Almost A Survivor! 1968 Plymouth Suburban

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In my continual search for interesting station wagons to feature, Chevrolets and Fords continue to rule but that’s only because of their sheer ’60s/’70s volumes. Regardless, Plymouth sold about 56K “Suburban” station wagons in 1968, a solid showing, and today’s find is one of those, a Custom Suburban to be exact. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this 52K recorded mile example is available, here on craigslist for $14,900.

Looking this wagon over, I’m immediately reminded of a high school friend whose family had a ’68 Sport Suburban – the one with the faux wood paneling. They drove the wheels off of that car and put about 50K miles on it in its first year of ownership. It was a tough car and mostly survived three teenage male drivers. Besides the Sport Suburban, there was a Custom Suburban (a deforested version of the Sport Suburban), and then just a regular Suburban that would have lined up with Plymouth’s full-size Fury II sedan.

The seller tells us that this example is rust-free and is wearing a respray that looks like Mist Green. Forget about dents or creases, this long-sided wagon is having none of that. Strong chrome and complete trim rounds out the exterior picture. Note the roof rack – buy an SUV today and you’ll be lucky to get anything more than just the side rails, the cross bars are now, always an option.

The interior of this Plymouth has the age-old problem that big Mopars of this era always seem to have, the individual headliner panels are becoming dislodged from their stainless retainers. The cargo bed, however, shows to have been only gently used – a nice find as some station wagons that I review look like someone has been mixing concrete in that way back area.

Other than that, the innards look great – no signs of upholstery rips or tears, sound-looking carpet and door panels, and an intact dash pad. Even the instrument panel, with its original radio, is giving no indication of clouded gauges or delaminating plastic bits. This is an air-conditioned car but there’s no reference to it in the listing so I suspect it may be non-operational.

Power comes about thanks to a 230 gross HP, 318 CI V8 engine that is said to run “beautifully“. The engine compartment is certainly complete and original looking though I’m not certain about that 52K mile recording – I’d put that one in a “maybe” category. As is usually the case, a TorqueFlite automatic transmission handles all things gear related.

This is a nice-looking car, in fine shape, and a pleasant alternative to an Impala/Kingswood or a Country Sedan. The seller considers it to be a rare find and I’d have to agree with that sentiment, at least today and based on how rarely I encounter a Suburban from this generation. If you’re down with the idea of acquiring an old station wagon, this would be one to consider, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Oh yeah, I loves me a C-body in wagon form. It looks really nice, and the price is good.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    Our neighbor had one just like this,only a ’67.
    It was the same color,& completely generic in it’s day.

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  3. mercedes 600

    A strange thing happened every time I drive a wagon. Women have got to talk to you, It’s the ultimate BABE machine. I am not kidding. At traffic lights, grocery store, gym, you name it as it never fails. Off course the BABES are Grandmothers with Grandkids but heck I’m a Grandfather. I am up to eight wagons. I can’t stop buying them.

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    • Gary

      I lust after a western mountain wagon with a factory manual transmission. I was told and have read that the 70’s had pistol grip shifters. That would be cool. Of course, cool to me would be one of the two Hemi Coronet four door sedans built

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    • Gray Wolf

      You are correct on the ladies talking to you! I own a ‘66 Impala Wagon and I experience this same phenomenon. WOW, what if I had a puppy? Life is hard with a wagon! Ha, ha!

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    • Paulie Cu

      With that story you got me wanting to buy a wagon

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  4. Dave, Australia

    Wants a twin exhaust and extractors .
    Probably a holley 600 as well. Stunning old girl , looks same as she was before the moon landing

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  5. John

    I was 6 when I went with my dad to pick up our new 68 Sport Suburban wagon, white, faux wood, beige vinyl. It cost $3600 new and ran well right up to the time it was traded in (given away) 10 years later. Lots of memories- camping, drive in movies, washing it with my brothers for my dad.

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  6. K. R. V.

