Are you Grand Prix Ready? 1972 Pontiac

72 gp front

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OK baby, a one-owner find that may be just the right one for you? Here you have a 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix that was, as per the seller, running when parked in 1999. This 1972 Grand Prix is listed here on craigslist in Houston, Texas for $4,000.

72 gp left front

We don’t know why most of the images with this ad were shot in black and white. This may add some drama and/or an “artistic” flair, but we don’t think it adds to helping sell the car online. Does this work for you?

72 gp int

The seller says that the interior will need to be restored. There are two “equally” good images of the interior. There are no images of the underside or under the hood. This Grand Prix has a 455 with the Turbo 400 transmission. We don’t know if the 455 spins or not though.

72 gp left rear qu

The seller says that all the glass is good. From what we can tell from the photos the body, bumpers and trim do look to be alright.

72 gp right rear qu

Maybe the paint and clear-coat is good? We can’t tell from the photos since there are black and white.

72 gp inspection

It appears that some dust was removed to show that last inspection from October 1999.

72 gp right front qu

Yes! We get to see some color and rust, how en-lighting! So, the bumpers aren’t exactly OK. If you are interested in this Grand Prix and are close to Houston a visit to this barn/shed/garage might be in order to get a firsthand visual.

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  1. Bob S

    The dust in this creepy ad makes me feel you will be dealing with human remains in the trunk. I just don’t get how storage amidst garbage makes me want it more? Love those Pontiac Grand Prix of this era though.

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    Lots of flooding going on there now. Buyer beware

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  3. Bob Semrad

    If those are very recent pictures, the debris on the ground shows there to not have been flooding in the garage. It seems logical for the person wanting to sell this would have had before and after pictures of it being taken out of the garage….if it has been, that is. How can this guy be serious about selling it without pictures that show it’s true condition? It really narrows down the number of potential buyers….most won’t bother with it. It could be in very good condition, considering. You don’t see these around hardly ever today.

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  4. Stephen

    I have an old hacksaw in my garage. Hasn’t been used in 20 years and covered in dust. I’ll take $300 for it.

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  5. sparkster

    SOLD , I need a dusty hacksaw , i had a 72 Grand Prix that I bought for $200 and ran and drove. The lady I bought it from had a valve job done to the 400 engine and the shop never changed the oil (tar) after completing the job . Subsequently the engine would smoke after it got up to operating temperature .The shop told her the engine needed to be rebuilt. Brought the Gran Prix home and changed the oil four times in ten days. replaced a broken rocker arm that made the engine miss. That Gran Prix would never smoke again , except when I burned rubber all the way down the block. Great and fast road car. Cruise all day at 120 mph

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  6. Mitch

    Lousy, lousy photos. Save the “artsy fartsy” styles for your hobbies, crafts, nature, etc. You’re trying to SELL something. Note that he “hides” the license # in 1 photo, but in another it’s clearly visible. (like everyone can trace the # which in my state is NOT possible-only certified & LEO have access to that network)

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  7. Keith

    If that were anywhere near Minnesota, I’d be heading there right now – bird droppings bedamned! Wish we could see how it is rust-wise. The lack of vinyl top is a good sign, though.

    Seriously, anyone who has/finds such a deal in the Midwest, post it! ’71s and ’72s are getting a little scarce up here in road salt country.

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    • Al8apex

      if you hate MN rot then you WANT a TX or AZ car

      The trip cost is minimal considering the potential to score a rust free example

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    • Keith

      Therein lies the trouble. I would – and have – driven a few hours over ads much more poorly composed than this. But a few days? Too big a gamble for me.

      Of course, the other way would be to buy via eBay or a dealer, etc. But in such places, the asking prices for these seem to have doubled in the past several years. (No idea if they’re actually getting those prices – just that they’re asking.)

      A few years back, it seemed like good, solid, driver-quality GPs of this era were bringing $6000-8000. Today, anything not obviously rotted out seems to start in the low teens – and many have been the victims of, ahem, rather unfaithful restorations.

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  8. Mark

    I had a 71 in High School. God I miss that car.

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    • Rando

      I had a 73 – a little different – but wish I had that one today to mess about with.

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      • Cab

        I had a 73 and when I punched it, the car sank 6 inches. The shift broke so I scraped the car. If only I knew then what I know 45 years later.

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  9. stillrunners

    GP’s of that era are sexy stuff….a friends older sister bought one new in 1969 – had the four head lights I think….silver with black interior – she sure was some kinda of sexy and her car was what all all the young guys wanted to lose there virginity in….

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  10. Roselandpete


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  11. rmward194Member

    My first car I ever owned was a 1971 Grand Prix SJ with a 455. Bought it for $500 and subsequently blew up the motor. My dad swapped out the 455 for a 400 with a 2 barrel carb. What a mistake. It would be interesting to figure out what model this one is and what options it has.

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  12. Neil G.

    Parents bought a new ’72 Gran Prix and I inherited the ’64 Dodge Polara 4 door sedan. Unfortunately, Dad banned me from driving the GP when he found out I did a 10 mile road trip in 5 minutes. Best 5 minutes of my young life…

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  13. DON

    I had two 77 SJ with t tops, great cars, sorry I sold. This looks rough, buyer beware!

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