Junkyard full of Projects! South Carolina Treasure

Sprinkled about the brush outside Sharon, South Carolina, a host of mostly ’60s and ’70s cars await new owners with an appetite for resurrecting the dead. The… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Collection Part II

You may remember Part I of the Georgia collection we’re helping to market. I had the chance to make a second and third visit to further document… more»

Extra Crsipy: 1970 Chevelle SS Convertible

While this 1970 Chevelle convertible does not say it was ever on fire, years of exposure to the elements make it look like an extra crispy hunk… more»

Roadside Sighting: Antique Parts Company

There have been lots of discussions lately about all the classic junkyards that have been closing their doors. Well, Jim P recently traveled past the Antique Parts Company… more»

Junkyard Sighting In Tennessee!

From Patrick C – I just wanted to send in a couple of pictures I took at a local antique auto salvage yard that has been open here… more»

Roadside Junkyard Fiasco

Reader Jim B recently spotted a row of rusty old Jeeps sitting along the side of the road in Franklin, Pennsylvania. When he first spotted them, he had no… more»

Needs Everything: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

This car is tough to look at. Out of all the Plymouth Road Runners, 1969 is my favorite due to the treatment of those rear lights.  I… more»

Junkyard Find: 1999 Ford Contour SVT

While perusing one of our local junkyards the other day, something strange caught our eye. The alloy rims and body kit told us that this wasn’t just… more»

Salvage Yard Liquidation Update

After we did a story on a wrecking yard in Tennessee that was liquidating a large number of cars, reader Hurley C made the hour drive from… more»

Salvage Yard Sightings In Massachusetts

From Scott M – I was at the junkyard today and thought I would pass along these photographs to others. I asked for one price and they… more»

Project Potential At Everett’s: Mustang Cobra II

The team at Everett’s Auto Parts in Brockton, Mass. has done the hobbyist world a major favor and begun setting aside potential projects vehicles or solid parts… more»

Junkyard Finds: Update from Everett’s Auto Parts

As we’ve reported before, Everett’s Auto Parts in Brockton, Mass. is doing the world a favor and setting aside classic vehicles that would either make restorable projects… more»

We Lost One: Former Barn Find Feature Junked

Sigh. Pour one out and raise your glass: a car we previously wrote up and were hopeful would find a good home has been spotted in the… more»

Cheaper By The dozens: Weimar Auto Wreckers

Weimar Auto Wrecking out in Weimar, California has officially closed. They specialized in cars from 1947 to 1972. The yard is now for sale on craigslist. There… more»

Weaverville Garage Estate Liquidation!

The small town of Weaverville doesn’t seem like the kind of place you would find a horde of classic cars. It’s on the edge of the Shasta-Trinity… more»

Putnam Liquidation Is Underway!

So the liquidation of the Putnam Estate has been going for a few days now and there are all kinds of goodies being dug out! The guys… more»

Backyard Full Of Classics In Italy!

A few days back, we featured an interesting warehouse full of old Italian cars that someone was clearing out. Well Olaf E did more digging and found pictures… more»

Wrecking Yard Liquidation Update!

The guys over at Grandinetti’s Metal Recycling have been busy getting ready for the big liquidation starting November 5th, but have taken sometime to post a few… more»

Forgotten Wrecking Yard Liquidation!

I’m sure many of you, like me, have fond memories of wondering around salvage yards, looking at all the rusty relics. Sadly, many of these yards have… more»

Salvage Yard Liquidation: Vine Grove, Kentucky

Reader C. Jay L recently let us know about a salvage yard that is going out of business and the owner is clearing everything out. What doesn’t… more»

Rust Never Sleeps: Black Hills Auction

This big car and parts auction is not anything like the Lambrecht Chevrolet Auction from a couple years ago, but thanks to reader Jim S., some of… more»

Spokane Salvage: 200 Cars For Sale

Here is another fantastic junkyard find sent to us by reader Olaf E. The ad is posted here on craigslist in Las Vegas, Nevada, maybe to reach… more»

My Name Is Joe: This Is My Salvage Yard

Thanks reader Olaf E. for sending us a link to this great craigslist ad – fun in Muskegon, Michigan for sure, where a guy named Joe has… more»

Jeff in the Junkyard: The Left Behinds

As some of you have likely noticed, it’s been ages since I’ve posted about my junkyard expeditions. Part of this is my fault due to pure laziness – I’ve… more»