Another Junk Yard Liquidation Sale!

Joe's Salvage Yard

We recently featured a salvage yard that is liquidating their old cars at just $500 per car. Well, another old salvage yard has just decided it’s time to liquidate, but this one specialized in Fords. The owner of this yard in Hastings, Minnesota has decided it’s time to retire and just wants all the cars and parts gone! You can come walk the yard and pick of the parts you want or buy an entire car. No prices were given, but the seller states they won’t accept credit cards for anything under $25. Sadly, the owner didn’t post any photos in their ad here on craigslist, but I was able to find an aerial view of the place and it looks to be packed with cars! Special thanks to Philip V for this tip!

Salvage Liquidation

It’s hard to say what might be at this yard or if there is even anything worth buying, but that’s the excitement of a find like this! For all we know, there might be a Mustang Fastback or a Lincoln Zephyr that the owner will let go cheap simply to clear the place out! They list a few examples of what’s here, but the ad is in all caps and is a bit difficult to read. If one of you lives near this yard and has been to Joe’s place, please send us some close up photos of the yard! I know it will be hard to see much, as the cars have been overgrown by 50 years worth of trees, but it would be awesome to see what the place looks like up close. It might be worth making the journey simply to go walk through the trees and take photos! So do you think this yard will be worth taking a closer look at?


  1. Jason Peterson

    I’ve been here a number of times, sadly don’t have any pictures. Joe is a great guy to work with and unbelievably knowledgeable. His wife on the other hand will pester you till you leave. It is 90% trucks and vans from the 50s-80s. But there are some cars thrown in there. He has several semi trailers full of parts that were either pulled off or are NOS. And a barn full of just nos. I didn’t go through the barn but it is worth it if you are looking for something to even give him a call. Pending what you’re looking for I’d run down there. I was able to pick up a 69 f100 cab with everything in it for $150, crazy part is it wasn’t rusty at all and it was already Un bolted from the frame so a full days work down to 1hr with him and his tractor and I was out of there. A side note, I don’t know if he is selling it but he has microfiche for fomoco back to the 20s I think. (Sorry to ramble on, have had lots of luck here)

  2. 64 bonneville

    Posting has been up for a month. I wonder how many of what are left?

  3. Jason Peterson

    He has been “getting out off the business” for the past 3 years. But this last time I went there he strongly implied that it only has about a year to go before it goes to the crusher.

  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    This posting strikes me odd for a couple of reasons. First, if it’s in Minnesota, is November the best time to start advertising a junk yard liquidation? Obviously the winter weather will hamper efforts to pull parts or look at cars. That just seems weird to me.

    Second, if the guy is liquidating a 50-year business, but isn’t having an auction, and he just wants you to call him and ask for the parts you need, then that seems like he’s just still in business. If he’s really got some nice Ford stuff, then he’d be better off in my opinion to hire an auction company to liquidate the site and bring in the Ford guys…next June.

    • Kevin

      Less weed and brush to go through. It has been a mild winter so far.

  5. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    Hey, if you look really close, isn’t that a ’57 TBird?? Oh, but it’s missing some side chrome. Think I’ll pass on it…


    • Jason Houston

      You mean the one sitting next to the black 60 Edsel convert with the flat tires and dead battery?

      • Notch

        With the AC that probably just needs a recharge

  6. SRT8 Super Bee

    So the ad says to “ask to speak to Joe” & then goes on to say he works by himself now so he may not be able to answer the phone………wait what?

    • Woodie Man


  7. Jason Houston

    Leave it to CL sellers to try selling anything without pictures.

  8. BradL

    Here’s a couple of video tours. There are a few interesting cars (NOT the Crown Vics!) but they’re mostly picked over and left to rust in the snow.

    • Lion

      I got a good laugh when they discovered the 59 retractable and called it an Edsel broke in half.

  9. Vince Habel

    I would like to walk thru it.

  10. Mike R

    Too bad these in MN..Looks like a lot of rust on the few that are desirable…

  11. Metalted

    I have family in the salvage yard business, it’s very hard for them to deal with 50 years of collecting, to end.
    But with today’s regulations , and old cars having such a limited market, they must ” just” retire.
    So many great memories, and great parts.
    So sad,

  12. DonS

    Google the phone number and you get:

    Facebook photos:

    Joe Kummer Auto Sales
    Junk Yard
    5849 190th St E
    Hastings, MN

    Having automotive trouble? Joe Kummer Auto Sales is here to help! We operate as a junk yard and offer many related services and repairs. Beyond just our experience and service, we are backed by our great relationships with highly-trusted members of the automotive community. Our facility is conveniently located at 5849 190th St E, Hastings, MN 55033. Or call Joe at 651/437-6787.

    Sounds and looks awesome!

  13. Mike

    If you do a Google search it shows a really nice farm in front of the place.

  14. Bullethead

    BradL, thanks for the videos. Clearly shows that there’s not much worth saving, and the guy doing the tour has an unhealthy fixation on malaise-era LTDs.

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