Reserve Free: 1975 BMW 2002

I’ve always wanted a 2002. They’re the grandfather of the legendary E30 and the body is just the right mix of old and new BMW styling. They’re plentiful, and can be had affordably. This car, doesn’t look like a… more»

The Unicorn of Unicorns? 1989 BMW 325ix Wagon

Thanks to reader Chuck for this very unique find! I present to you, one of my personal unicorns, a 1989 BMW E30 Touring in 325ix trim and a factory 5 speed. Allow me to break that down for you…. more»

James K’s 1966 Corvair Monza Convertible

Update 2/1/17 – James really wants to see his Corvair go to a good home, and soon, so he’s listed it here on eBay! Be sure to take a look. From 1/27/17 – I have reached the hard and… more»

Ex-Military: 1962 Ford F100

Once again, reader Clark B. has supplied us with a great find in northern Wisconsin! In all honesty, I love this truck. This body-style of Fords is one of my favorites in their whole line of trucks. That, combined… more»

Crusty 4×4: 1947 Willys CJ-2A

Thanks to reader Clark B. for this cool find! I’ve always liked CJ-2A’s. The split windshields and low hoods make for a very classy looking off-roader. This 1947 2A seems to be a great candidate for an affordable off-roader. Find… more»

Small-Block Sedan: 1963 Chevrolet Impala

Thanks to reader Clark B. for this super cheap find! Here’s a pretty affordable project- a 1963 Impala sedan for a whopping $650 with a small-block Chevy and a clean title. Yes, its a 4 door. Feel free to… more»

Low-Mileage Hemi: 1952 Desoto FireDome

I’ll admit- I’m a sucker for quirky stuff, like this 1952 Desoto sedan. My dad has a friend from work who is a car guy, typical car guy. He has probably 30 cars, most of which are 4 doors. In… more»

Three Free Mopars!

There’s truly nothing like free stuff. Free food. Free internet. Free V8’s. What? Yes, I said it. Free V8’s. This gentleman is giving away three Dodge trucks here on craigslist. Thanks to reader Doug F. for this great deal! All… more»

The Ratty Milk Van: 1951 Dodge Delivery

Here’s something you don’t see every day! I would call this a COE, but I’m not totally convinced the cab is truly over the engine. This truck is absolutely killer looking- heavily faded logos combined with deflated tires creating… more»

2-Tone Green Tri-Five! 1957 Chevy 210

Located in Lansing, Michigan, and found here on craigslist, this clean looking 57 Chevy 210 is the tri-five sedan you didn’t know you wanted. The 55-57 Chevy 210’s make great alternatives to the extremely pricey Bel-Airs. Equally classy lines with… more»

$900 Oddball Mini-Truck Project

Who doesn’t love Japanese mini-trucks? Seriously, who doesn’t? They’re durable, affordable, cheap, and relatively fun to drive. With a useable bed and a size and price-point that won’t intimidate most owners, these trucks make great work-horses. Why bother buying… more»

Cheap Rag Top: 1965 Corvair Convertible

I often find myself looking at projects that I could never take on, because of either a lack of space or lack of funding. When this car popped up here on craigslist, there was a small voice in my… more»

Charred 1963 Corvette Convertible

There is truly nothing like cruising through the countryside on a warm spring day with the top down accompanied by the rumble of a 327. Many people daydream about spending a few hours taking corners at higher-than-normal speeds behind… more»