Junk Yards

Huge Stash Of Cars Found On Pennsylvania Farm

One of Barn Find’s readers, Stephen Liebert, turned us on to a large collection of cars and trucks located up in the Northeast. It’s owned by Dave Rapp who used to be in the car business in Long Island,… more»

Junkyard Adventures: Impounded Classics

With the brutal heat we’ve been having here in Idaho, I haven’t made a trip to the local junkyard in a while, but we had a few days of reprieve so I decided to make a trip out to… more»

Extensive Montana Collection of Cars and Trucks

Located outside of Great Falls, Montana lies a collection of 415 cars, trucks, farm implements, and even a bridge, all for sale. Some are stored indoors and probably run, but the rest are outdoors and may have been there… more»

Hot Rod Potential: 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe

Ford introduced its De Luxe marque in 1938 in response to General Motors’ plethora of varying luxury levels, and Chrysler’s Dodge, De Soto, Plymouth, and Chrysler. This expanded the Ford nameplates to include Ford, De Luxe Ford, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr,… more»

Field of Dreams: Huge Montana Collection For Sale!

If you find yourself out roaming around anywhere near Great Falls, Montana, there’s a treasure trove of old cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, boats, toys and other assorted stuff to be found. It’s all for sale, including both restored and… more»

South Carolina Mystery Junkyard Sighting

Reader William H recently came across this large stash of classic cars near Greenwood, South Carolina. He tried his hardest to find someone to talk to about the cars and what is destined to happen with them but didn’t… more»

Field Of Project Cars: 1940s To 1970s

Located near Bakersfield, California is a field of automobiles that the seller describes as a collection of project cars. Some are in better condition than others and some would likely best serve as donors for other projects. Twenty vehicles… more»

Massive Pontiac Firebird Cars And Parts Stash!

The second generation of the Pontiac Firebird would run from 1970 through 1981. Some of the more well-known examples are the ’74 Esprit driven by James Garner in TV’s Rockford Files and the ’77 Trans Am piloted by Burt… more»

Parts Cars? 2 Pontiac GTOs and 1 LeMans

If you’re a Pontiac fan and are looking for GTO or LeMans car or parts, a visit to Obion, Tennessee might be in order. There you’ll find together in one place a 1968 GTO, a 1970 LeMans and a… more»

Collection of Cars in California

Most collectors lean toward one brand of car, style or vintage. In this case, the seller offers a little bit of several things. Two are AMC products, two are kits car and one is a VW Beetle, the nicest… more»

Mopars and Fords: Field of Cars and Trucks

In a field or yard in Sonoma, California, there’s an assortment of cars and trucks to be looked over. They’re mostly made by Chrysler, but not entirely. 12 vehicles are identified as for sale, but only one or two… more»

Looking For A Project? Take Your Pick!

This seller has several cars for sale and they’re all projects, although some will need more work than others. Most of them are Chrysler products and you can grab one for as little as $1,000. Nothing is more than… more»

Field Of Cars And Trucks: Bring Cash And Trailer!

This place looks like an American Pickers dream for old cars and trucks! Here’s a goldmine of Detroit vehicles, but there are some imports in there, too. If you see something you like from the listing, the best bet… more»

Hawaiian Island Finds: $500 Per Car!

If you make your way over to the 50th state, you can find five different types of cars for parts or restoration. With the exception of one of them, there isn’t a lot to be hopeful for. They range… more»

Mopar Collection: Road Runners, Challengers, Darts And More!

Collectors often migrate to certain brands of vintage automobiles. For example, Ford Mustang people tend to go for specific years of like Mustangs, i.e. 1965-66, 1967-68, 1969-70, etc. This seller likes Chrysler cars, mostly Dodge Darts and Plymouth Valiants,… more»

Wrecked 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner appears to have had multiple bad accidents. First, the front and rear ends are all crumpled up, so that’s serious. Second, the roof and side pillar on the driver’s side have been flattened by… more»