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For Pontiac Fiero enthusiasts, the 1988 models were special for at least two reasons. The first of these is that the General finally let the engineers put the front suspension they originally wanted to on the Fiero, rather than the parts-bin sourced Chevette (!) front suspension it originally got. The second reason is more unfortunate, as 1988 was also the last year for the Fiero. This particular Fiero comes with an amusing story of how the seller bid on and won the car at an auction, only to have his son remark “Mom is going to kill us! What did you do?” as soon as the bidding was complete. You’ll need to pick it up in Bainbridge Island, Washington if you win the auction here on eBay and save the seller’s marriage (his words, not mine). The opening bid is $5,750, and there’s no reserve.


Apart from a tiny bit of paint flaking around the front license plate holder, the original paint on this Fiero has held up magnificently. The seller says they were quoted $400 by a local paint shop to sand and repaint that area. Although I’m sure many of you would prefer the GT, I like the understated lines of the Formula just as much, and with the desirable specification of a manual transmission, the V6 and a sunroof, as well as cold air conditioning, this would be a perfect car for me to commute in. Funny, Pontiac management originally sold the idea of the Fiero to GM brass as a high miles per gallon commuter car!


Oftentimes I’m not a fan of wings on cars, but this one just looks right. With the plastic body you won’t have to worry about exterior rust, and with just under 50,000 miles the mechanical components should be fine as well. I need to be careful or I’m going to talk myself into bidding–as the seller notes, it’s only about $1,200 to get a car shipped across the country.


Looking at this beautiful interior isn’t helping the situation, either. Apart from a later model radio, I can’t find anything that’s been changed from the brochure pictures of a 1988 Formula. Even the floor mats look great! It’s obvious that this car has been loved, and it comes with a lot of documentation as well, including what looks like the build sheet.


The engine bay looks nice as well, although my first reaction on seeing this picture was “kit car”, because I’ve seen so many Fiero-based kit cars. I sincerely hope no one decides to use this original Formula (one of 5,484 in 1988) to build a kit from, although it would certainly be a nice platform to start from. So are you as smitten with this fantastic plastic sports car as I am? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Dean

    Now THERE is a car worthy of a mid life crisis – except I’m past mid life, and even if I could fold myself in I would likely need a chiropractor and a crane to get me out. Should have bought one when they were new. Lovely condition, and that interior looks brand new.

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    • Rando

      Stop, drop, and Roll! Stop, drop into the seat. When comes time to get out, Roll out the door onto the ground then hand over hand to get up.

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      • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

        +1. Until I lost a lot of weight, that’s how I had to get in/out of my Triumphs sometimes…

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      • Woodie Man

        hilarious…………and has the benefit of unfortunately being true!

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  2. Bobsmyuncle

    Great looking car! I would have to hold out for the best of the best though.

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    $5750 is close to all the money as $9000 is high retail on this car. I’m not buying the story and this guy has a nice con going but hey the car it cool.
    I wonder if the reserve is $8500?
    NADA deducts 10% for the V-6, what’s up with that….

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    • Keith

      NADA is clueless

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  4. JW

    Nice looking car but I’m skeptical as to the sellers story. As a car guy married to the same woman for 36 years who also is a car gal I know to talk major purchases over to be able to celebrate another anniversary, it’s called respect. After his first bid which we all can be over come with emotions at these auctions but to keep bidding after seeing his son’s reaction and knowing in the back of his mind he was in over his head when the wife finds out a normal guy would have quit at that moment so this just seems awful fishy to me. Great story if you believe it as I’m thinking he has figured out for himself I really don’t need this car.

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  5. boxdin

    Bought my first Fiero new in 88, have had a dozen since then. My fav is a 4cyl w Formula sway bars, springs and wheels. On my local track I was amazed the 4cyl was considerably faster than any V6 I ever took on that track. The Iron Duke is no slouch if used as intended which means lots of low end to exit corners but not so much on the high end. The 4cyl is much easier to work on too, crank fire ign, larger throttle body on the 87 & 88 which is where I learned now easy GM throttle bodys are to work on. I could go on……. This car has 238k miles on it, still tight as a gnats butt. You must work in it yourself, if a mechanic is needed you should not own a Fiero.

