True Barn Find! 1951 Ford F3 Work Truck

“What will be a future classic?” Ultimately, we can never see the future, but looking into the past, we can make some educated guesses. Obviously, the cars that are designed to be classics will be classics. Your run-of-the-mill Corvettes, Prowlers, Cobras, Hellcats, Ferraris. The truly unexpected classics are always a surprise, though, because they’re generally relatively normal cars. Your Corollas, Bel Airs, Fieros, 500s, Minis, Brats. The disposable cars become classics because it’s just so surprising that they still exist at all. Today’s 1951 Ford F3 is just such a vehicle. You can find it here on eBay, thanks to T.J. for letting us know about it!

Being disposable is not an insult. Henry Ford, in designing his vehicles, wanted them to be used by people who needed them, to mobilize farmers and the general public. After all, what are cars meant for if not to be used? This truck is the truest realization of that ideology. It’s a real farm truck, used and abused for decades. It earned its patina through a lifetime of hard labor, and (at the risk of making people–including myself–feel old) was last registered in the year I was born.

I can’t say anything that isn’t seen in the pictures, and it sounds like the seller can’t, either. This is a barn find in the truest sense of the word: it was found in a barn, and with its most recent tabs from three decades ago, the truck will need work. Rust repair, probably a full rebuild. The interior, though rough, looks relatively complete, not that there was much inside to begin with. Farm trucks aren’t exactly known for their creature comforts and amenities.

It still has its presumably original engine, but you’re going to want to check the numbers to make sure. Not that it matters. I know some people get very concerned about numbers matching and value retention, but…let’s be real, here. This is a farm truck. My own experience growing up and working on farms tells me: if it moves under its own power, that’s a win. It doesn’t matter if the engine is the original Ford flathead or something cobbled together from Farmall spares. Whether you decide to make this a showstopper restomod or you need a quirky work vehicle, if you breathe a little life into it, this F3 is sure to do whatever you ask of it with gusto.


  1. geomechs geomechs Member

    I always love to see these old trucks. They represent a lot of my early life and often make me wish I was back there, when these were the main trucks for a lot of farmers. I learned to drive in a ‘49 F-3 and there will always be a special place in my heart for trucks like this. I would love to see the original pickup bed go back on while a complete restoration is being done. As always, I sure hope that this DOES get restored and not become fodder for a rat rod…

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  2. dogwater

    Get the torch out, not worth fixing with todays prices find one that is already restored

  3. James Simpson

    I have owned my F1 1951 Ford Pickup since 1971. It has gone through MANY restorations, yet now a 351 Windsor all syncro 3-on-the-tree, “Rat Rod” having deteriorated paint, with a stock looking unique original sheet iron tip-up front end, and normally opening hood as well. ( always a nice surprise to onlookers when I tip up the front.) Everywhere I drive it, people give it the “Thumbs Up”. This F3 has the deluxe hood side trim, but not the interior arm rests nor windshield trim that set the Deluxe slightly apart from the standard version. Mine would never be for sale. Way too cool.

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  4. Bob Mck Member

    I owned one of these when I lived in Denver. It was not pretty, but it got the job done. Yes, it rode like a truck….

  5. GCS Member

    That is in decent shape. Nothing is rusted through. Someone will grab it.

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