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Another Collection Discovered in NC

Barn Finds in NC

UPDATE 8/22/14 –So Alan was finally able to get a hold of the owner of this collection and has gotten permission to release their phone number. We don’t want the seller to get overwhelmed with spam and phone calls, so if you are interested in buying something, just email us here and we will get you the number as soon as possible!

FROM 8/19/14 – It’s only been a few months since we featured a massive collection of classics that Alan F came across in North Carolina (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Well, he has managed to hunt down another hoard of cars hiding in North Carolina. This find isn’t nearly as massive as the last one, but there are still plenty of cars here. According to Alan, the owner wants to get rid of everything. Alan offered to help sell it all on eBay, but the owner doesn’t trust computers and decided to just keep offering everything locally. The owner hopes to find homes for everything, but isn’t over the idea of scrapping it all. I would hate to see all these cars and parts crushed for scrap, but if the seller isn’t willing to sell online that might be what ends up happening. Thanks Alan for sharing your find with us!

North Carolina Find

This collection has a little bit of everything, but Alan was careful to point out the lack of exotic machinery. Superbirds or not, I see a few muscle and sports cars that I wouldn’t mind having. Unlike the other NC find, the owner of this one hasn’t taken meticulous care of his cars. However, it appears that the barns have done a decent job protecting many of the cars from the worst of the elements.

NC Find - Spitefire

While there might not be any super rare cars here, there are plenty of interesting ones. There are some that look restorable, while others are clearly parts cars. Some of the ones that catch my eye include the Triumph Spitefire you see above, as well the Barracuda, the white Mustang, and a rather unusual Oldsmobile Starfire.

NC Barn Finds

While condition would normally be my greatest concern, the owner’s attitude actually is of more of a concern to me. According to Alan the owner would prefer to sell the whole collection as a package deal, but that is unlikely to happen unless he is willing to accept an incredibly low price. Just transporting this many cars to a new location will be an extremely costly venture, not including the cost of buying, housing, cleaning, and marketing all of them. Based on Alan’s experience it sounds like the owner has a decent idea of what some of these cars are worth and figures it is time to turn them into a fat retirement account. I don’t necessarily blame them, but it is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon and will leave these cars out to rust even more.

NC Field Finds

Given the seller’s reluctance to sell the cars online, it is going to be rather difficult to find homes for all of them. Alan is currently checking with the owner to see if they are alright with giving out his phone number so that interested parties can contact them. Hopefully they will agree to sell some of these cars individually, but we will all just have to wait and see. As soon as Alan gets their permission to give out their phone number, I will post it in the comments below. Are there any cars here you would be interested in buying?


  1. Dennis

    Any VWs?

    • jim s

      beetle in blue in 4th photo.

    • LJ

      I want the Jeep.

  2. That Guy

    The owner may not be willing to Ebay the cars, but maybe he’d be open to a traditional auction. That really seems like the only way he has any hope of truly clearing the decks here. And from what I can see, there isn’t anything that would warrant a nationwide or worldwide sales strategy; he’s probably not wrong about concentrating on the local area.

    Is there a list of the cars, or a link to more pictures?

    • Josh Staff

      Yeah I forget to include the link to the rest of Alan’s photos. You can look at them here on OneDrive. There isn’t a complete list of cars at this point, but if I get one I will be sure to post it!

      • Red Riley

        He’s got a few interesting big convertibles. I like the big Chrysler cruiser and it looks like a Caddy and at least one Mustang. That Spitfire hardtop is probably worth a few coins. And I really like the Jeepster, I think it’s the older Kaiser model.

      • stu

        Is there some way we might find the location of these jewels, or a link to Alan privately?

      • Josh Staff

        Hey guys! I’m still waiting to hear back from Alan about the phone number. We still don’t know how the owner is going to handle the idea of so many interested parties contacting them directly. Alan is in touch with them and is going to discuss some of the ideas for selling them that some of you have purposed. Perhaps seeing so much interest and enthusiasm will change their opinion about selling online! I want to respect the owner’s privacy as much as possible, but as soon as I hear back from Alan I will let everyone know what the plan is!

