All Original Survivor: 1970 Porsche 911

I feel like it wasn’t that long ago a 911 like this would have already cleared $50K in a typical eBay listing. This 1970 model is claimed to be a very nice survivor, and I see little evidence that it isn’t – other than bidding is at $34,600 with the reserve unmet. While I absolutely believe 911 prices had to come back down to Earth, I still wonder how many rotten cars sailed into the $60K and $70K range just a few years prior. Find this pretty 2.2L survivor here on eBay with under 80,000 miles.

The 911 has been off the road since the 1970s with just one recorded owner since new. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and likely photographs better than it has any right to considering how long it’s been off the road. Still, the seller notes it was stored carefully, so it’s likely the 911 has been in enthusiast care that whole time. Even the wheels are still the correct date-coded units.

The interior sadly does not have sport seats, but what is there reveals more evidence of careful use and preservation while stored. The carpets look clean and the steering wheel is the correct, bus-like assembly for a 1970 911. The seller notes that the 911 runs well but it will need the clutch and brake system serviced or otherwise inspected. The fuel system was redone.

The description indicates the fuel system was already cleaned out and a new fuel pump installed, along with a replacement fuel tank. That’s some truly pain-in-the-ass work done by the seller, so one less headache for the next owner. While there’s plenty of headaches yet to come, starting with a clean, rust-free car that was carefully stored and never modified is a good place to start.


  1. Andy

    If I had the money, I’d be all over this. Do the clutch & brake work, put the stock seats in storage, swap in some Recaros & put modern tires on it–I’d rather have this than any 21st century sports car.

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    • Mike

      Yeah, Andy…the vast majority of the automotive world are wrong about the 911, but Sandy and 36 are here for you.

      Chevy or die! (Apparently…)

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  2. Sparkster

    As a kid in 1970 I would ride my Schwinn Sting Ray over to many of the car dealers to check out the new vehicles from the big three, SS Chevelle’s Road Runners, Challengers , Cuda’s etc etc. Generally they were in the $3500 range depending on options. While on vacation our family stopped at a restaurant and after dinner I wondered over to the Porsche dealer and looked at a new 1970 911. Over $9000 new. I took a few steps back after I looked to see if I could find out why the Porsche was more than double the price of a SS Chevelle with cowl induction hood.

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    • 36Packard

      Because Porsches are about prestige and rich people pay it to show off. American cars were the equal if not better in many ways, but didn’t have the snob appeal. Simple as that. If you are looking to bed a gold digger, drive one, if you want a nice girl next door, stick with a reliable and affordable Chevy or the like.

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      • Mike

        Wow…stunning outlook/advice there, 36. You’ve really figured this whole car thing out, huh?

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      • 36Packard

        Mike, with age comes wisdom.

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      • Mike

        But, sadly, not a very broad view of things, huh?

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      • triumph1954

        36Packard. With age comes wisdom? So how old are you 2? I guess you have some growing up to do.

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      • 36Packard

        Triumph, Judging by your moniker, I am older then thou. Having lived and paid the price for what the rich man brought upon me in a very sad place (sadder yet for many of my friends) I have had the time to try my best to understand the world. The question at hand is as old as man, and the answer never changes. This understanding is bigger then the auto world, if more understood, truly understood, the world would become a far better place.

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      • Sandy Claws

        Hey Packy, are you okay my brother? All this Apollo 50 years ago stuff brings back memories for a lot of us, some not so good ones. I can still see in my head this dog face sitting in a corner of a rat hole bar in Saigon. Looked like he had just come out of a jungle stint in the recent past. Sat by himself, drinking heavily , and all the time mumbling what sounded a lot like what you just said. We all agreed why we were
        where we were at, so I do understand you. But, you need to forget the past and get back on topic. This site is about cars, not our bad times. I know sometimes the strangest things set us off and we are back in the day, but keep looking forward and smile. We owe it to others who can not and would want us happy. Good motoring brother in your classic ride!

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    • ccrvtt

      I had the same question when I went to work for a Porsche+Audi dealer in 1973. A salesman told me, “Well, Porsches are very well made…”

      Sure, and so is an ice cream cone at Graeter’s.

      Looking at some of the tetanus traps masquerading as cars for sale under the Porsche banner it’s kind of a stretch to embrace that view. On the other hand, a 1970 SS 454 in the same shape as this 911 will probably make the same sale price. So with very basic math (and specious reasoning) you could have made, say 9 times your money with the Porsche or 20 times with the Chevy.

      God I love America!

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  3. cruzer

    I bought a new 1970 911T from a Porsche dealer for around $6000. The dealer you visited must have had a huge markup.

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  4. Steve R

    It might not have passed $50,000 yet because bidders are becoming more sophisticated, they know there is no reason to drive the price higher now. It’s meaningless to do so. All that matters is the closing bid.

    The seller also didn’t do himself any favors, the auction ends between 7:00 and 8:00am PST on a Friday morning. Many seasoned sellers end their auctions on Sunday evenings between 6:00 and 7:00pm PST.

    Steve R

  5. robert w johnston...... becher ontario

    to those who have not driven a classic 911 or 912. its difficult to communicate the experience………….i was lucky to get my 912 targa back in the late 70s when it was just a rusty used car. and still affordable.. due to circumstance beyond my control it was not driven for years and just now going back together. if u have the cake to afford.. try one out .. i think u will like it

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