Rare Swiss Beetle: Enzmann 506 Spider

The Volkswagen Beetle, with its simple design philosophy, lent itself well to the aftermarket coachbuilding and racing scene. Ferdinand Porsche modified a Beetle to make his famous sportscar, albeit extensively modified. Today we have a truly interesting modified Beetle… more»

Fast Finds

Sport Runabout: 1911 Ford Model T

Most people credit Henry Ford with the development of the automotive production line. In fact, this credit goes to Ransom E. Olds, with his curved dash Oldsmobile being the first mass-produced car. Henry Ford took what Olds developed and… more»

40,000-mile Survivor! 1951 Studebaker Champion

Originally introduced for the 1939 model year, the Studebaker Champion was an exercise in the “lighter is better” school of thought. Coupled with the low base price it proved to be a sales success for the ailing company, and… more»

Only 1,865 Miles? 1971 Toyota Hilux Survivor

The Toyota Hilux was Toyota’s most successful global pickup truck. Known in America, after the first generation, simply as the “Toyota Truck,” it helped solidify Toyota’s reputation as producing reliable, simple, affordable, and practical vehicles. This first-generation model comes… more»

True Barn Find: 1958 Volkswagen Microbus

The Volkswagen Microbus, given the factory designation Type 2 because it was Volkswagen’s second model after the Type 1 Beetle, has a history almost as long and iconic as, well, the Volkswagen Microbus. It truly is a unique vehicle… more»

Finned Beauty: 1961 Cadillac Series 62

To paraphrase the famous marketing campaign. The Series 62 was Cadillac’s “entry-level” model since the 1940s, surviving seven generations, ending in 1964. Cadillac has consistently been the top-tier brand in General Motors’ repertoire, and this model was made back… more»

1979 Hurst/Olds W30 Cutlass Survivor!

Oldsmobile was General Motors’ unofficial experimental division for the longest time. All the wacky new engineering was tried out on Oldsmobiles before it was proven good enough for Cadillac, and they eventually trickled down to the other GM brands…. more»

Fresh from the Field: 1969 Nissan Patrol

Post-WWII, everyone wanted in on the success and notoriety of the Willys Jeep. Toyota had their Land Cruiser, England had the Land Rover…Mitsubishi and Mahindra even licensed the actual Willys design and bits of tooling. Today we have Nissan’s… more»

1 of 63: Extremely Rare 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Z06 “Big Tank”

The second-generation Corvette was made from 1963-1967, and the coupes made for the 1963 model year were the only examples to have the iconic “split window” design. This listing taught me that the 1963 model wasn’t just the only… more»

Art in Motion: 1967 Jaguar XKE 2+2

“The most beautiful car ever made” is high praise from a man like Enzo Ferrari, and this definitely deserved any and all accolades it got. It’s a stunning work of automotive art, recognized by the Museum of Modern Art… more»

Low Mileage Driver: 1957 Austin Healey 100-6

The “Big Healeys,” the Austin Healey 100, 100-6, and 3000, have become a collective gold standard for small British sports cars. Designed by Donald Healey and produced with help from the Austin Motor Company, they all share a long… more»

Real Life Transformer: 1970 Citroën HY

Citroën has always had cool and quirky vehicles, and this unibody, front-wheel drive, manual, corrugated steel cargo van with innovative independent suspension is no exception. Those aren’t even the coolest or weirdest aspects of this, either, but more on… more»

No Reserve: 1969 Opel GT 1.9

Debuting in 1965 at the Paris and Frankfurt motor shows, the Opel GT was originally just a styling exercise. Come 1968, however, they decided to make it a real, live car. Exceptionally lightweight, its base model 1.1 liter, 87… more»

1969 Plymouth Barracuda Survivor

In the mid-1960s, it was well known that Ford wanted to make a sporty car based on the Falcon sedan, which eventually became the Mustang. Sensing this, Chrysler wanted to build something to compete with that. Taking the platform… more»

Blast From the Past: 1913 Metz Model 22 Museum Piece

I remember reading somewhere once that at the first half of the twentieth century, there were more American car companies just starting with the letter A than there are total today. It’s also a time in the history of… more»

Saffron Survivor: 1978 Buick Electra Limited

The Electra enjoyed a production run spanning four decades, over nine generations. This fifth-generation 1978 model comes at the height of the American “malaise” era of cars; a genre of now-classics spanning the 1970s, ’80s, and even creeping into… more»