      • John D

        When and where….might be interested in the lot???

  3. P. J.

    a few of those look to be in reasonably repairable condition, I would love to take a closer look at a lot of them.

    I just don’t think that the owners dream of selling them as a lot is realistic unless he sells them to an auction house or something, and even then it might be a hard sell and he is unlikely to get as much as he would get for selling them off one or two at a time. Of course I could be wrong.

  4. James Mogey

    WHERE in NC?

    • Sue Farmer

      I spotted a Nissan 280ZX in the pics, top on my interest list. Where in NC?

      • greg

        i have 2 1980 10th anniversary 280 zx, i am in mid resto on the once red and black one and my gold one has about 112k orig. miles.. they are in WA state and i am currently in florida.. i might be considering selling one or both.. if you have facebook try to search for classic car club of bellingham i would want 4500 for the gold one and more for the red because of the time and money invested in the red one/ both very solid cars. let me know if you have any interest. greg

  5. jim s

    i too think this should be sold as an auction. a good auction company will be able to get the most for this seller. lots of nice cars/trucks in the pictures. looks like some of them are stored on wooden floors. if the seller has titles to all these it would sure help. love to see what they have in extra parts. great find

  6. Elvis

    G’Day all. Awesome selection. Is there more details and pictures available (maybe a link) for the other larger NC barnfind earlier?
    Anyone know of a 1960 Cadillac Coupe barnfind/project available, Im in the hunt! Cheers El

  7. Brian

    I always wonder what motivates people to amass a collection like this? There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it, it seems to cover alot of decades, makes, sizes, etc., and there doesn’t seem to be much that is particularly rare or valuable here. Was this gentleman a used car dealer who just couldn’t bear to auction or wholesale left over inventory or did he just decide to put back a few cars and things got out of hand? I know with many hobbies, you start being know for your hobby and friends, neighbors, and coworkers (and even their friends) will hear about you and give you one or more of whatever your collecting. This sort of thing happened with me and antique radios. People really want you to have their “whateveryoucollect”. Even though your completely saturated and have no logical place to display any more of them, you don’t want to dissapoint them and you don’t want to see the item get destroyed or continue to deteriorate, so you go soft and another one comes home with you! I must say though, I’ve been into old cars for along time and never had many people insist that I take their old car off their hands, for free, to the point of being overrun with them. It’s happened to me a couple of times but I have more experiences of people trying to sell me their old cars (which I almost never have the slightest interest in the make or model they owned) usually at tremendous prices, but they rarely are willing to donate to the cause! Maybe this guy has more and better friends than I do?

    There is definately some interesting stuff here, but some boat anchors, too – at least in my opinion. Late 70’s and early 80s Cadillacs don’t do much for me, even more so when they’ve been idle for decades. Same for the Chrysler Omnirizons and Ford Escorts, but I do like the Jeepster, the Edsel, the old pickups, and rocket T-bird! I agree, the chances are low that anyone, outside of Pick-A-Part junkyard owners, are going to be willing to buy the whole lot. Even with an auction, there will probably be 10-12 big money stars, but much of it will sell for reasonable money and some of the newer stuff will likely go for scrap prices. All in all, it would be a fun auction to attend and maybe bid on the cheap stuff if the fees aren’t too bad.

    • DT

      He should scrap the obviously worthless ones to begin with,then when he gets down to the good cars,sell them seperatley…… Vanderbrink? also thanks for the new word….Omnirizons

    • Cindy

      Not really sure why some would amass such a collection, but this actually looks like my cousin’s place. Haven’t been there in a while, so it might not be, but he just loves working on cars. He had me driving tractors at 7 just to have someone help haul engines (chain over tree branch) out of old cars (he was 10). He is always asked to help repair and or rebuild something and many times he was actually just given old vehicles as ‘payment’ for parts. He also like making his own custom cars..which he would drive around for a while, then sell or strip to make another. If this is not his place, it is someone like him. His father, and our uncles were the same way. They always had loads of old cars around

  8. Greg

    Does anyone know how to contact the owner?

