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All Original: 1968 Ford LTD 390 V8

My brother and I often wonder why full-size cars – especially one big-block equipped – like this 1968 Ford LTD haven’t achieved the same level of collectability as other classic cars. They typically make for a bargain buy, so please don’t consider my opening statement a complaint. This one was sent in by Barn Finds reader, Ikey H., who found it here on craigslist in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The seller is asking $9,000.

The 1968 model year was the final of the first-generation LTD. I think it’s the year Ford got everything right, as it’s a good mix of what I like in a classic cruiser – it’s simple yet luxurious, there’s plenty of power under the hood, and there’s room for the whole family.

The seller says this LTD is wearing its original paint and has covered just 68k miles since new. That paint appears to be Lime Gold Metallic paint, which, when paired with that black vinyl top, I think fits perfectly on this luxury car from a non-luxury marque. The seller says, “it was kept in a shop and only driven on Sundays.” Aside from a small scrape and dent on the driver rear quarter panel and a small dent on the passenger door the body looks pretty good.

The interior is black, right? The seats look a little green to me, but everything else looks black. Those with a keen eye for color are welcomed to set the record straight. Regardless of the color, it’s in very good condition. I don’t see any tears in the power front split-bench seat. The back seat looks like it’s in the same condition. The fabric on the driver door panel looks a little loose below the window switches Set that straight and run a vacuum and I’d bet you’ll have a near new looking interior.

Under the hood is a 390 cubic-inch V8. A column-shifted automatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels. The entire fuel system was recently rebuilt including coating the fuel tank. The seller provides no detail on its running condition, but if we want to draw conclusions, we can see the headlights are on and it appears to be blocking at least one other car in the driveway, so I’ll assume it’s not permanently parked in that spot.

The photos and description of this LTD make it look like a promising prospect. I’d want to get some detail on it’s running condition and roadworthiness, but it at least looks like a good start to a simple project. Do you think these full-size cars are unloved? Or am I just blind to the respect they get?


  1. Avatar photo Snotty

    XL, is Ford’s full size sport model. With its swept back C-pillar, optional bucket seats console and floor shift also with the hideaway headlamps.

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  2. Avatar photo FordGuy1972 Member

    This ’68 LTD seems like a lot of car for the money. I like all original cars (I have two) and this one is loaded with options including A/C. The exterior needs to have the damaged areas addressed but other than that, what’s not to like? The asking price is very attractive and will get you into the old car hobby on the cheap. Hidden headlights are very cool, too. I’d love to have this one!

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    • Avatar photo PatrickM

      Lots of pics, just not the right ones. Only close-ups are the two aforementioned damaged areas. Show me the areas around the front and rear glass, underside pics and how about a closer look at the dash. If the guy in the pic standing next to the driver’s door is the owner, I can understand him having a bit of trouble getting in and out of the car. but, as the old saying foes, if ya wanna sell it, ya gotta show it. Could be a fair price, though. Good looking car. GLWTS.

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      • Avatar photo George P

        On the inside on the passenger side of the back window does look like there may have been some water leaking in and setaling at the bottom of the back window and looking at the outside of the window trim at the top could be a problem area that may have caused the leak on the same side of the car. I had a 68 Ford Fairlane 500 with the same problem the top of my window I had to have someone cut away the metal lip of the window and re-weld it back in place and have New rubber and the window put back in

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  3. Avatar photo Michael Keil

    Power windows and seats? Even appears to have a tilting steering wheel. That’s a loaded car for that year.

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  4. Avatar photo art

    Get rid of the red heater hoses and fit the correct wheel covers and you have one nice car.
    Nice options, too.

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  5. Avatar photo Paolo

    The reason these aren’t more sought after is the image they project, then and now. The really sought after cars of the late 60s had genuine racing and performance heritage. In 1969 for FoMoCo it was the Boss 302, the Torino Cobra, the Talledega and so forth. The LTD is an aspirational car for a Successful business executive who wants something solid and comfortable but not ostentatious to squire the wife around town to a nice restaurant, the country club, to church or to nip out of town to visit family. Nice and boring and reliable. It does that job really well.
    Why fight it? If you buy it, buy it for the right reasons. It is not a muscle car or performance car of any kind. It’s a heavy torquey cruiser with the very ordinary 390, bullet proof C-6 transmission and 9 inch rear end with, I would bet, 3:00-1 gears. It’s docile around town and in traffic although will feel big in a city and won’t be happy with modern smaller parking spaces. Visibility out the back not great, those C-pillars are blind spots. This big beast was designed for 1969 America. It will be happiest in a not too crowded suburb or town. The 390 has enough grunt to make this a nice drive on the Interstates. Overall MPG I think would be around 12.
    In the 60s and 70s Ford’s big and unique selling point for it’s big cars was how quiet they were inside as you drove down the road. They put real effort into that and it is immediately apparent when you get in. They also made sure to isolate the passenger compartment from road noise and vibration. It adds to the refined ride but also means the driving experience is more like barge piloting. Ford seemed to be particularly interested in appealing to diamond cutters in need of a mobile workshop and Rabbis who needed to perform a bris while in transit according to Ford advertising of the time.


