Anniversary Gold: 1962 Chevy Impala

This barn find 1962 Chevrolet Impala is one of 300 Anniversary Gold editions, a special model built to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary. Featuring a unique paint job, bucket seats, and special interior colors, the Anniversary Gold cars are rare to find today with all of their original features intact. Photos are limited to just the exterior, but the seller does mention that it has bucket seats. Find the Impala here on eBay with a suggested opening bid of $8,500 and no activity yet.

Bidding closes up tomorrow, so the lack of interest at the moment may have to do with lack of variety of photos buyers have to go on. Regardless, the paint looks correct for the Anniversary Gold models, which received a special blend with paint code 927 to set the cars apart. Aside from the interiors, everything else could seemingly be mixed and matched to the owner’s preferences, especially as it related to engine choices. Some Anniversary Gold models were SSs, while others were not despite claims stating otherwise.

Overall, if you do a little digging, it’s pretty clear even the archives at GM don’t tell the full story as historians can’t even agree on a final production number, with some stating that there were up to 350 of these cars made. Regardless, this one looks fairly complete in the photos we’re provided, with decent chrome, good bumpers, and the sometimes hard-to-find fender trim all still attached. The seller notes it comes with all parts needed for restoration, but doesn’t elaborate as to what those are. Body panels would indicate rust is lurking underneath.

Here’s a brain teaser: this Impala SS is on my friend’s property in Georgia. I believe it to be an Anniversary Gold model based on the paint color and the fact that it’s a genuine SS. The bucket seats even look like faded versions of the original yellow/gold interiors that were unique to the Anniversary models. This post reminds me I need to ask my friend to photograph the VIN plate and see if it bears any information that could help us confirm. If anyone wants to reach me about the Impala SS in Georgia, contact me via


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  1. Robert White

    Super nice find and an excellent price too. If I had discretionary income I’d be buying a 62 Impala right now.

    Best find on BF in a while IMHO. All the makings for a clone SS with a 409 six pack for under $20k.


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    • ruxvette

      ” All the makings for a clone SS with a 409 six pack for under $20k.”

      8 pack, maybe…dual 4’s.

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      • TimM

        Why not go for the keg!!!!


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    • moosie moosie

      Six pack stopped with the 348 W motor, 409 was available with 2 four barrel carbs. Back in 1962 I had a neighbor who was a salesman for the largest Chevrolet Dealer in N.Y.C. , Don Allen Chev. (I think). His demo was a Gold 62 2 door Impala.

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      • Robert White

        a Tripower 6-pack 62 409 would be the better application IMHO. Two fours would guzzle fuel if the secondaries opened at all. Best to sip fuel and be classic vintage clone sleeper.


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  2. TimM

    Yes Robert a really nice car!! Wish there were more pictures of it!! A 409 would really wake this car up for sure!!!

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The first picture…. that’s about the prettiest dust I’ve ever seen. Normally you can see where critters have walked through it, or where water has dripped on it.

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  4. gbvette62

    There were a lot more than 300-350 Anniversary Gold 62’s built, it was something closer to 17,000. The 300-350 number is for 1963’s, that were painted Anniversary Gold.

    In 62, Chevrolet offered the Anniversary Gold on any Impala, to commemorate Chevrolet’s 50th anniversary. It wasn’t offered on Bel Air’s or Biscayne’s, but supposedly there were a few Anniversary Gold Corvette’s. Chevrolet again offered Anniversary Gold in 63, but this time on a much more limited basis, to commemorate the 50 millionth Chevrolet vehicle being built. For 63, Anniversary Gold was only available on the Impala and SS Sport Coupes (2 door hardtop).

    This 62 is a regular Impala, not an SS, so if he has bucket seats for the car, they’re not original (and trim code 892 indicates a gold bench seat). The seller says that the car is a 283, but the left fender has a 62 327 emblem. Strangely, the right fender has a 64 327 emblem?

    As far as the author’s friend’s 62, the VIN plate won’t tell you anything. The photo you need to identify Anniversary Gold is of the trim tag on the cowl.

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  5. Bing

    I bought one of these for the princely sum of 900 dollars in 1968.
    Friend was selling it for his widowed grand mother. Stone stock with flat tires and a dead battery. Pumped up the tires , jumped the battery and drove it home. The car was in perfect condition, 283 with standard three speed. Not an SS just an Impala with the special paint and bench seat.
    Drove it for 24 months having trouble free driving.,

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  6. Paul

    I had a 1962 Impala Sports Coupe in the Anniversary Gold. It had the 6 cyl with 3 on the tree. Sold it in 1976. The next owner repainted it, White roof with Red body.

  7. Del

    Love 62 Chevy hardtops.

    Couple guys here really know their chevy stuff.

    The side emblems indicating engine size is one area of interest to me.

    And yes info on cowl plate is best resource

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep Del…something going on…..not as orginal as one might expect….is that an auction # on the windshield ?

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  9. Pete

    I have a 62 Anniversary Gold 4 door Impala, It is a sports sedan, meaning it doesn’t have a pilar between the front and rear doors, nor does it have frames around the door windows. It came equipped with a 283 and a power glide. Unfortunately it has a Maaco or Earl Schibe spray job that is just a couple of shades off the original color. Still looks good though. I would post the data plate but that option has been eliminated here.

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  10. bog

    Zero bids on this one. Also, seller has a zero sales rating. I should think that if they relist it, interior, engine and underbody photos would be in order. My Dad had a ’63 BelAire with big six and 3 on tree in a darker gold maybe more bronze color, and much later in my life I had a ’63 Biscayne with same engine trans. Mine was that lovely flat black primer and the body was pristine as was engine and frame. Interior, different story. Sun had baked off the rear parcel shelf, and there was a huge hole in the drivers seat area that was plugged with several large bath towels then a sheepskin cover over the entire bench. I called him “The Lumbering Behemoth”. Great for horrid Chicago winters !

  11. Jon Roderick

    Is that for sure anniversary gold? Doesn’t look right to me. Your friends 62 ss is much more the right shade.

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