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Barn Fresh Delivery: 1986 Daihatsu Mira Van

1986 Daihatsu Mira Step Van

Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm for beef, we’ve decided to no longer feature classic cars. From here on out we will be featuring meat products. Not only will we be selling the finest barn fresh beef, but we will be offering a direct to door delivery service. We are looking for your input on the optimal meat delivery vehicle. I feel that this 1986 Daihatsu Mira Delivery van found here on eBay would be the perfect rig for bringing you guys the freshest beef around. Jesse, on the other hand, thinks this truck would be the optimal rig for this new service.

1986 Daihatsu Mira Interior

My find might not be as eye catching as Jesse’s find, but I think it would be more practical. Keeping meat cool for those cross country deliveries is going to be a bit tricky, but I’m sure we can rig something up. We will have to address the rust issues and figure out how to squeeze a bit more power from the 40 hp 3 cylinder engine. It’s already equipped with a high performance steering wheel, so that saves us the headache of upgrading the handling!

1986 Daihatsu Mira Delivery

It might not be the biggest or the fastest delivery van around, but it’s efficient and eye catching. I know a giant cow on wheels is more memorable and probably a better rig from a marketing standpoint, but it won’t ever be as efficient or practical as this Kei car. So which do you think we should go with? And who will be the first person to put in an order for a big juicy Barn Finds Exclusive Steak? Happy April 1st guys!


  1. Walt

    I’ll go with Jesse on this one. He can hang a few sides in it —let ’em age nicely,
    then deliver the cuts as called in for like pizza. I would add a good butcher block
    and a few good butcher knives. Heck, he should be able to find a large cold
    storage warehouse there to drive the whole rig in ! Mahalo, Walt

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  2. Gregory

    I agree bring back the old days of door to door meat delivery when the house wives had everything delivered including the milk and bread. I used to make the rounds delivering tube steak in the afternoons to the housewives in the old neighborhood at that time I used a modern delivery vehicle that now would be considered a barn find!

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  3. Walt

    ” Tube Steak ” ? I’m not a prude , but not appreciated or appropriate here
    Studley .

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    • JW454

      I agree, Gregory, you need to take that kind of talk somewhere it’s appreciated.

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  4. JW

    Gregory Quoting ZZTop were you doing the “Tube Steak Boogey” ??? Now as for this truck it has a very unusual look to it especially from that frontal angle with the big windshield.

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  5. David Frank David Member

    Jesse’s truck was cool too! COWABUNGA!

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  6. Gregory

    C-mon guys APRIL FOOLS

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  7. Alan (Michigan)

    Funny listing here, and it makes me chuckle. 4/1/2016 appropriate.

    But the actual eBay seller….
    Duh. $5500, really? He *might* get $1k, if lucky, and someone really wants it.
    Funky, rusty, weak, no parts availability, all adds up to no fiscal sense unless treated (and priced) as a throw-away.

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  8. jimbosidecar

    Tube Steak always meant hot dog, to me anyway. But I have to admit I didn;t know they made deliveries.

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