Three Free Mopars!

There’s truly nothing like free stuff. Free food. Free internet. Free V8’s. What? Yes, I said it. Free V8’s. This gentleman is giving away three Dodge trucks here on craigslist. Thanks to reader Doug F. for this great deal! All three are 4-wheel-drive and are listed as having V8’s. What I see here is a great opportunity for someone to get themselves started in older cars for a price that anyone can afford.

The seller says that only the 1987 long-bed 318 powered truck has paper work, but it appears as though there might be enough between all three to make one good work truck. The second one is listed as a 1992 long-bed forestry truck with a fuel-injected 360. The third is an 87 Ram-Charger with a 318. Although they may have been abused and poorly stored, the value of the engines and transmissions is just one reason to pick up this package.

They all appear to be the same color, which would be convenient for parts-swapping. I spot at least one set of locking hubs, pictured on the Ram-Charger. I spot one, if not two, brush-guards- another plus for someone building an off-roader. The seller also says that he has extra loose parts including a transmission, transfer case, and “all kinds o other stuff”. I cannot comment on interior, but a Mexican blanket can easily be placed over some foam padding to make a cheap and relatively comfortable seat.

Like I said before, this package would make a great opportunity for someone looking to get on wheels for very little money- $0! Although no mention is made about the state of the engines and transmissions, at least one of them has to be able to be revived. If you’re a performance guy looking for a small-block Mopar to build, this is for you. If you’re a 16-year-old kid looking to spend some time wrenching on a cheap car, this is for you. If you’re a contractor who is fed-up with your new Dodge and have some mechanical talent, this is for you. Frankly, I can’t come up with a reason not to scoop this deal up!


WANTED 1967-1977 Ford F250 Looking for a Highboy – 4X4 near Texas! Contact

WANTED 1960-1965 Ford Ranchero Looking for period-correct cap or topper. Protect-O-Plate was the main brand, but open to any brand Contact

WANTED 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible Looking for the rear seats or bare frames. Must be from a convertible which are smaller. Contact

WANTED 66 or 67 Chevrolet chevelle would like a strong big block and 4 speed Contact

WANTED 1976 Dodge Colt ISO any condition 2 door 4spd preferred complete car. Located in FL will travel. Contact

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    Have always liked the looks of the Ramchargers. I had a 78ish 1 ton pickup with a 360 and it was a pretty good pickup. Had a lot of trouble with the Thermo-quad carb, but once that got sorted out, I liked it, and it served me well.
    Someone needs to snatch these up, I would think the Ramcharger would be where the money would best spent. But with 2 parts vehicles, and what sounds like a truck bed of extras, what a deal

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Whenever something is offered for free, there always seems to be a catch. I start to wonder how difficult it would be to get these out of where they are. I will admit that for the price, this looks like an offer you can’t refuse. Parts are relatively easy to come by; the trucks are well built for the most part. A great way to start a collection….

  3. Claus Graf

    Did you say FREE?

  4. rando

    I wish. I can’t even afford them for free right now. Removal, rebuild, etc. But would be a nice cache to have to build one good truck; sell and scrap the rest.

  5. Jeffro

    Free would not be an excusable reason to my wife. She might tell me that I’m free to leave. Good deal for someone.

  6. JW

    OH if only I had stayed living in the country I would be all over these but my city neighbors would be all over me if I had them here.

  7. Norm

    Dosent say where they are ??

    • Darrun

      Listing is for Humboldt. 707 area code is for Humboldt Co. in NW Cailfornia

    • milotus

      They’re in Whitethorn,CA,just East of Shelter Cove.
      This is what we call “Farming Country” around here.
      Not sure,but might be the same guy who had a Spitfire,
      plus a lot of other cars to clear out a while back.I put the info on
      the Spitfire out there,& a guy from Oregon came & got it.

    • Jumping g


    • John D

      The craigslist city is on the top left. Click on that and the nearby cities show that they are in northern California, which makes transporting of them to the Lake Erie area cost prohibitive for me.

  8. nessy

    Looks like a hoarder’s yard. I have enough of my own hoard that I need to sell so the thought of bringing more stuff home does not sound good, even for free.


    The longbed is the only one with a title, that would be the one to fix without hassle.

    • The Walrus

      Most states don’t require titles for vehicles this old, so that’s a moot point.

      • RichS

        Well Walrus, the trucks are in California and they do require titles here so that comment is also kind of moot.

  10. P

    Listed 29 days ago.
    Updated six days ago.

    Something’s rotten.

    • RichS

      P- Yeah, I was going to say the exact same thing. Could be that over the 29 days, he started by asking money and lowered the price over time to zero.

      But even 6 days out for three free trucks says 1 of these is likely the case:
      -the guy sucks at returning email
      -they’re impossible to get out of their location economically
      -they’re not worth it

  11. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Whitehorn. Middle of nowhere; middle of mountainous terrain. No doubt it would take a LOT of logistics and brain damage to haul these out of where they’re rotting…I mean sitting.

    As someone said, they’re free for a reason and I will add that altruism is not the reason.

  12. Rustytech Member

    Too bad, these were good trucks. I put 250k on a 1986 with the 318 and 4×4. These are basket cases, this guy is just looking for free haul away.

  13. Barzini

    When I list something for free on Craigslist (e.g., a TV with no sound), I am flooded with takers within an hour.

  14. Mr. Bond

    It’s funny though, you’ll get a lot of calls for free stuff you advertize, but when you firm up with someone to come and get it, they often don’t show up. Odd.

    • RichS

      I’ve had great luck weeding out the flakes when giving freebies away on CL that reply “gimme your address” with “I’m in this (general location), call me when you’re ready to come and pick it up” and when they do call, giving them a short window before I offer it to someone else.

  15. Walter Joy

    I own an 89 W250 with the 360 (fuel injection= Holley throttle body). The big thing with these is rust, especially the ones that have Ziebart

  16. Scott

    Price is too high!

  17. Doug Towsley

    remote area, and scrap metal is at an all time low price means too expensive to even scrap. That would be why free. Plus I am guessing some logistics as well, perhaps difficult location. Notice the snow… this time of year as well, stuff does not exactly sell that well. Give them credit, at least someone gets the opportunity to do something with these. Sure beats the alternative. Dont understand the negative commentary. Isnt this what we try to do is connect people to projects and vintage vehicles rather than scrapped?

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