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  6. boxdin

    try on pic again…

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  7. jim s

    this car is being sold without a reserve. if the story is true i hope the wife gave him some time to think about it. i would want to check the front bumper closely as i think the paint damage is from hitting something. i too think this is the year to get. great find

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  8. HoA Howard AMember

    I’m with JW on this one. We aren’t hearing the whole story, and if this is what’s holding the marriage together, good luck. About 10 years ago, I had a run through Red Wing Minn. and on the edge of town, someone was selling a car just like this, only gold. It was on the front lawn, and had a hand painted sign, 4 sale $2,000. Well, a few weeks went by, and the guy kept cutting the price, $1,900, $1,800, looked really clean too, but there really wasn’t any place to pull the truck over, so a few more weeks went by, he had $1,600 , I thought, that’s it, next time I’m stopping, well, you guessed it, it was gone. I bet $1,500 took it. I’d think this would be the coolest “personal cruiser”, and it sure is clean. Not a lot of appeal, but I like it. I wish them the best of luck.

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  9. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    This being an ’88, means it has the Lotus designed suspension. Currently own to Fieros, one being an ’88 like this with a 4.1 liter Grand National clone engine.

    Always wondered if the Lotus suspension would take the abuse before buying one. Not so much abuse as daily driving on rural Connecticut’s road. Pretty durable, though wheel bearings are an assembly that for a while wasn’t available until the aftermarket finally got it right.

    Have owned 4 Fieros. All with sunroofs. Like the smoothness of the lines when they don’t have sunroofs, but the T-Top version creaks.

    They had an Indy version which was the only version that had a Turbo with the 4 cylinder. Rumor was the car, which only came with the 4 cylinder at the time, couldn’t keep the speed of the pace for the prevent.

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  10. charlieMember

    Where did you find a company that would transport a car cross country that inexpensively, I need to move my Allante from NH to CA this summer and I am finding prices of $3000 or so?

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    • jim s

      on Ebay under shipping quotes for this car there is a list of companies that may be able to help you.

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  11. jim s

    car now has 1 bid from a bidder with a feedback score of 1.

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    • charlieMember

      thank you, Jim s

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    • jim s

      now at $ 6100. has a 2nd bidder with 0 feedback.

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  12. grenade

    I absolutely abhor (can’t stand) GM products. Sure, the SBC can’t be beat in terms of several factors, but I still don’t like or accept more than three or four makes of GM cars in the entire history of the things. I get mad at myself for liking even those.. Nobody can convince me otherwise.

    With that said however- I know these Fieros are not very good, in any year. I’ve driven a few and seen dozens. But this little red Formula? Skip the story- it’s priced too high. What I will say, is that I simply love the thing. I have had to FORCE myself to pass on these things for years. Why do I want one?? Why am I attracted to this thing like a drunk guy in a bowling alley gets attracted to the ugly fat chick? WHY?? Doesn’t make sense I tell ya…

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  13. Keith

    Contrary to what a few are saying this is not priced too high for an 88 Formula in this condition. It’s missing a few power options oddly (no power windows or power mirrors) but does have the sunroof option…..if it had the T-tops and ultra rare leather interior then we’d really be in business. Having had many Fieros including 88 Formulas, $6k for this one would be about right.

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  14. Joseph Conner

    So many of you car experts on here. You’re such smart people!

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  15. jim s

    sold for $ 6600.

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  16. Harold Wood

    I had several over the years they are bad about over heating, with the radiator so low in the front and the engine in the rear. You had to kinda brup em to get the air pockets out of the cooling system, but they were fun to drive. Not as much fun as the Pantera I had back in the early seventies. Of the thousands of cars I have own though I think the early GTO’s I had were my Favorites.

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  17. J.P.

    Had a girlfriend who had one of these,thing has the turning radius of a freight train.

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