Two Made This Way: 1971 Mustang Convertible

Let’s look at how we get to the rarity of this 1971 Ford Mustang. We’ll start with 149,682 – that’s the total number of Mustangs made that year. 6,121 of those were Convertibles. 23 of those convertibles were finished in the Medium Brown Poly Metallic color (code 2371). 6 of those Medium Browns had White Vinyl Bucket seats. 4 of those had AM Radios. And 2 of those had Bumper Guards, 1 of which can be found here on eBay.

In an era where we have the ability to order one-of-a-kind, completely personalized things like running shoes, it seems our cars have less and less uniqueness. A day does not go by when I don’t see several twins to my 2018 Honda HRV on the roads of Seattle. And I bought the metallic green hue thinking I would be “different”. So it’s great to see a car like this Mustang, with pinpoint differentiation – even if it’s simply the optional bumper guards. Here’s the irony – the bumper guards can be seen nearly off camera in one picture (below), but had been removed for the picture shown above!

The car itself is not the favored mustang aficionado’s body style or year, coming off the aggressive stance and now epic history of the 1969 models – the 1971 ‘Stang was 3 inches wider, 3 inches longer and a stunning 800 pounds heavier than before. Most of the redesign was an attempt by Ford to capture what they thought would be growing demand for luxury options and bigger cars. The design, which failed, led consumers to switch to smaller models like the Pinto and Mavericks. It would lead industry leader Lee Iacocca to state “The Mustang market never left us, we left it.”

Still, it’s not hard to imagine rolling down the SoCal roads with its white top down, sun shining brightly on the massive Medium Brown hood. In the big picture, a wonderful collectors survivor like this one which is available at a Buy It Now price of $14.5k might be an amazing and fun way to spend a bit of hard earned cash – and own a (nearly) one of a kind pony!



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  1. Dave Mc

    You had me at back bottom skidmark brown.

    • Dick Johnson

      With a Charmin white top and seats. 800 pounds heavier? Woof.

  2. Gass Passer Member

    Hmmmm. Only 2 with bumper guards, wonder why.

  3. Coventrycat

    Rarity is no big deal when a clapped out Healey sells for 10k more. Oh, it’s an automatic, too.

  4. Dave in Edmonds

    The second picture shows no bumper guards. The third picture shows them. WTH?

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      There are no bumper guards in most of the pictures. Guessing someone just added them to make it unique, or at least that’s my best guess. Or the flip side, took them off because they looked funky. Not bad for a 71 convertible. I expect the BIN is where the reserve is at.

      • Dave in Edmonds

        I emailed the guy about it and he said that he hadn’t even thought about the bumper guards when he put on a new bumper. He also said that he threw them away with the old piece. That whole “1 of 2” thing just went out the window.

    • jdjonesdr


  5. Steve R

    Its a nice car, but the emphasis on being one of two comes across as meaningless hype. Documentation of the mileage is more important to me.

    Is the hood original to this car? If so, why wouldn’t that be in the Marti report.

    Steve R


      I doubt that the hood is original to this car. The seller does say in the listing that he sees evidence that the front clip was replaced. If though for some reason the hood is original then the Marti report should show it, however the seller does not show the area of the report listing the options.

  6. Miguel

    It is not two Mustangs had bumper guards, it is two cars that were equipped with the above options were built that way.

    It gets confusing.

  7. Jimmy

    Yawn !!!

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      Yawn indeed!!!

  8. Jbones

    Like the skinny whitewall on the rear passenger. Doesn’t match any of the others. Pet peeve of mine…

    • nrg8

      Yep probably has a plug or two cause this flipper is just that cheap

  9. dgrass

    So, 23 people had bad taste. 6 of which had the sensibility to have white interior in a convertible (unfortunately the car is still metallic poop brown). 4 of those liked country music while 2 of those didn’t trust themselves with their driving.

    • Riccardo Scavo

      Dgrass, you is one mean sarky dude. Two didnt trust themselves with their driving! Very witty

  10. Nick

    For this generation of Mustang (71-73) the 250 straight 6 engine (rather than any V8) in a Convertible, Hardtop, or Grande model was the lowest production and more rare version.

  11. Brad

    If nobody wants it, I will take it …

  12. Troy s

    Designed with the idea of dropping the big 429 between the fenders, one of Bunkies ideas. Called the fat mustang, and maybe it is, but all Ford’s began to look “fat” in the early seventies. Even the pinto looked pudgy for its class.
    This car is in great shape and all that, but for some reason it kind of puts me to sleep. I guess sometimes the term rare doesn’t always mean interesting.

  13. Blyndgesser

    Nobody seems to care that it’s a 351 Cleveland with a four barrel…

    • 71FXSuperGlide

      That is a plus, along with what appears to be a pretty solid body.

      Not sure it makes up for the price.

    • Oddimotive Cason

      It’s two barrel-equipped (H code), but should sound good and be pretty torquey.