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  6. Avatar photo mark

    Back when I was a kid one of the brothers that owned the Ford dealership in my town had a gold with black interior and vinyl top 68 LTD coupe as his demo

    Nice car. I agree get an original set of wheel covers for this one.

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  7. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    Beautiful car, appears to be well cared for. I had a 69 Torino in that color, so I know a little on it. It’s not easy to patch IMO but it is interesting.

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  8. Avatar photo Paolo

    That engine is definitely not Ford engine blue. Along with the red hoses, is this just some misinformed detailing or signs pointing to major motor work or something more nefarious.

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  9. Avatar photo local_sheriff

    While not the prettiest 60s fullsize car it’s still a very nice design. It’s exactly this kind of finds I enjoy; the not-so-sought-after barges that ooze Suburbia and offer both room, grunt not to mention classic vintage style.

    Love that (S)lime Green color, I think it was THE most popular color when it was introduced? And, of course, loathed decades thereafter..! IMHO an extremely interesting find which once again proves that there are still great vintage rides out there (yes, even 2DHTs!) without breaking the bank! 👌

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      Sheriff, I think this car is one of the nicest of that year, but I am biased as I grew up in the back seat of a Galaxie 500 of the same year.

      I, however, don’t like the 1967 models.

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  10. Avatar photo David

    How about some yellow plug wires to go with the red hoses and fresh blue paint? While your at it, add H-pipe dual exhaust and torque thrust mags.

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  11. Avatar photo S

    The reasons why fewer people want a car like this is the reason why we dont have cars of this size anymore. It’s big! Long, and wide. Harder to drive and to park, especially in traffic / cities. I’m not saying it’s not nice, because it is. But people want 69 Dodge Chargers – the demand is what pushes the price up to $30,000 on those. $9000 is fair for this. By the way aren’t those whee covers off a mid 70s LTD?

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    • Avatar photo 69XL

      If I remember right, and a quick google search proved it, a Dodge Charger of the same vintage was only 5 inches shorter, and the ’69 Charger was only 6 inches shorter. If those extra 5 inches make a car too big for some people, well maybe some of us are used to handling a bit more. All kidding aside, a beautiful car.

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  12. Avatar photo Philip Lepel

    I had a 70 two door Ltd. In the same color. Man I wish I still had that car.

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  13. Avatar photo George P

    These Cars Were A Nice Family Car But By 73 The Oil Embargo Began and By 74 The Gas Shortage Started and People Who Owned Cars Like This 68 Ford LTD Would Not Drive Them Or At Least Not Drive Them As Much Because Of The Bigger Engines and The Gas It Consumed, People Started Looking At Smaller Cars and Public Transportation and Sometimes Just Store Them Or Trade Them In For Smaller Cars For Which They Would Not Get Much For Their Trade In Because No one Wanted The Bigger Cars With The Big Block Engines

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  14. Avatar photo Mike

    I bought an exact copy of that car in 1977, for $125. It had a broken trailing arm, on the rear axle. The 390 and FMX went into a 57 Fairlane 300, that I got caught driving, 4 months before my 15th birthday…..GOOD TIMES!

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  15. Avatar photo Chuck Dickinson

    The interior looks green to me. Dash, etc. are a dark ivy green.

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  16. Avatar photo Christopher Gentry

    Fad has a 70 LTD 2 door when I was a kid. Same color. And I agree , think the interior is green. Not black. His was green.

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  17. Avatar photo Andy

    This is a super comfy car. Mine in a 68 XL vert 390 C6. I absolutely love it.
    Rides like a water bed. It isn’t the quickest car off the line (it is HEAVY), but it’ll go from 20-90 in a hurry. Leave yourself lots of room to stop or turn. And someone said 12 mpg… good luck getting 12 mpg… While I love these big old boats, be forewarned: the only thing you will attract is a hoard of 60-year old dudes.

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  18. Avatar photo Miguel

    When the title says ALL ORIGINAL as the first words, I expect an all original car, which this one isn’t.

    Also I would not want a Ford of this vintage with power windows.

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  19. Avatar photo George P

    I had a 68 Ford Fairlane 500 4dr with a 302 with Factory Air But That was about all the thrills I got with it I bought it when I was Stationed in Norfolk VA from a British Officer ThatHe Said That He brought it from England and that it had been Built in Canada which he had the build sheet and all the paper work the only thing I did to it was get the timing chain and gears replaced and it had 150,000 Miles on it at that time and I only Paid $300.00 for it not bad for my second Car.

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  20. Avatar photo Oldnash

    Love the car and color combo. I had a similar 65 LTD, gold with a black vinyl top although the color was called “honey gold”. Luxurious car for its time and quieter than a Rolls Royce :-)

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