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Attainable Longhood? Rusty Porsche 912


In Porsche-speak, there are any number of special editions and equipment levels that send P-car fanatics racing to their local ATM and salivating over rusty heaps many others would consider a total loss. It happens; we’ve all been there. That’s why it will be interesting to see how long it is before this “long-hood” 1967 912 here on eBay gets snatched up for $13K. 


The long-hood models were just that: a Porsche 911 (or 912) with a longer hood than later models. More significant is that the longer hood also signified smaller, prettier bumpers that were better integrated into the car. Later models – i.e., short hoods – came with federally mandated retractable bumpers that many enthusiasts feel marred the 911’s original form.


This example may be a desirable long hood, but it’s also packed with rust. These earlier cars had non-galvanized body panels which left them very prone to the tin worm, and thus helps to keep the population of such cars quite low. As you can see, the interior looks like a damp, ripped-up mess of fabrics and materials, so I’d say this 912 has been sitting exposed for some time.


Don’t you love the sellers who can’t even wait long enough to get their find home and open up the engine lid once it’s off the trailer? I see photos like this and I immediately think of sellers who list the car for sale while they’re on their way home from the farm they swiped it from. Oh, well – is $13K a reasonable ask for a desirable example of the classic P-car, or is this one too late to the Porsche bubble party?


  1. Mike Looney

    It’s been pulled already

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  2. L.M.K.

    Gone already…..

    I used to regularly pass these up , seems like only several years ago, for just a few thousand……Amazing how certain cars appreciate and others just, value wise, remain flat……

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    • Simon

      It’s value only lies in the sum of its parts,which are 911 compatible.many of these 912s are just parts for early 911 restorations,there in no upside restoring a 912 this far gone when there are drivers out there for the 912ist.

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  3. Bruce Best

    I love these early Porsche 911 and 912’s but the bodies can be total horror stories. They can be fixed but the cost can be staggering. I hate to think that we would lose any more to simple neglect so I hope that this one is worth saving

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  4. Randy W

    I’ve been trying to sell my brothers 1974 porsche 914 for $12,000 with only 100 miles on it since total restore. Had 1 caller, Over 20,000 spent on restore. I don’t get it, I see junk yard cars and trucks go for plenty. Head shaking!

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    • Dave Wright

      It is pretty simple………You are selling a Volkswagen.

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    • Woodie Man

      Is it a 914-6 or a four? That may be part of it. The other part may be that a customized 914 as opposed to an OEM 914 might be sui generis…and harder to sell.

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  5. Jack Quintrall

    I bought a 1966 912 three years ago, less engine, For $1000. Was an Arizona rust free example. Stripped it down and sold off every part, nut and bolt for over $9000. Should have restored it! These are like gold!

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  6. Peter K

    these cars are cancer buckets.

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