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This orange Nova may look familiar because I wrote up another one recently, which you can read about here. This really is a different Nova and is listed here on craigslist in Oscoda, Michigan. This one has been sitting since 1984. It also has a 307 V8, automatic and black vinyl seats. The asking price is $16,000, $500 cheaper than the first one. As I said before, “That seems really high for a car like this, but once again, what is original worth?”

inside front

The interior is black in this one as well and looks to be in pretty good condition.

front wheelwell

There is some rust and bubbles showing along the edge of the front wheel well.


It has the same 307 V8, but his one has A/C. I doubt it works, but it sure would be a nice feature to have.


This Nova had big (ugly) bumper guards added. I’ll ask the same questions as with the other, “what would you do with this Nova? It would make a great sleeper. One could upgrade the suspension and brakes, add a crate motor and modern transmission. But wouldn’t it also be great to leave it stock?” I suspect the comments on this car will be similar to the comments made before, but it will be interesting to see. This Nova might be overpriced, but what would it cost to restore a typical $5,000 Nova to this condition?

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  1. Jim

    I’d have to be removing a few things from this time capsule out of respect to the car before trying to flip it for big money , such as ;
    1) Get rid of the 69 Impala/Belair full size wheel covers. Looks like crap.
    2) The red Kmart floor mats have to go
    3) Ditto the stick-it-on side moulding.

    Take some before pictures, and then have the body flaws professionally dealt with.
    Lets face it, whoever is flipping this probably doesn’t have that much in it. Invest a little and maybe it will sell quickly.

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    • Louie

      4) the bumper guards

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  2. scott

    Man, that is hella pricey. How much is it going to cost after you resto mod it? I’d look for something a little cheaper.

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  3. Roselandpete

    16k? Good luck.

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  4. JW

    Over priced for sure.

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  5. Tim McDonald jr

    Good foundation for a SS or Yenko clone. Big block for sure with some period correct mags. No restomod please.

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  6. GreaserMatt

    16k for a ’72 nova? I’m out…

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  7. MH

    Nothing special about this car. 5K tops.

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  8. JW454

    This one would need a PPI for sure. It looks like in the under hood picture it was a dark color originally. Those fenders should be body color all the way down to the inner fender mount. Also the cowl cover shows a dark color at the ends on both sides. Only the top of it is body color on the ends. There was a code 65 – “Orange Flame” offered in 1972 but a view of the cowl tag would confirm it.

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  9. Alan (Michigan)

    “It is 44 years old, so that means it has to be worth $$$.”

    Um… No, no it doesn’t.

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  10. Steven C

    That price is absolue insanity

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  11. Peter R

    agree with everyone about the price – I was a car jockey after school at a large Chev-Olds store in Montreal – had a fleet of these as sevice loaners. Even the small V-8 makes a big difference over the 6 cyl. also – air is rare – I’d like to have one again but not at this price – maybe 7500 max if air works

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  12. keith

    nice v8 ac car but 16k? nope never its only worth 20 restored, 4k ill pick it up tomorrow

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  13. Doug Towsley

    I agree its overpriced. However I had one of these (i think original mtr was a 307 as well) Mine was a “RALLY NOVA” which i think consisted of stickers and not much else. So I am nostalgic when i see it.
    The air is unusual and rare but not unheard of. Modern systems are much improved and hard to get the stuff to make Orig work but if you upgrade some parts it can be made to work again.
    This does not have power brakes, cant tell if Power steer, but it needs both. Brake kits are affordable to upgrade, Big monster discs up front and station wagon drums in back is perfect, but you can also do disc all the way around.

    Suspension wise it does not need much. Rebuild with new tire rod ends, ball joints and upgrade the bushings with the modern stuff. Spend you cash on good roll bar kit and good shocks. Low profile performance tires and lightest wheels you can get that look period correct. Thats it… sweet car. But this one is over priced.

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  14. John

    This is not a Z28. It’s not even a Z27. The 307s ran smoothly. They produced power worthy of any 196x era secretary or librarian. Their shadows had to slow down for them to keep up. This is not a $16K car. Not even close. If it is, it’s time for me to take up another hobby.

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  15. jim shoe

    Its a Michigan car . not AZ or CA rust beware not a 16k nova

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