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Amazingly Clean: 2004 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4×4

First of all, these have to be some of the highest qualities photos I’ve seen on the internet of a vehicle. Second, it’s a good vehicle to take such high-quality photos of. I’m having a hard time seeing a flaw anywhere in this vehicle. It’s one of the most amazing I’ve seen. The only thing that can slightly dampen your enthusiasm in this vehicle, is that it’s not ultra low mileage, but the mileage is not bad for a 15-year-old vehicle either. The mileage is reasonable at 89,508, meaning this truck has averaged just under 6,000 miles per year while in the possession of two Pennsylvania owners that were apparently very particular about keeping their vehicle in top condition. This 2004 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab Truck with TRD and 4 X 4 packages is for sale by a dealer here on eBay in Aberdeen, Maryland.

There may be some who say this doesn’t belong on Barnfinds because it’s only 15 years old, but how many 15-year-old vehicles are you going to find in this condition? The Carfax shows it has received servicing and has not had any accidents or body damage. The truck is finished in Toyota’s Impulse Red. It has a bed liner, differential lock, TRD Offroad package, and matching B. F. Goodrich rugged trail tires fitted to the factory 16″ alloy wheels.

The interior looks as spectacular as the exterior. Nitpickers may see a scratch on the glove box door, but that’s about it. While it’s not stated if the air conditioning works, you can just about bet that a truck in this condition has working air. That probably goes for the factory AM/FM Stereo radio with CD player, power windows, locks, and mirrors as well.

The carpeting has no stains nor do the nice seats. The tan fabric seats manually recline on both driver and passenger side. The extended cab gives you some extra space to store things inside or carry small children. Driver and passenger side airbags are included.

This Tacoma is powered by a 3.4-liter V6 engine mated to an automatic transmission. The truck has already had 40 bids as of this writing with an offer of $12,605. More than likely it will go higher. Just checking locally on Craigslist, I am finding a similar red 2004 Toyota Tacoma with 158,000 miles going for $12,500 and other much higher mileage Tacomas of this era near that price. So if you’re looking for this era Toyota Tacoma, this will be one you’ll find in great condition and it may be worth a few thousand more to you.


  1. Howard A Member

    May I be the 1st to say,,,Barn Find? Again, I know you have to satisfy all viewers, but do you really think someone looking for a truck like this, is going to check a site called Barn Finds? Variety is ok, like Scotty’s boats and trains, that actually COULD be found in a barn, albeit, a BIG barn, but this is clearly Auto Trader material. I like the site a lot, enough to pay for it, but this is a bit of a stretch. Maybe time to change the name? Howard Haters, have at it.

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    • rmward194 Member

      I’m with Howard. Meh. I’ll take the Grand Safari any day over this.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      It’s 15 years old and low-millage for a Toyota. It’s a great find! People love these and I bet it’s going to get a ton of clicks. Just try to find a better one on Auto Trader.

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      • grant

        I can’t argue with any of that, and I like Toyota’s. If you need a dependable rig of any type they’re hard to beat. I currently own two. But it doesn’t really fit the theme.

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      • DAVID6

        😲I HAVE A STANDARD 2006 TACOIMA 5 sp WITH 48,000mi, HASN’T BEEN. DRIVEN 4 5yrs
        DUE 2 INJURY😎

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    • Dave Mazz

      Good call, Howard, I might want to trade my house for the “barn” this Tacoma lives in! :-) :-)

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  2. Bakyrdhero

    I for one am a Toyota fan and enjoy reading about vehicles like this and looking at the pictures. To each his/her own I guess.

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Nice rig, but I am in the ‘doesn’t belong on Barn Finds’ camp on this one.

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  4. Ray Smith

    I would say this falls under “Unique Finds” due to the condition and mileage. Not many in this condition left. I’m happy that they featured it.

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  5. Pat L Member

    There is only so many sub 100 mile Grand Nationals that I can look it. Great job Bill Owens and Jesse, keep up the great variety?

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Don’t forget crusty 68-70 Chargers dragged out of the ocean..

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    • Jack M.

      I would be perfectly content with one Grand National post every other month.

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  6. A.J.

    Needs the I4 and the stick. Otherwise very nice.

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    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Ehhh. . . Once upon a time I’d have agreed with you on that one. My last Tacoma was a 1995(-1/2) with the 2.7L DOHC four and the 5-speed. I went that route because I thought it would get better fuel economy and have better torque than the V6. Dealer told me that was not going to be the case but I wouldn’t be swayed.

      Turns out I was wrong. Drove a few of the V6 autos later on and they were quicker, quieter, and much more comfortable than the one I’d specified and bought. Loved the one I owned, but in the end I really made a wrong choice.

