Almost Like New! 1940 Dodge Survivor

right front

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This Dodge was stored for 50 years and is all original except for a repaint 25 years ago and certainly looks a lot better than most cars stored for so long. It was owned by the same family since new. It’s listed here on craigslist for $12,000. It’s in Vancouver, British Columbia.

left front

It really looks nice in the pictures. The owner replaced some of the mechanicals like radiator and hoses, as well as brake lines.

inside front

Can this interior really be 75 years old? The weather stripping has been replaced, so perhaps the whole thing has been replaced. If this Dodge drives as well as it looks, it must be amazing. I can’t imagine the new owner doing anything to this car except preserving it.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Eric Dashman

    Thanks for this one. My dad (RIP) had a 1940 Dodge coupe that he bought after the war. I think he said it had fluid drive. Squired my Mom when she was still his future wife in it. He liked the car a lot, but it didn’t handle an engagement with a Brooklyn trolley car very well…totally lost its head (and a good portion of its body too). He must have had a jones for 1940 cars because he bought my Mom her first car when we moved out of Brooklyn in early 1953 and it was a 1940 Olds 4 door. She called it the black Mariah…looked like a mobster’s flunky’s car. Unlike the Dodge with 3 on the tree, it still had 3 on the floor. We didn’t keep it long…a pretty 27 year old driving that beast, not gonna happen….happy wife, happy life.

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    • z1rider

      Are you sure that Olds was a 40. I think all GM products had changed to column shift starting in 39. My 39 Pontiac had column shift. But, I concede that doesn’t prove anything on an Oldsmobile.

      Just sayin……..

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      • Eric Dashman

        Dunno, Z1. I know it was a floor shift and they always said it was a 40, but they could have been wrong. Big bulbus headlamps, short trunk deck.

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  2. Ed P

    This is one clean machine. Whoever buys this car should just keep it that way.

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  3. Jason Houston

    I like both the car and the seller. Notice he says he’s the second owner from the first? That’s honesty I can trust. Only wrinkle is, he wants Canadian money in US funds…not sure how that works!

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  4. charlieMember

    Neighbor had one when I was in grade school in the early 50’s. I thought it was ugly then, and, I still do. And it was an off color like this one, but the paint had totally oxidized and was dull as can be. My father had a ’38 Studebaker Commander which was, to me, uglier still, and where the paint had peeled the pink undercoat showed. I was convinced the car had been all pink to begin with, no matter what my father tried to tell me about primers. Now the other neighbor’s ’48 Buick, where the front fender went all the way to the back fender, and a neighbor’s ’41 Desoto with the lids over the headlights, and the ’48 Hudson, stepdown, those were good looking cars – none though as good looking as a ’46-’48 Continental or a ’49 Caddy Sedanette, neither in our middle class neighborhood, but both seen regularly in town.

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  5. Bruno M

    Very nice color!

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  6. Texas Tea

    Like new. Repaint, etc………. Whatever!

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  7. kenzo

    Interior and all look pretty amazing for the age. No pics of the ‘stained headliner’, no undercarriage or motor pic’s. No mileage. It’s been listed for two months. It just sorta makes you wonder. The seller want US dollars cause our dollar today is worth $0.62 cents against the US $. So 12k US is probably 15k+ Canadian. I just don’t believe it is a non restored/updated inside…..Just wondering….

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  8. Rex Rice

    I bought a green 40′ Dodge just like this one when I was senior in high school. I paid a bunch of money, ($165), for it and blew the engine the very next day. I lucked out and found a junkyard engine that had just been rebuilt for $85 and happily drove it for the next 2 years until the rear diff went out. I bought a junkyard ’40 Desoto sedan for parts but it drove so well that I drove it a year before parted it out to fix the Dodge. All of the ’40 model cars had column shift. Also, the 40′ Mopars had electric wipers; no slowing of blades going up hills.
    The pics don’t show the woodgrain dash. Lovely car.

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  9. Ed P

    Electric wipers is surprising for 1940. Ford still used vacuum wipers until the early 60’s

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