  14. Boss351

    The front bumper and hood are from a Mach 1 and not original to vehicle. That’s why the front clip doesn’t match. The front bumper should also be chrome. I wish the Marti report was all there to see the options on this one. The auto trans should be a FMX transmission rather than the C-6 for the 351-2v engine. We had one of these new from 73 for over 27 years so I am comparing to a 73 model. Rear window in top should be glass not plastic.

    If the miles are real, this should sell for $11K to $12.5K even though this one is one of the ugliest colors.

    • TMD

      My ’72 Gran Torino has a C6 behind the 351 4V, maybe the ‘stang would too?

  15. Karguy James

    Yeah, the Marti Reports can get a little ridiculous on the “rarity” of some of the options. One of only one with factory floor mats, or a three speed wiper, etc. I don’t mind the breakdown. I do mind when people use these ridiculously meaningless breakdowns in their ads.

  16. EJB

    My First Mustang was a 73′ vert that had been re-painted white. The original color was medium brown metallic like this one. I’m not a fan of white cars in general but I’m even less a fan of brown.

    Mine was pretty much the twin (for a 73′) but with deluxe interior. Mine had bumper guards too.

    Like Boss351 said the front bumper should be chrome. Also, on a 71′ the word “Mustang” on the trunklid should be spelled out in individual letters. 72′ and 73′ had the word in script in the corner of the trunk lid.

  17. CanuckCarGuy

    Nice car, nice colour combinations…but then I prefer a more sedate looking convertible, versus a fully-dressed, scooped and striped fastback. Different looks for different purposes.

    • reholmes

      I had both, one for a daughter, one for a son, can’t say which I liked better–of the cars.

  18. Pete

    Good eyes fellas catching those inconsistancies. The car does have a few minor problems especially for the price he is asking. If it was all straight he might be on the money, I agree he is a little high. I actually like the fact that it is Brown over White. Beats Green any day. The only way it could be better is if it was Black or Blue with white interior. My first wife grew up driving a 72 Mustang convertible, Blue with white hounds tooth interior. She along with both her siblings managed to wreck the car and it was rebuilt each time at the ford dealer. She finely traded it in for a Mustang II. I know big mistake. But it is a new car she said. But so is a Yugo. LOL.

    • Alexander

      I had a blue 1971 Galaxie convertible with a houndstooth, bucket seat interior. Very cool for a full size car. It wasn’t a true houndstooth like the Camaros of the era. More like a black and white basketweave. I used to be pretty good at keeping those seats clean.

  19. Alexander

    Oh my, here we go again. Price = rarity? I’m turned off by all the aforementioned faults and I really wanted to like this offering. Plastic rear window is a giveaway that the seller is cheap. Best part of early 70s convertibles from the big 3 was that they went to glass back there. I also agree mismatched tires, a front clip swap and a repaint does not make we want to take my checkbook out to BIN. First thing I noticed was the bumpers in the photos. And bumperguards or lack thereof.

  20. Rich Switzer Member

    Chick car, well at least Mary Taylor Moore.

  21. Miguel

    When you see different parts on the front of a car you have to wonder why.

    Most people, back then, did not spend money and change parts for aesthetic purposes.

    If the front end was hit, they probably found these parts and thought what the heck.

    I did buy a rusted out 1972 Cougar XR-7 convertible that was from Mass.

    It had a 351 Cleveland and a 3 speed manual. The only option it had was power steering.

    At 50 MPH I shifted from first to second, 70 MPH into third and the rest from there.

    I was really surprised by that car.

    Now you should check this car for extensive front end damage before purchasing it.

  22. Jubjub

    I don’t really mind the color and actually always liked this generation of Mustang. But yuck, that driver door to fender gap looks pretty scary and it appears to have a lot of negative camber on the passenger side.

    Other than that, it needs the deep dish poverty cap/trim ring that many of these had and some bodyside mouldings or pinstripes.

    If I’m to have a brown early ‘70s Ford product make mine a Capri please.

    • Scott Tait

      By that it would be a ford Europe mk1 Capri rebadged as a mercury capri … owned a few …great handing cars based on ford Europe Cortina running gear

  23. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I gotta say, if you’re going to have the last of the big Mustangs (not the last last…I know they ran to 73), a convertible one is the one I’d want

  24. Paul

    I like the convertibles a little better then the sports roof that year, and lot better then the grande. This seems like a nice car.

  25. 64 Bonneville

    There was a 73 convertible on Craigslist in Denver a couple years ago. 6 cylinder/3 speed, AM radio, heater and power steering. Being sold by original owner for $9K. Now THAT might be a rare Mustang/

  26. Loco Mikado

    Anyone noticed there is only 1 shock tower brace and the firewall behind the firewall looks to have bunch of dents.

  27. r spreeman

    A friend of mine bought a 72 Mustang “Grandé” in ’74 or so. When we found out the prior owner’s name was ‘Dagney Quandee’ we rode him to no end that he was driving the Dagney Quandee Grondee.

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