  9. Doug Trotter

    It looks like a Blue 70’s Firebird in the picture that I would have an interest in.

  10. Barry Thomas

    Josh, interesting collection of “everyday” type sedans. I think that Starfire you refer to is actually a 98. So often all we see are the hot coupes, so it is neat to see the big sedans and four door hardtops.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

  11. Jim Leary

    I noticed the firebird. Is there a way yet to contact the owner?

  12. Kyle

    Is there any European vehicles? Mercedes, Jaguars, MG, etc.

    • JT

      There’s at least one Mercedes… just behind the Triumph you can see the Merc tristar on a tan trunk.

    • Keith T

      I saw a Triumph Spitfire 1500 and a TR7/8. There may also be a big bumper MGB next to the Edsel

  13. Sid Member

    There are any number of websites and publications that focus on the more popular cars; Muscle cars, Hot rods, Fords, Chevys, etc.
    I think what makes your website popular is that you bring the less common and less popular cars to the forefront.
    Actually , you are probably presenting cars that might be the most collectible in the future when the popularity of 57 Chevys begins to fade.
    It is always refreshing to see what I will find on my computer every morning.
    Keep it up.

  14. Dave M

    Is there a list of vehicles for sale? Hard to buy if you do not know what you are buying.

  15. Seth

    Saw several empty engine compartments

  16. ORacer

    The Willys Jeepster looks like a 1950 model, they came with a flathead four or the super powerful (not) six…the more desirable engine along with a 3 speed column shift with overdrive.

    Very nice cars worth restoring at least as a driver as the finished value might not warrant restoration to show standard

    • moon03

      I had a ’51 in ’59-’65 wish I never sold it had the hurricane 6, 3 speed overdrive. when you look up, most don’t list the ’51. I think because they were the ’50 model sold in ’51 but my pink listed it as a ’51. this was the easiest cay to pull the engine, my buddy and I took only 30 minutes no hoist just a 2×4 and chain. disconnect headlight wires, radiator hoses, hood support rod, remove grill and radiator as one piece. remove carb linkage dist wire, generator wire,s starter, battery, exh. to tail pipe, 7 bell housing bolts, 2 motor mounts. so much room didn’t need to raise car. me on one end of 2×4 buddy on other and rock engine to split from bell housing and walk it out the front. try that on a car now! reason for ease of removak was a cracked block I didnt spot untill I rebuilt the engine and missed twice and machine shop missed when they bored the block. sold for twice what I paid $50.00

  17. Darren

    Would like to know more about the blue F-Bird in the third pic, also the red 74-76 Camaro whether either is a stick.

  18. scott

    can we get more info on how to contact someone to buy some of these?

  19. 57Wayne

    I agree with the auction comment; this would be good with on-line bidding. The blue Firebird that Darren mentioned caught my eye also. Looking for a dk blue 74 Esprit with a light blue stripe like that one has and red interior. My mother had one and she could never figure out why the gas mileage was so bad for a 350 until her mechanic told her it was a 400. Guess I’ll watch for the auction notice!

  20. Carl

    Looks like a 1950 Willys Overland Jeepster.

    Where in NC?

  21. Frank Gonzalez

    I would be interested in some of the cars I see. Would like the telephone number and the city where located for a chance to buy one or more.

  22. Redman

    I would love a crack at that Jeepster, presently getting ready to move to TN, so could certainly go pick it up.

  23. Dave

    I would like to see more pictures and a list of what he has. From what I’ve seen, the only ones that I would be interested in would be the VW beetle and the Trans Am. And maybe the Jeepster.

