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No Bull: 2013 Registered Angus Bull

032716 Barn Finds- 2013 Angus Bull - 1

This is one good-looking and beefy late-model here. This 2013 Registered Angus Bull is on Craigslist and is located in North Platte, NE with an asking price of $3,500 skins.

Ol’ #227 looks to be in great shape and he has low miles on those four original treads. The current owner says that this bull has a “Proven low birth weight”, which I’m guessing is a good thing, but I don’t know enough about these models to know for sure. The seller also says that they have “Used this bull on heifers with no problems.” I’d take their word on that if I were you. If that isn’t enough, they go on to say that this is a “Thick bull with large scrotum and excellent disposition.” Again, please, for the love of Mike, take their word on that!

There are no interior photos, unfortunately, but I’m guessing that it would look like this in there. These models aren’t particularly rare, mmmmmm.. rare.. wait, what was I talking about again?  Anyway, if you’re looking for a unique find, this is it! Deals like this don’t trot by every day. This Barn Find is what’s for dinner!


  1. Paul R.

    A true “Barn Find” and good looking Bull.

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  2. John

    I hope whoever buys this leaves it like it is – hate to see it chopped.

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  3. Howard A Member

    APRIL FOOLS!!! I’d expect no less from the author. Being a trucker all my (working) life, many years ago, I went with a trucker friend to “Packerland Packing”, in Green Bay, Wis., he was picking up a load of hides. He asked if I ever saw “the killing floor”. I said no, and he said, “well, if you eat meat, you should really see where it comes from”. Folks, let me tell you, I was totally unprepared for the horror I was about to see. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I will never forget that, and to this day, some 30 years later, I don’t eat a lot of meat, because the vision of that day continues to haunt me. Enjoy.

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  4. Mike

    Howard A, not only had I seen a killing floor, but worked there a Summer in High School for the Dad of one of my classmates, it was during a period, I felt working in a body shop for my Dad was out of the question for me. Still to this day I can remember it as if it was yesterday, but I still eat beef and pork, matter of fact I am having a big BBQ pork steak for supper tonight.

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  5. jim s

    i have a beef with this posting.

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  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    At least we know the seller is not a flipper, its not in a trailer.

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  7. Mark Haltom

    Heifer means virgin for all you laypeople out there lol. So a low birthweight bull will father low birthweight calves which means less trouble with the new gals giving birth. And or course as always a big scrotum is a good sign or virility and overall manliness…or in this case bull…

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  8. Van

    A bull that throught large calfs tends to kill the cow. She can’t push it out. I’ve seen a dead cow in the back 40 with just one hoof sticking out.
    A bull is a torque monster, their just to dumb to know how easy it is to walk through barbed wire.

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  9. Joe Nose

    Bet it mooves really well.

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  10. dave

    What a bunch of BULL S—!!!

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  11. Ross Ewage

    Trade for a Mustang?

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    Very creative

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  13. grenade

    I am now in search of a giant steak.

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  14. TRP

    Ahh yes… the original “Truck Nuts” inventor.

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  15. Chris A.

    No rust! Buy “as is” or part out. Rare black leather exterior model: 2013 S version #227. Not altered, completely stock as shown (see rear end picture). Non catalytic converter bio fuel only model. Low mileage, reputedly one owner.

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  16. Mark 'cuda man

    A lot of BULL and no HORSES……..not interested…..

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  17. Van

    The hide would look good on my car.
    Recycling opportunities abound.

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  18. hhaleblian

    No comments from the vega/n gallery yet?

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  19. KO

    A true Field Find.

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  20. Robert White

    Where is the engine?


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  21. Blueprint

    Won’t pass emissions. These are real stinkers.

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  22. Scot Carr

    ~ Cud be the deal d’jour!

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  23. Scotty G Staff

    Ha! Best comments ever! Thanks for having such a great sense of humor, folks.
    Now, back to tending your grills..

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  24. Alan Brase

    Might be interested in a rear quarter if you decide to part it.

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  25. Ed Willaims

    That must be the 227th out of how many made?

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  26. Keith IH

    Nice leather exterior!

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  27. Italia 227

    As the owner of Triumph Italia #227, wondering how this might look as a companion in my garage. Probably requires a larger drip pan.

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  28. Doug Towsley

    Nice! I was confused until I realized what day it is. Good one! Ill need to throw up some CL ads today. Last year I Put some racing engines up for sale that are worth a small fortune (BSA Gold star and Norton) along with an ad about the US Lawn mower racing association. Said i got the motors at a goodwill store in the lawn and garden dept. But my driver last an arm in a tragic racing accident and we were raising funds. If you had a US Lawn mower racing license or membeship card the motors were super cheap. If you didnt they were a lot more. We got a LOT of people on those postings. I heard all about it at some events.,

    Another one i did some years back was a warehouse full of vintage NOS factory parts was finally being sold (the parts) It was a really big deal and several magazines wrote articles. The principle guy was an Australian selling the stuff here in Portland. I Put up forum postings that He was being deported in 48 hrs for tax issues and anybody that wanted parts it was all you could carry for $20 bucks an armload. Those postings went viral all over the world. Mike (The aussie) was wondering What the hell? We all had a good laugh over that. People can be gullible.

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  29. Jack

    S 227 is one of a kind I’d think ! Probably not very fast unless its chasing someone looking at the car in the field behind him at the bush line.

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  30. GOPAR

    Not street legal. No horns.

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  31. Dairymen

    All wheel drive, so it’s good for off road use.

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  32. Alan (Michigan)


    Yet another seller with a basic listing, having only One photo, totally inadequate for the $3500 asking price!

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  33. Charles

    Talk about a “stud muffin!”

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  34. VetteDude

    And, a somewhat-typical BarnFind sale – only one photo. Not one photo of the main thing: THE SCROTUM!!

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  35. Metalted

    Hahaha!!!! Lol
    Great looking and I’m sure a scary mess to drive , this beast.
    Great work Scotty , thank you.

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