All Original! 1972 Chevrolet C10

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As you probably know, January kicks off the new season for the big classic car auction houses. One of the largest is located in Scottsdale, Arizona at Barrett-Jackson. B-J has been in the auction game for a long time and attracts some of the best cars from around the country. This year they are featuring a group of original American muscle cars, resto-mods, trucks, and late-model cars from Northside Customs Collection. They will all be offered at “no reserve” and include some amazing vehicles. Among them is this 1972 Chevrolet C10. It has already been sold and can be found here on with a sold price of $35,000 which is a total of $38,500 when the buyer’s premium is added. Check out this awesome survivor and thanks to Ralph P. for the tip on this one.

There are a few ways people define “all original” in the automotive business. To some, this means the car retains all of the major components that it left the factory with but some maintenance has been done. For others, it means that nothing has been done to the vehicle, even replacing the tires. This truck would fall into the first category, at least for the tires. I’d be willing to bet the bench seat has been re-covered at some point as well.

The chrome air cleaner certainly isn’t “original” and I don’t think the other chrome accessories under the hood are as well. The engine is a 400 cubic inch V8 backed by an automatic transmission.

You can see the bed has light wear, but no major dents and only surface rust. This generation of Chevy pickup started to really lean toward making the ride and interior more car-like. Trucks were still used as work vehicles, but some where spared from really hard work, like this one seems to have been. Overall, this is a really nice truck, which I’m sure the new owner will enjoy. What do you think? Is this a $40k truck?

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  1. 8banger 8bangerMember

    I may be high, but those sure look like rat motor/big block valve covers to me…

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    • 8banger 8bangerMember


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    • Phil D

      Yes, it’s a big block. Chevrolet sold the 402 big block as a 396, 400, or 402, depending on model year and the vehicle in which it was installed. I’ve slept a time or two since 1972 and my memory could be somewhat foggy as a result, but I seem to recall that the early ’70s big block pickups got a “400” badge underneath the side marker lights (or on the grille, after the “square body” trucks were introduced for ’73), even though the correct displacement was 402 cubic inches.

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      • Kevin Kendall

        Pretty sure Impalas and Caprices did also

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    • Morgan26

      I’m with you, they are awful wide.

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    • Eric P Akins

      Yep…looks like a 402

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    Barrett Jackson? – Yeah,this one’ll go for $5-$10,000.

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    • Cam

      Yes, it really is a 396, but had the marking “400”. I was a potent motor for a truck back then. My uncle had one, loved it.

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    Nice truck but you would think for $38K, the bed would be freshened up with some new paint and under hood would look better. Hang on to your old trucks boys and girls, because before long (or maybe even today) vintage pickup trucks will be out of reach to most of us like this one is.

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  4. Todd Zuercher

    Saw this truck at the auction yesterday. I didn’t pay attention to the auction result but I remember thinking it wasn’t a particularly good looking example.

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  5. Maggy

    38500 for this plus figure in sales tax and transfer taxes and you’re over 40k.SorryShort bed Chevy truck guys I don’t see it in this truck imo. The ac compressor doesn’t even have belt on it.Big deal it has a 402.Yeah it’s a cool truck but 40k cool…not for me.

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  6. Yblocker

    Never cared for the 69-72s, the 67-68s had better front end styling. Price is way too high, but what’s new.

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  7. Pancho

    Back in the year 2000, I bought the exact same truck from the original owner for only $1,500. Was not automatic. It had a 383 V-8 and 3 on the tree manual trans. IT WAS A HORRIBLE GAS GUZZLER !!! I had fun driving it but think this truck shown is WAY OVER prices!

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    • Yblocker

      A 383? In a chevrolet? I guess with a stroker kit maybe 🤔

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  8. Grant

    BJ Auctions and their ilk have done much to ruin the hobby for us regular guys. I refuse to watch them.

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  9. Cooter914 Cooter914Member

    Any vehicle will only be original once. This truck is worth this much or much more to someone who collects this genre of vehicle. And, no, they don’t want the bed “freshened”.

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    • James

      Most folks around here, actually just most folks, don’t get it. I get it. Awesome shortbed with just the right amount of wear and tear. Buy and keep forever.

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  10. John W Kriegshauser

    As long as the fat wallet attendees at Barrett-Jackson keep drinking and spending money like it grows on trees, this is the results we get. This truck isn’t worth the price and fees paid by a long shot. It’s ridiculous.

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  11. Joe Haska

    Barrett – Jackson used to be a main attraction for me , I would be there all day everyday. Not anymore I live in Phoenix and I did not go once, this year However I worked in the garage everyday and streamed it on my I Pad constantly. Trucks were crazy and I love trucks, so I was always interested when they came on the block, which was a lot. In the heat of the auction nice C-10’s were constantly bringing a 100 thousand plus. Saw a nice 53 Ford F-100 bring a 175 K. I think this is nuts, It’s like the money isn’t even real to the people spending it. In fact maybe it isn’t. I am not a financial genius, but I hear people who I am sure know more than I do and there comments. The just of it being it isn’t real money to many buyers. It is money they have obtained at 50% or less on the dollar. The auction is a great way to make that 50% into 75% or more. I don’t claim to understand it ,but it makes sense to me when I see someone buy a restored 57 T-Bird for $450,000 dollars. Quien Sabe???

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    • Phil Davis

      I can tell you why this is happening. Money is looking to get off the grid. Take look at old coins; it’s crazy. Art, bitcoin frenzy, you name it. People are losing confidence in the government and are worried about digital dollars. They want hard assets instead.

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

        It’s the potato economy. Inflation and the recession; even the stock market is off. When things are not going well, folks put their money in physical assets; real estate, gold, artwork and, of course, collector cars and pickups. I sunk all my money into an ’83 Chevette. I’ll cash out when things get better and be sittin’ pretty…………😂🤣😂🤣

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  12. J Gibson

    Gave up watching Barrett-Jackson auctions with their country club atmosphere years ago. Mecum is so much better and more realistic. And why tune in at all since Amy left?

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  13. Dean

    Of course most of us can’t afford most of this stuff, and couldn’t afford the restoration if most of the barn finds were free. Sigh as we may, it’s good many high rollers are now in the game so at least we can still see our old favorites as often as we do… on our phone if not in person, lol. Whoda thought that in ’72?!

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  14. Morgan26

    I’m with you, they are awful wide.

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  15. Midway

    It is not a 4wd so not worth 40K, under the hood needs some tlc. A ’72 f100 in the same shape would go for 20K that’s it.

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