  24. stanley stalvey

    All of the white-haired people I meet who are computer alergic have this strange idea that computers are childrens toys. That’s a mighty expensive toy. Computers are business machines. When people started copying music and playing games, the idea of a computer seems more like a child’s toy.. Silly..

    • Jim Potter

      Stanley, I AM one of those white haired people who has concerns about the legitimacy of dealing on the computer. While I do use a computer, the scammers constantly jump on every opportunity to con and steal. Possibly you are one of those scammers and if not, I would have to categorize you as ignorant. We white haired people prefer to do business face to face, cash only, leaving little chance or opportunity to be screwed.

  25. james stewart

    Just let me know what’s for sale

  26. Eric

    There really are so many cars I would be interested in. The Edsel, the el camino, the blue firebird, where to start?

  27. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Nice collection! Let’s play Name That Car! 68 or 69 442? 67 or 68 Mustang convertible? 69 Chrysler conv? (What a tank) What is the dual snorkel air filter on? Beside the red 71-73 is a British looking convertible, looks like a MGB? Beside the Edsel is another Brit looking conv, or a Fiat? 68-72 Nova. TR7 or TR8 convertible? (79-81) 198x 280ZX. 1971-3 Mustang coupe. Several Ford Galaxies & Lincoln Continentals, and a Pinto. 67-9 Baracuda.

  28. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I forgot the 66 Impala SS, might be 65, the 68-72 ElCamino, 61-63 TBird, and the 79-81 Firebird.

  29. Ranco Racing

    Mercedes 280CE

  30. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    A lot of people have asked where these are and if they are for sale. As mentioned in the article, they are not currently for sale individually. We will let you know if that changes though. Also, in respect of owner’s privacy, we are not going to release the location. Thanks for the interest though and stay tuned for more updates…

  31. Connor

    I would love the F-bird in the 3rd picture

  32. Eric Brown

    I’d be interested in that Barracuda.

  33. Teri

    The Jeepster

  34. Ace

    Junk. Pure junk.

  35. Allan Pope

    I would like to hear more about the available cars and how I would go about making offers.

  36. Dave

    Interested in the blue nova.

  37. Larry

    What year T-bird is in the pics?

  38. Tom

    I would be interested in the Edsel!

  39. Terry


  40. Armando Soto

    I assumed the owner is willing to sell as long as they are not sold for scrap. If the case is in fact that these cars are not for sale, why tease us with this…… I would be interested in the 70 camaro, edsel, or the spitfire. None of these would be scrapped but rather restored to their former glory!!!

  41. LWR

    Some of you posters give car guys a bad rep!!! What do you think ” the person has not decided ” and “the author is respecting the owners wishes, by not posting the location or phone number” means?? Put yourselves in the owners shoes. Would you want to be getting phone calls 24/7 from thousands of tire kickers??? Give it up.

  42. Roush60

    I would tend to agree with a majority of the commenters here that the most effective way to market the cars would be to have an auction locally. Get them cleaned up, washed, engine compartments cleaned as far as dust, an air compressor and air jet nozzle would do the trick on that. Just get the dirt and dust off so bidders can judge better as to what they are bidding on. Some of the cars will draw a lot of interest, some, not so much. I wish the owner well in his effort to move the vehicles. If the owner is looking to sell them as a single lot, he will never sell them as no one will buy the whole lot just to get 4 or 5 hidden gems and be left with 20 or 30 rust buckets.

  43. Happy

    I would really be interested in the firebird or a caddy if there is one. Would like a list if possible. I’m just an everyday guy interested in something interesting and cool. Like the firebird!

  44. rick

    like to know the condition of the 68 “442”

    • Alan f

      No you don’t. Gone. Fred flintstone style. Sad…

  45. William

    I would love to know more and get a first hand look at these vehicles. Don’t worry guys, I’m a one car at a time kind of guy.