    I am the oldest of six, who grew up through the 60’s , born in 55. Dad lived big Chryslers and owned many, his pride and joy other than his family was his 64 Imperial Crown Coupe. But that was traded as the family grew and when Mom told the three of us that already filled the back seat we were going to have another sibling, well Dad was forced to trade his beloved Imperial in for a three row wagon. Oh not just any wagon, but a special ordered loaded 68 Chrysler Town&Country Beach Wagon that the six of us beat on and cared for, that lasted us 15 years and 156,000 trouble free well maintained miles. The fact I had it going so fast one night, where I had the speedometer needle go passed 120, into the Clock just to the right of the speedometer!! That big 440 TNT was screaming! Burned almost 1/4 tank doing so! Of Sunoco 260! These full sized MOPAR wagons were built like todays Ram trucks! That Beach Wagon also towed the family boat for years like it wasn’t there! I really others having trouble one day on a boat ramp, any two wheel drive vehicle was having a hard time, but that Beach Wagon had huge Firestone Town&Country Snow/Mud tires and a 3:09 posi rear that made it almost unstoppable in snow, but if so we just added tire chains and plowed through it all! Our homestead is at the top of a hill and we were the only family able to drive up in the snow storms.

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Cool story, but there was no such thing as a 3.09 rear gear for a ’68 MoPar (or, any other year MoPar for that matter). It would have been a 2.76 or a 3.23 in an 8 3/4 corporate differential.

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      • K. R. V.

        I’m k thanks for the correction, as I remembered from being a 13 year old when Dad bought the Beach Wagon, then driving later in life I was incorrect. But as far as there never being any 3:09 in a MOPAR, you are wrong. See the late model Charger and Challenger both have 3:09 gears available with the AWD 3.6, plus rwd 3.6 Track pack. I owned a 2014 Charger R/T AWDthat was the last year AWD was available with the Hemi in civilian market Chargers, so with a not so vivid 50+ year old memory and that fact is why I chose 3:09. The difference between 3:23 and 3:09 is negligible.

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  7. Bill C

    Non power and probably drums all around. I would add a modern power set and cruise control. That’s all she needs.

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  8. Pastor Ron

    Beautiful wagon, and the kind of thing I’ve been looking for. But why, why, why do they all seem to have black interiors? Yuck. Have to admit I’m partial to the ’67 Fury wagons, though. Something about that painted lower grille just didn’t cut it on the ’68. One of my best friend’s family when I was a kid had a ’67 with the woodgrain, gold with a gold/brown interior, and well-optioned. Up north though, it rusted out. But it was a gorgeous car they bought new and had until the early ’80s. When it came to C-body wagons, I liked the ’67 Plymouth, but the ’68 Dodge and Chrysler. If only I could find one with AC and no black, I have a sole survivor 64 wagon to trade. Keep bringing on the wagons, Jim. Good work!!

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    • Michael Berkemeier

      Ummmmm…this car has green interior. So, does this mean you’ll be buying it now?

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  9. Jon Thomas

    Make it Restomod drop In a hellelephant in it. It would be a sweet sleeper…

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  10. Charles Marks

    Can’t believe that this beautiful lady showed up in BF. My dad had a ’68 Sport Suburban Plymouth, except turquoise. Without a doubt the nicest car he ever owned; even his Chryslers into the 70’s-80’s-90’s couldn’t compare. A million trips as a family all over NY state and eastern Canada. My brother and I sat in the WAY BACK, looking at other drivers, waving to other kids. Were more civil to each other in that WAY BACK seat than any other place in our lives. Would love to have this example but not everybody in my house thinks we need more cars. Thanks for the memories.

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  11. Pastor Ron

    Looks black to me. The next one I buy is going stay with me until I die, so I’m going to keep searching for just the right one. Really want one with woodgrain.

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    • K. R. V.

      Totally agree, a black with vinyl wood grain sides and all the chrome trim with tinted windows would look fantastic.

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  12. DON

    Mist green for 1968 looks a whole lot different than the Mist green they had in 1973!

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