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Reserve Free: 1975 BMW 2002

I’ve always wanted a 2002. They’re the grandfather of the legendary E30 and the body is just the right mix of old and new BMW styling. They’re plentiful, and can be had affordably. This car, doesn’t look like a bad example at all, with a current bid of only $2,025 here on eBay. The color is definitely unique, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it on a 2002.

I have a good feeling this car will clean up nicely. A weekend with an orbital polisher and a bottle of wax may yield a very nice, original paint driver. The steel wheels are present and complete the stock look nicely. I have to believe that this is the original paint, given the data tag (below) saying “Mintgrün” (or “mint-green” for our non-German-speaking readers) and the lack of overspray.

Th interior seems to be presentable, with clean door panels, a solid looking dash, and classy aftermarket sheepskin seat covers. The real downside to this car is the obvious automatic shifter spotted in the center console. For many, this is a major turnoff, but a 5 speed swap from an E24 is not difficult at all.

As mentioned earlier, the car still sports its original “Mintgrün” finish. The seller says that is has a sunroof, which is a highly sought-after feature for many 2002 enthusiasts. The engine most likely needs some major work, but with a body that looks as solid as this, it may be worth the investment.


  1. Jeff Staff

    Sunroof, desirable color….just a transmission-swap away from greatness.

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  2. ed

    Lower parts of body are rust as per usual.An auto is not that desirably.At 2000 buck you will quickly have twice that in body and paint .The interior looks fairly nice.Great project car for those with time and money..lots of money.

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  3. dirtyharry

    Why stop at a trans swap? We see almost everything getting the Pro Street treatment. At the LA Roadster show, how many Flatheads sat in all those FORD roadsters? You know the answer. This car deserves an engine swap and in California, if your date of birth is 1975 or older, you are smog exempt and that is a license to build a real performance car.

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  4. Blyndgesser

    Watch out for rust in the trunk and rear shock towers.

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  5. Wendell

    Had a 1602 4-speed that color when I was stationed in Germany in 88. One of the best cars I ever owned.

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    • seth karpen

      had one of the 1602 also in 1972, agreed it was a blast to drive.

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  6. Derek F

    Love the color.
    This looks like an insurance auction- will this 2002 get a salvaged title?

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    • JamestownMike

      That white stock number sticker on the top of the windshield and first 3 pics are from Copart. Has a clean title, most likely a donation.

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  7. bill

    I had one of these many years ago. I liked the car but its biggest problem was if you were not parked on perfectly flat ground and closed the door the window would break
    I went through 4 drivers door windows before I decided to just get rid of it.

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  8. HBChris

    It looks like a rust bucket, check out both front fenders for starters! And the 5 speed to get is from the e21. I think the current seller bought it sight unseen or didn’t check it out and now regrets his purchase.

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  9. redwagon

    buy it!

    what could possibly go wrong?

    then tell us.

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    This just sold on co-part not that long ago.

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    • Jeff Staff

      I thought I had seen it before. Wonder if it’s one of those flippers who buys something, never picks it up and then re-lists it.

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  11. Doyler

    Seems like a lot of rust bubbling under? Or am I mad?

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  12. Bbuz

    Meh, not a roundie.

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  13. steve m

    Ive owned 20+ BMWs of a lot of models and vintages. That said what I see in this car is what a lot of enthusiasts face. A driver is around 10k now, and a clean car is 20+. This might be a good way for a DIY guy or gal to have a real nice car, if the rockers, floors, and shock towers are good……AND everyone here knows how stupid expensive paint is these days. Something like this could be shot in single stage paint on a wet garage floor and rival the factory paint job…..This could be a real gem for the right do-it-yourself person.

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  14. tiitouring

    Yeah, im not on board with the “solid” comment., there seems to be a ton of rust bubbling up under the paint on every panel. The ebay pictures make it even more obvious. Without seeing this car in the metal, im thinking it might be a rolling parts department.

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  15. JeffG

    I agree with the rust comments. The whole bottom 1/4 of the car has been sprayed with a rattle can.

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  16. Jubjub

    I thought I’d seen this one too. At least haul it somewhere else and take some photos not in a Copart lot.

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  17. Steve H

    I just love the BMW 2002s. I took a few turns at the wheel on my buddy’s red one with a manual it was a blast to drive. He drove it for over 20K miles and didn’t change the oil once. Still ran like a champ.

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  18. Bobror

    I thought it was homorous the writer referred to the 2002 as “the grandfather of the legendary E30”. I’m probably a little more elderly so my perspective would be to say the E30 is the grandson of the legendary 2002.

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  19. Melvin Burwell

    My cousin had one of these. A 74 which was the first year without the roundie taillights. Best handling fast little car I’d ridden in as of 1984. Dream car. My favorite body style.

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