  46. rudy

    How can you make an offer on these cars and were are they I have family and friends in NC

  47. JIm Trichell

    I would like to see a picture and get any additional information of the Oldsmobile Starfire. Thanks, Jim

  48. Bryan

    I would love to know what that Spitfire is going for. I had a white 1500. Temperamental cars, but I love them.

  49. Matt

    Just interested in the Fords. Keep me in the emails.

  50. gilbos440rt

    I want the barracuda, and I’m in upstate SC

  51. Chris Souza

    I have not read any of the other comments and do not wish too. I think it would be nice if the owner would give his address or P.O. Box # and let people write to him and tell him why they are interested in buying a certain car. Then he would make the choice of whom he would sell to. It would be someone then that would take care and cherish it as he has all these years. I had a 19641/2 Mustang convertible, got married and husband acquired cancer. I sold the car to pay for medical bills. I have never regretted the more but would like again to own a classic, especially a mustang. Everyone has a story but not all people have a heart.

  52. Paul

    Like the looks of the Edsel.

  53. robert

    The IRS will show up soon.

  54. Sam

    I would be interested in about 10-or 12 of the cars, and live in NC.

  55. Jeff Spencer

    I would be interested in the ~’64 Ford pickup. Keep me in the loop please!

  56. Justin Carr

    Interested in the 70’s Firebird and 280Z

  57. Anna

    I am interested in a list of cars. I have 2 in my garage that need parts.

  58. Kenneth R Wylie jr

    Please email me a list of the vehicles also and a point of contact. Please. Are there additional photos available yet?

  59. Mark

    I would be intrested in the caddillacs or the spitfire ! Hopefully we can help this family out make him some money and score a classic without the big collectors and dealers marking them way up so we are not able to catch a deal . Nice collection !!

  60. Joe

    What is he wanting for all the cars. I would be interested.

    Thank you,

  61. Mike

    Would be nice to put together a detailed list and ppl could make offers here, total it up and make an offer through the site to the seller, even the worst boat anchor would be worth a couple hundred in scrap minimum.

  62. Tom T

    I saw the old Ford p/u truck that I’d like to have and restore. If anyone gets some info on his location, please pass it along. I live in NC and wouldn’t mind taking a road trip to see these vehicles.

  63. DKW

    I like that shortbed truck (Ford F100?)


    I like the firebird.

  65. cheveman

    if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is…..if they are for sale then put the info out there and stop wasting everyones time.


    I like the firebird, super sport, and the galaxy

  67. Larry Thomas

    Where in NC is this?

  68. Vance

    There are several I would love to restore for my personal collection, im not picky either, I do not want the best of the best, Id be happy with almost any of these vehicle, please inform me where and when I can go buy 1 or 2 of these vehicles.

  69. Pete

    He has a few cars that interests me!
    How can I contact him?

  70. Vance

    Also, I am a local in NC, where would I find these locally, are they in a paper, or anything I could find them and pickj them up local.
    Wilmington, NC

  71. Mike Primeaux

    If the Willys-Overland Jeepster is available, I would be interested.

  72. rick lutz

    i like the 63-4 ford pickup, im in cali

  73. charles thom

    any old automobile signs; advertising stuff; would be interested; if so, please email, thanks, charlie

  74. carl

    when will find out the location to look at these barnfinds….thanks

  75. Kristin

    I’d love to clean all these up for a few buck$. Need a plane ticket.. but it’d be a great opportunity to earn some much-needed cash between summer and fall terms!

  76. Derrick

    I have a high interest in the blue/white truck next to the brown Mercedes-Benz on the additional pictures link. Any chance of getting a few more pictures of that?

  77. Steve Eckart


    I am looking for a Chevy or GMC pickup ’87 or older, step-side and long bed with a regular cab.

    Any help appreciated.

