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Alpine Find: 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4

1957 Aston Martin DB2-4

I’ll be the first to admit that at times I think there can’t be many great finds left out there, but then I get an email about something amazing that has just been uncovered and I regain my hope. If you’re been doubts and need some hope of discovering something incredible, just take a look at the find reader Ab B came across as some inspiration. Ab found this 1957 Aston Martin DB2/4 here on LebonCoin.fr. It was recently discovered in a barn in Sillingy, France and is now up for grabs. The seller didn’t provide much information other than what it is and an asking price. And they are asking a lot for this find. They have this listed at an incredible 150k Euros or about $192k.

Aston Martin DB 2-4 2

This find might be out of my budget, but I would still love to have it! I’d even be happy with the Mustang that is parked behind it! It appears that this barn houses a number of other cars, so it would be interesting to see what else might be hiding in there. The Aston is likely the most desirable, but you never know! Speaking of the Aston, it looks to be in solid shape, but will need work. For this kind of money, one would expect it to run and drive. It’s possible that it does, but the seller doesn’t offer any information about condition. All we currently know is that it is a DB2/4 with a manual transmission and that the odometer is showing 50k miles. This is the type of car that deserves high quality photos and a detailed description, especially if you’re going to ask six figures for it.

Aston Martin DB 2-4 3

From Corvettes in sheds to Aston Martins in the French Alps, there are great and amazing finds still to be found all over the globe. While they might still be out there, the real trick is finding them! Keep on the lookout and you might just come across your dream barn find someday! Special thanks to Ab for this tip! So if you could find any car in a barn, what car would you hope to find?


  1. L.K.

    Yes , thankfully there are still discoveries waiting to be found…. This is a nice one. I wonder what is peeking out from under the car cover in the backround? There’s also a Mustang shown in the garage and a motorcycle….

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  2. Pete B

    That’s not a 2/4, it’s actually a Mk III. Nicer car IMO. And with AM prices going crazy, I have no doubt it will sell quickly.

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    • Don Andreina

      You’re right and wrong. It is a Mk III, but that was the last iteration of the DB2/4.

      We have Ian Fleming to thank for this, with a chapter in his 1959 book ‘Goldfinger’ titled ‘Thoughts in a DB III’. There never really was a DB3 except the racing DB3S.

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      • John G

        Yes there was, and still very much is, such an Aston Martin as the DB3. There were ten built and eight survive. Three raced at Le Mans in 1952, and three in the Mille Miglia of 1953. One was the personal road car of David Brown and another was raced by his daughter Angela Abecassis. Four are still actively campaigned in motor sport and the other four have competed in the Mille Miglia Retrospective during recent years. In fact a pair are to be raced at Spa Francorchamps, 19-21 September (for the combined Stirling Moss/RAC Woodcote Trophy event) and I’ve had the privilege of very fast journeys in both of them….Back to the subject; this Mark III, being an early and rare car from 1957, would also be eligible for the “1000miglia” across the border in Northern Italy. Possibly why the price, even for a barn find in South Eastern France, is already so high.

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  3. Bill Pihl

    In the background it looks like there is a gt350 sitting there or at least a 65 or 66 mustang fastback.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    Prices for perfect vintage Aston Martins have made big advances in the last few years, so the sky high price for this car might make sense for someone who knows these cars and can get the restoration done properly and within budget. Plusses are low miles and the car’s reasonable condition—from the outside, at least. Minuses are that it could be a nightmare inside and underneath, needing everything and then some.

    Not for me….I’d rather take that $192K and buy a few nice drivers that I have my eye on, and start enjoying them tomorrow.

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  5. jim s

    i too am interested in knowing more about the vehicles in the background. also think for the asking price there should be a lot of photos and details. still a great find.

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  6. Leo

    When dealing with those kunds of figures, and these types of cars, photis really become just minor callung cards. Whomever buys this car will likely send a knowledgeable intermediary to inspect it and work out the details. Its just a checkbook :)


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  7. Dirty Dingus McGee

    “So if you could find any car in a barn, what car would you hope to find?”

