Roadside Sighting: Antique Parts Company

There have been lots of discussions lately about all the classic junkyards that have been closing their doors. Well, Jim P recently traveled past the Antique Parts Company of Salome, Arizona and it appears this one is still going, well at least for now. Jim snapped a few photos for us, so be sure to take a look to see if there is anything worth saving!

From Jim P – This yard is what’s left of the Antique Parts Co on Salome Road between Salome, Arizona and I-10, west of Phoenix. The owner says it’s all for sale, unfortunately very, very few restorable cars are left. There are a few “rat-rod”  projects, but all the common Ford, GM, and Mopar stuff are gone, long gone… It’s tragic that so many cars that were complete, have been left out weathered, age rotted, flooded, and “lost” to any sort of restoration…

While desert cars tend to not have serious decay, they tend to be sunburnt and charred to a crisp. That appears to be the situation here with most of these cars, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good parts to be had. Heck, if you are into rat rods, this could be a great place to get parts that have the patina look. So will you be stopping by this yard to get a few parts?

Our thanks to Jim for sharing his sighting with us! If you spot an old junkyard, a barn find or any other interesting sighting please send your photos and the story to

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  1. Ronald

    That ’61 bubbletop Impala is not long gone as its right there in the picture and looks very restorable and complete, a great candidate for a 409 or retromod with LS power

  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Wouldn’t mind having the room and couple of those in the garage! I remember rummaging through junkyards as a kid looking for that one specific part, crawling over and through dozens of cars to find it.

    Those were the days.

    • Fred W

      Did the same thing in the 70’s, at a huge yard near the fairgrounds in Pensacola FL. Stainless trim pieces for my ’57 Chevy were 75 cents.

  3. Todd Zuercher

    The guy that owns that yard thinks everything is gold plated in his yard. That’s why a lot of stuff has accumulated there over the years.


    Back home near Binghamton ,N.Y. several junkyards have been closed by epa. I understand dead batteries need to disposed of in proper way and yes cars leaking oil create issues if someone lives close by ,BUT i get tired of big brother sticking their nose where not necessary.Look what they did with destroying older engines because they didn’t want air polluters on the road. Big waste of tax payer money.
    Now i get off my soap box.

    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Amen! IIRC it was HRM a number of years ago built an engine for the Crusher Camaro and compared it’s emissions against then current requirements. Not only did it meet them but had power to boot. A maintained engine should not pollute. You aren’t wasting resources building new vehicles, it cost less to maintain than build new.

    • Howard A Member

      I agree, I think that leaking fluids is bunch of baloney. A drop in the bucket compared to what some places pollute. Wisconsin too, bunch of tree huggers came in, disturbing the wetlands and such. Big fines to pad the DNR’s operating expenses, I mean, after 30 years or more years, how many of these hulks have fluids left to drain. IDK, now places like this, out in the freakin’ desert, what’s the harm? If it wasn’t for air conditioning, these people wouldn’t be living near these places in the 1st place.
      Ruining the older motors( Cash for Clunkers) at least made some sense. My daughter lives in L.A. and she says, the air quality has improved. As far as these yards go( since I’m on the box now), let’s face it, they’re history. Nobody wants this stuff anymore , with a few exceptions( like the White 3000) it’s over. With replacement parts today, very few are rebuilding these cars, and if they are, they aren’t going to use crumpled, rusty panels.

      • packrat

        after the interiors burn out, there’s probably a fortune in floor and trunk pans alone.

  5. Tort Member

    Brings back memories of in the fifties and 60’s there were three junk yards “called that back then” we could wander around for parts. Sure wouldn’t mind having the 61 bubbletop. Hopefully because of Barn Finds that and others will be purchased and restored.

    • mike D

      the bubble top is what caught my eye would take a closer look at the paint, to see if I would leave ” as is” I remember back in the day an “Electric Blue” 61 bubbletop would drive by with a young driver when I lived in the boonies ( the color is what my mom called it ) seems that I remember it was pretty well decked out you don’t need a monster V/8 in this update the undercarriage 350, and u are good to go no doubt the interior would need a once over ( if there is one)

  6. JC

    Hmmm… That company name seems to be in a different line of work (says Salome Chamber of Commerce): “Antique Parts Co is located at the address Po Box 486 in Salome, Arizona 85348. They can be contacted via phone at (928) 859-3436 for pricing, hours and directions.

    Antique Parts Co has an annual sales volume of 1M – 1,999,999. .For more information contact Brenda Parkerson, Owner

    Antique Parts Co provides Staining, Estate Sales, Loans to it’s customers.”

  7. 433jeff

    Well I think I would rather have these cars turn crispy in Arizona cuz in New England salt just eats them, as far as fluids on the ground , when it rains you can go to such and such junkyard and it’s like a rainbow river , oh well at least we don’t bury trash anymore….. At least on the ground , not talking about the Texas sized plastic bag in the Atlantic ….ok will shut up now

  8. scottymac

    Diamond T pickups bring a small fortune when restored; wonder what the entry fee is on this one?

  9. David Miraglia

    Junkyard were always great places to find some memorabilia.

  10. Van

    I like the green firebird in pic 2
    But I love the White cabover.

  11. On and On

    I was in Salome, Az. in January. A sad but true place. Cheap place to retire though. Wonder how many rattlesnakes are in those cars. Yikes.

  12. PatrickM

    Love the salvage yard in Arizona! I see 5 or 6 now I would love to have and work on. Its what I call therapy. All I need is money, place, time and energy. After that, it’s a walk in the park. Lol

  13. Ron

    Remember that one and several more around Pace, P’Cola and all the way down to a great one in De Funiak Springs Fred W. I am from Mobile and there were some great ones even at great prices in those days.The one in De Funiak went back to the 20’s some times he would only sell complete cars. Good old days

  14. Roger H

    Ha, there are still a few things of value sitting in the desert around Salome, I bought this a couple of months ago.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Roger H. – what did you buy? No pic attached. I’ve lived in AZ for 40 years and I’ve always liked poking around in the small desert towns like Salome, Wenden, Aguila, etc. Still lots of interesting pieces lurking here and there.

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