked it all except the gas cap and location. If I had one. I,d definitely put the gas spout behind the liscense plate.

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    • Dave

      The gas filler location? One word: NASCAR. Having it where it was gave the gas can guy a decided advantage compared to having it behind the license plate.

  6. Gaspumpchas

    no pics of the underbelly, and over spray on the back window gasket tells me that there may have been some work done on the roof. up to 27 large, would need more info and a good insp before dropping that kind of coin. if its real, nie charger. Good luck to the new owner!

  7. TimM

    Looks like to me that there’s some rust around the rear window and some paint bubbles on the rear quarter around the wheel well!!! Still all in all looks solid enough!! At least it’s not a rusty roller for 25K!!! Did the chrome trim around the B pillar come on cars without a vinal top??? I’m sure some mopar guy will know!!!

  8. 8banger Dave Mika Member

    Definitely not the correct air cleaner for an R/T.

  9. Del

    Car looks a little rough for that kinda coin

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  10. David Harris

    The gas fill was the best thing everyone was squatting and cussing that license plate spring while I was standing and smiling

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