    Steve in Austin

  78. Don Farmer

    His so-called collection is too eclectic to sell to one individual. I doubt anyone else would see the attraction of those odd cars. I see nothing there that is really valuable to a collector either. I agree, an auction is probably the only way to clean it out or the salvage guys will end up with it all.

  79. jdydeer

    I would be very interested in seeing a better picture of the trans am. My husband has wanted one for a while

  80. tim

    how much for that TA is saw in the back ground?

  81. jim

    what a waste.
    NC rat population had their way by now.

  82. Parus

    Would like some info on the Jeep, I am very interested.

  83. Paul

    I would be interested in knowing more about the camaro. I live in North Carolina, so please let me know.

  84. Gary Rizz

    would be interested in the barricuda

  85. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Wow, the interest on this one has been huge! We went ahead and asked Alan if we can get the owner’s contact information. He asked for permission and got it, so please email us if you would like to get the phone number:

    Hopefully he doesn’t regret it…

    Alan also said that he is going to go back and photograph more of the cars. There are still another 50 to 75 we haven’t seen. If anyone ends up purchasing any of these cars, we expect some updates!

    • sam

      Send me the number, I have a free weekend,

  86. Albert

    How much for the 70 Road Runner.?

  87. Richard

    Just buy the owner a cheap cell phone with its own number so he won’t have his house phone ringing off the hook

    • Josh Staff

      That’s not a bad idea Richard. From what I understand at this point, he actually runs a shop where the cars are located. Hopefully the number I was given is his business number and not his home number. Having everyone email for his number allows us to have more control over the hours in which his number is being called, which hopefully means no one will be calling him at midnight! Also, he was warned that he might get overwhelmed with calls. We are trying to do our best to avoid that, while still allowing everyone a chance at giving his cars new homes. If he decides it is too much, we will have to find a different route!

  88. David R. Snyder

    I am interested in acquiring the Triumph TR7 or TR8; the Jeepster and the Lincoln MK III. Pls advise when purchasing process is established.

  89. Don K

    Is that a TR7 or TR8?

  90. Samantha Scheffel

    I would LOVE that mustang. It is my absolute dream car!!!

  91. Alan f

    Sorry everyone for the delay. Been busy with business, etc. Next weekend I’m going out and will get a lot more detailed photos of conditions, etc. There are a few good things in there. Cheers! Alan

    • Jeff in North Carolina

      Can I go with ya!!!! Have camera, will travel. Just wanna take it all in! What region of NC?

      • Alan f

        I’m in Raleigh and the cars are 100 miles east. I’ll probably go Saturday. Need to take some better photos and document….I had decent clothes on last time and was supposed to be somewhere else, so was in a hurry.
        You’re welcome to ride with!

    • Randy

      I would possibly be interested in part or all of the collection. Were you able to go back to the collection and get more pictures. If so could you send me an email with those pictures or a way for me to contact and possibly go see the collection. I am in Virginia a couple of hours from Raleigh. Thanks for all your help.

  92. Pat F

    Looks like a 74 or 75 Camaro in one picture. I would be interested in knowing what year it is.

  93. DJ

    I’m interested in the Ford truck in the field and the Firebird Blue Bird.

  94. Rocco Member

    Interested in the ’64 Ford Fairlane. Please give more info when possible.


  95. Tracy Carver

    I am interested in the 67 Mustang and the 53-55 Ford Trucks. Current projects, 1956 Ford F100 with a Boyertown S-6 body. 1949 Dodge B-1-F, 1995 F350 CC,DRW,4×4,7.3, past 1956 Ford Mainline 2dr,1967 Mustang,1973 Dodge Dart plus numerous other cars and trucks.

  96. fay

    any info or pics on the starfire?
    had one, was a fun car

  97. Michael

    I’m interested in the Edsel and the mercedes 280

  98. Donna

    Is there a picture of the Oldsmobile Starfire?

