Arrive in Style! 1957 Chevrolet Custom Limousine

After investing more than $80,000 into this custom 1957 Chevrolet limousine, the sellers have listed it here on eBay with a $35,000 reserve. One could debate whether this conversion should have been done or not but here it is, and no sane person would suggest putting it back to stock. The car currently resides in Forked River, New Jersey.

Purple, the color of royalty, liberally decorates the interior. Though more pictures would help, the 2006 conversion seems well done and well preserved. Chevy experts are welcome to comment on whether this car began life as a 210 or a Bel Air but, considering its current state, that may not matter — except to satisfy curiosity.

Digital gauges lend a custom touch to the 1957 pod. Conversely that auxiliary switch panel appears to have been borrowed from a school bus. Regardless, most chauffeurs would prefer this classic to a newer “stretch” any day.

Sadly the glory days of the “Tri-Five Chevy,” when owning one was akin to having a license to print money, have passed, but the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air is perhaps the most iconic of all ’50s coupes. A dual partition seals off the passengers from the driver when things get spicy.

The carbureted 350 cid small block Chevy crate motor makes 290 HP, more than adequate for a stately on-time arrival at your Promenade, or for the quick getaway of a terror-stricken bride. In a long queue of limousines, this one will still get you noticed, and any betrothed car-enthusiast would pay a premium for this ride over a stretched late-model Lincoln Town car or Cadillac. The target buyer may be a company offering limousine service near a metropolitan area, but it might also serve a Motorhead with a large family, or become an awesome tailgate-mobile. How would you use this elongated Fifty-Seven?

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  1. Royal Ricci

    Looks nicely done for the most part but I would have opted for a better dash arrangement and having driven limousines, I can say this. I thought the color was blue not purple, but when building professional cars for hire the cardinal rule is to go with either white or black. Black is a harder sell to brides though who all seem to want white which is a joke since the meaning of white on your wedding day goes out the window when you are 17 it seems.

    • Bill McCoskey

      Back in the 1980s & 90s I owned and ran a large vintage limo service in the Washington, DC area, and found metallic silver painted vintage limousines & sedans were better received by the public. White limos back then were good for weddings and proms, but no corporate work. Black was the opposite. Silver was acceptable for most occasions.

  2. Mark

    Has only 190 Miles, he says 3000 miles , made in 2006, any air conditioning. ?any warranty? Rather it had more miles so would rather it had like a couple thousand or more so I knew if the bugs are out of it and broken in well. and frame will not crack. Why use sparingly, looks great, motor probably no problem but would worry about driveshafts , how many are there. 4 wheel disc?. Too much for too many questions .

  3. 68custom

    steering wheel looks like it came of a 210 or 150?

    • Jamie Shannon

      The VIN # B57J266026 identifies it as a 1957 model 210 assembled in Janesville WI.

  4. Ken Carney

    OMG!! The perfect Uber vehicle for my sister in law! I can see it now, she’d be
    driving and I could be the doorman that opens the door at every stop. Talk about
    class, we’d get lots of calls from customers wanting to ride in it. 1

  5. JW

    In the 80’s I had bodywork done on the wife’s 67 Mustang by Mustang’s Restoration in the Chicago area. Chris the owner had a stretch 65 or 66 Mustang limo I think, it was a well done car he was going to use for clients as a promotion. I like this 57 and would use it for parties, weddings, graduations. If all checks out as far as build quality 35K doesn’t seem to bad if you can make some of your money back while enjoying driving it.

  6. 86 Vette Convertible

    There’s a similar one around here. The owner had it in a car show I had a car in a couple of years ago. It was strange appearing at first but it grew on me that by the end of the day I would take it if I had an event to go to. Big difference was that one was red.

  7. Dick Johnson

    An ‘E’ pillar ’57 Chebby. If it were a hardtop, it would be worth 10 times as much. Of course, it would need a DC-10 center bogey to keep the sag out of the middle.

  8. Classix Steel

    Nice custom but unfortunately we never get back the full investments all the time from retro cars!

    I could see a limo rental agency buying this one !

  9. Moparmann Member

    IMO Needs snazzier wheels, maybe 76 Impala Road Wheels, or the tried and true Rally wheels.

    • ACZ

      Is that a “Spirit of America” Impala?

  10. Eric H

    Purple is too 70’s for this car. If I were to have this car it would have to be black, red, yellow, turquoise, or other 57 (ish) color.

  11. Madmatt

    A tri five I’am not sick of…!Lol…Very cool,
    I’am surprised I don’t see more of these types of customs,
    of all makes and models more often?
    ,as it seems like a good use for wagons and 4 doors,
    that otherwise may end up as scrap.I love purple on a
    70 R/T Challenger,but not on this lol,I think light
    charcoal gray metallic would look nicer,and be
    easier to rent out?Under hood has some rusty/crusty
    pieces for being redone in 06?,What is with the heater hose splices?
    I wonder just how well this car was done?,
    and Can one get into a parking spot at the
    local Dairy queen with this one?!

  12. Tim Rusling

    I do like the car quite a bit. I had a factory ’57 Chev shop manual, very nice condition, and advertised it for months and months without a single person expressing interest, so perhaps these cars’ glory days are past, but waiting for yet another generation to be hooked on them?

  13. tje

    Appears to be well done. Could be a money maker in the right hands. Not something for everyone.

  14. John

    I like the look, not like the newer link’s built today where you have to climb over the back seat to get in. Also the one guy posted it right, it’s a 210. Crime on back quart is short making a 210. The purple interior is a downer for this beauity. I should drive down and check it out as it’s only 20 minutes a way.

  15. Myron Hornschwage

    I like it.

  16. Coventrycat

    Sure beats seeing another stretch Expedition or Hummer.

  17. Chebby Staff

    The interior is a bit of a dog’s breakfast, but the outside looks great.

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