    1966 Dodge or Plymouth Super Stock Hemi.

    Hey, if you’re gonna dream, go big. In reality, most anything is better than the last few I ran across; 1975 Mustang II( 4 cyl, auto, rusted 1/2 to death)owner wanting $2500, 54 ford 2 door(possibly save the windshield, roof, and the rear package tray) owner wanting $1750 and a 10th anniversary T/A that had been rolled( 2-4 times over was my guess) that owner figured was REALLY worth $5000. Too many people watch Barret Jackson and think their POS is a retirement ticket. In my eyes the 3 listed were worth about $1500 combined.

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  8. scott

    Wow Wee…

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  9. MikeW

    If that’s a real 1965 Mustang GT350 SHELBY, it’s worth much more!

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  10. Bill K

    Cost and perceived value of collector any things are all so relative. I’m 65 and remember having my pick of everything from Corvairs to Studebaker Hawks for less than $500 during high school. My 66 GTO new was less than $4,000 and I won’t even go into the low cost and availability of Sunoco 360 with over 104 octane or AV gas. MGTD’s were running, not rusting and always less than a grand. You could easily get engine and transmission mounts for anything into anything. Kennedy Products had every engine to transmission adaptor you could dream up.
    I had a very nice Dino 246GTS for $32,000 and passed on a Benz 300SL roadster offered in Annapolis for $30,000.
    Then again I suffered through the stories of guys 10 to 15 years my senior with very impressive collections of street and racing Ferraris that were all acquired for less than $10K In mid 80’s Washington DC area an Aston Martin 2/4S needing interior and rust repair work was less than $5K

    Better to find the cars now for tomorrow’s dreamers than fund the retirement dreams of others. Bill

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    • L.K.

      Those were the days . At least from todays vantage point….Well said Bill !

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    • Chris Hindle

      Yes very well written Bill K –

      At 58 years young, still collecting, selling, working on , creeping under and trading old Mercedes – had an “old” man of 40 years young tell me a war story in 1974 of a 88 k mile beat to death ran hard and put away wet, leaking from every gasket and seal 1955 300 SL Gullwing that was offered to him through a friend in 1965 for US$1500. a dedicated father of three with a wife, mortgage and budget – he passed on the deal – never forgot that story. AND i worked all through high school and first years of university at a very busy Sunoco station on the crossroads of two major highways piumping 190 to 260 and every blend in between. !!

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    • Rancho Bella

      Spot on Bill………

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  11. raymond

    I’d like info on the Stang. Has a Shelby hood.

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  12. Chuck Foster Chuck F (55chevy)

    I’m 56 from NE Indiana, I didn’t run across many exotics, but my 2nd car in High School was a 69 Dodge Super Bee for $500, great shape, a few that I remember wanting back in the day but no money was a 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan convertible for $4000, a 1970 Dodge Challenger Indy Pace car for $4500 (nice shape). I did buy a Lotus Europa european model for $1200, had Weber carb/header conversion, owned by a former Detroit Chrysler stylist, he showed me some cool prototype renderings. The good old days, when cars, women, and weed were cheap LOL.

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  13. erikj

    I to was getting into cars at the young age of 16. The first was a 71 340 duster,came from a field drug it home,bad motor. The next day I ngot the other car from the field,71 dart swinger 340/4sp $100 for both. Problem was when gramps came home and saw the 2nd dart pissed him off . one had to go or I went back to seattle. he won. I had so many cool cars through the years hundreds. 70 440cuda purple 55,000 orig, $1000, 3 yes 3 68 z-28 Camaro as well as a slew of other Camaros. 66 Shelby that might have been a factory racer $2700. A 64 gto verified third one of the line ordered with the 421 heads,biggeer tri-power and factory headers in the trunk. the orig engine was gone as well as the stuff from the trunk. But 32,000 orig. miles $500 Oya chuck did you ever here of the 70 challenger pace car that wrecked at indy. look on utube or google it . Well fun remembering those days. But I still look and find stuff and I do have a 71 purply dustr,1968 vette and 74 Camaro.

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  14. ray

    Not a Shelby, wrong style scoop on hood

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    • MikeW

      It looks right to me, just painted blue like the stripes. The missing v8 badge bothers me more.

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