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  7. Greg B Greg Boss Member

    I had found and purchased the same year and model a few ago from the the original owners cosigner, it had only 34,000, was white with tan cloth interior, 5 speed, 4×4, TRD, and the original owners (husband past away) kept a log for every detail including gas fill ups. It was MINT! Only mistake I made was that I am 6’2″ tall and 225 pounds (big guy) and I just did not have the room that I wanted. They are extremely reliable and fun to drive for a Toy truck. They also hold their value very well as this year range is very popular if in good overall condition with lower miles. I ended up selling it direct to a smaller local dealer for a little more than I paid for it. He still had room to make a little profit after that. If you are looking for one like this I have found that you just really need to do a broader search outside of Ebay. They can be hard to find like the one I found and it took me several months to find it. I will always like the look that these 2003-2004 have.

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  8. Jimmy

    I love it, very nice truck and I wouldn’t mind having it, but I would rather have the 74 Ford F-250 survivor featured earlier.

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  9. aboyandhisdog Tom Fitch

    This is my ’02 with 324,000 miles. 150psi on all 6 cylinders. Good truck, great engine. I don’t mind at all seeing the occasional late model vehicle on Barn finds from time to time.

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  10. ccrvtt

    Amazing Driveway Find! I discovered a one-owner, all matching numbers 2001 Chrysler Town & Country LXi not 40 feet from my front door! This beauty features peeling silver paint, 4 matched tires, no rust in the floors and has been treated to a brand new headliner! Odometer shows 129,923 miles which seller believes to be accurate given the condition of the original factory floor mats (only one hole showing under driver’s side heel). Seller admits that power sliding side doors and liftgate haven’t worked in years, but it ran when parked two days ago. No pictures available yet.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Very funny ccrvtt. Laugh if you will, but the bidding on this one proves that at least a few people think it’s a good find.

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      • ccrvtt

        Please don’t be offended Jesse. I really do appreciate what you and the staff do on this site. There’s nowhere else quite like it.

        My minivan pitch is intended as more of a send-up of all the pretentious and overblown ads for collector cars.

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        I’m not offended. It was a good one.

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  11. Marc

    I have the same truck. Unbreakable and a great investment as these hold their value. Last of the “small” trucks.

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  12. Mark

    Didn’t the 2001-2004 Tacos need to have the frame replaced due to rust issues? Wondering if this one was eligible.

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    • aboyandhisdog Tom Fitch

      That’s right – on some of the ones that lived in the “rust belt” they had a TSB where you would take it in for inspection. I have no idea if the R&R was widespread but I suspect only a few needed replacement. As I understand it, there were a few frames that were mfg. in Mexico which were not the correct alloy or something like that. Mine has been in Colorado all its life and is just fine.

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      • Mark

        Lots of lovely pics of the exterior and only 2 of the frame. Just sayin’.

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    • Howard A Member

      I knew a guy in Wisconsin that had the frame replaced on some Toyota truck. I was skeptical and was simply flabbergasted to see a shiny black frame under his 10 year old, beginning to rust anyway truck. The fact Toyota would do that, you know how labor intensive it is to replace a frame? The dealer that he took it to, had a team, that’s all they did was replace frames on trucks, 2 per month. Now the truck has rattles and warning lights come on the dash. That was one planned obsolescence Toyota didn’t get away with.

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  13. Matt Jadud

    As proprietor of the site…post whatever you want.


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  14. Gaspumpchas

    mark and Tom Fitch thanks for the red flags, this truck is from PA and the rust belt, Much trouble with rotten frames, this one would be highly suspect being from PA and with many miles, you know it was driven in salt. Friend had a beautiful one that the frame was completely gone on. Some were replaced under warranty. Looker over good and hammer that frame. if the frames solid, you have a good truck . Good luck!

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  15. Pete

    I have a 97 T-100 with over 326k miles. It is my work truck. All dinged up etc. But it starts everyday. I have been looking at the 04 Tacomas and I would be happy with the truck featured as a replacement for my old T-100, Provided the frame was sound. I just want a V6 auto with extended cab and a long bed, Toyo flavored. Less than 100K. That oughta last me another 10 years before I could retire. LOL. I have no problem with the article. You could have listed an old Camry wagon with low miles and I would have been happy to see it.

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  16. Jnorton

    I am a bit of a Toyota nut. I own 4, 1988 4runner , 95 T100, 98 4runner , and 2011 Camry. Out of all the Toyota trucks, the Tacoma price pint is always waay out of line. That’s a beautiful truck , unfortunately someone will buy it and chop it up.

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  17. Bakyrdhero

    What’s been your favorite Toyota @JNorton? We’ve had 04,12,15,18 Highlander, 12 Tundra and 99 camry 200k.

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    • Jnorton

      My favorite is my 88 4Runner. That’s my toy !! I’ve also had a 96 4Runner and by far I prefer the 3rd gen 4Runners with the 3.4 V6. Incredible reliability and perfect for teenagers.

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  18. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Finished out at $13,105.

    If it has a good frame, should be one hell of a good vehicle for a long time!

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