  99. Dave Y

    I am surprised that nobody mentioned the 1969 Z28. Interested in that car or any 1967-68 Camaro parts to help me with my High School ’68 Convertible. Keep us posted…

  100. chris

    Looking for a General Motors car to fix up with my boys would like a two door, they are ready to help Dad.

  101. Dave P

    Does the owner have titles for these?

  102. Kelly

    A few years ago I undertook an almost impossible challenge to find a 1969 Karmann Ghia built the day I was born. After 3 years of searching thesamba, craigslist, ebay, etc so far I have found two cars 8 days older than me and one 16 days younger. I’m hoping this collection will offer my target date! I’ll try to keep an eye on this

  103. Chris

    I’d be interested to look at this find, from Raleigh, NC

  104. Bonnie

    Oh, my gosh! So many cars that could be amazing in the right hands. Seen several I would love to restore, if I had the space for them. I hope he doesn’t scrap them. Once they are crushed, they are gone forever. We need to preserve the classics and muscle cars!

  105. Etta

    I would love to have the spitfire, had a ragtop back in the day.. Brought back some memories for sure!

  106. Wesley Tidd

    I am interested in the Jeepster

  107. sf

    I had a yellow Spitfire. Interested in that red Spitfire!

  108. David

    Alan pls let me know about the TR7 or 8. The Jeepster too has my interest along with the Lincoln MK III.

  109. Larry Griffith

    I’m interested in the barracuda and more when I see what all he has. Let me know how to get in contact ok Thanks!

  110. Chris

    Are you going next Sat? I actually work in Wilson, and family is all over the east, Farmville, Winterville, Greenville. etc, very familiar with the area. I could go on, but I will keep it to a short list.


    • Robin Billingsley

      I am from Hickory, where are they located?
      Would he consider selling them all to 1 person?

  111. Patsy Martin

    I would love the Edsel….yes, I said Edsel. My husband passsed away and that was “our” car…I have a lot of wonderful memories with this car. I remember the first time I went to put gas in the car….had trouble finding the gas tank. Thought I was on Candid Camera. It would really mean so much if you would reply.

  112. wanda scott

    i am interested in the mustang. I’m sure a lot of others are to, but i have a story behind why i want it. My husband has liver cancer and this is one of the cars he would of like to acquire before his time is up. If they want to sell, please get a hold of me as i would sell everything i have to get this car for him and make a dream come true or him. I have a 72 monte carlo my husband has been working on when he feels good enough to do so. thanks for your time.

  113. Scott

    ok , how about this what is his asking price for the lot and does it include everything in the barn . Then we work on who wants what put the money together and get the lot ?

    • David

      Good idea

  114. Wayne Horton

    Wow, what a find. These guys kill me letting these treasures set for so long. I ask a guy about a 76 Plymouth Satellite sitting in his front yard every year for 7 years and he never would sell it, kept saying no I’m going to fix it up one day. It was black, 2 dr, 4 speed, 383, and not too bad shape. After I invested in a 78 Dodge Lil Red Express Truck he decided to sell it, Go Figure! Any way I’m looking for a 1965 Dodge Coronet in good shape. Must be 2dr ,4 spd, with a 340-383 motor. No Convertibles!! a 66-68 would be ok if it’s decent and priced right.

  115. Sam

    I would be willing to go anytime, and even drive. I live in Fayetteville. Shoot me a message if you want to roll. Just bought a new Eco-diesel and need a road trip. Sam

  116. Kevin B.

    Is there any 60’s Chevy Vans? I have a 68 Chevy Sports Van 108 I drive every day. Always looking to find more of them for parts and to restore. I love driving the old vans. I love to see someone that love the odd and unpopular cars, trucks, and vans. getting hard to find them.

  117. dan

    the Jeepster please

  118. Mike Runnels

    Interesting find..:) I think I see a Ford Pinto in front of the Jeep? and the SS Impala..?? what’s the current status of this ?? have any been sold yet or is there a contact base ?

    Thank you,


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