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Sun-Baked To Perfection: 1951 Chevrolet 3600

Being able to tell the difference between a model 3100 and 3600 Chevy Advance Design pickup truck (1947-1955) can be tricky for the casual admirer (like me).  However, if I’ve done my homework on this 1951 Chevy, it is a 3600 (3/4 ton) model.  While there are a few things that distinguish the 3600s from the 3100s, there are also some subtle changes to these trucks that were made within and between model years.   Up for auction here on eBay, bidding has reached $2,225 with the sale ending soon.  The truck is located in pleasant Pueblo, Colorado.

One way to tell the difference between a 3100 and a 3600 is the lug pattern.  The 3600s primarily came with an 8 lug bolt pattern while the 3100s were 6 lugs.  This ’51 Chevy has the 8 lug pattern, indicating it is more than likely a 3600 model.  Of interest is the driver’s side door.  You probably noticed it appears to be a darker shade of green than the rest of the truck, perhaps Forester Green (vs. Seacrest Green), indicating it probably isn’t original to the truck.  Also, take a look at the push-button handle, which is different than the lever-style handle on the passenger side door.  Beginning in 1952, Chevy began outfitting Advance Design trucks with push-button handles, so it seems this door is from a ’52 or later model.

The information offered by the seller is limited, however, he is clear about one thing: the original 216 straight-six turns freely but does not run.  Mileage is listed at just under 32K and according to the seller, the truck “has been parked for decades.”  Inside photos show the presence of a floor shifter, indicating the transmission is likely the 4-speed manual which was common to the 3600 model.  The photo above showing the firewall gives us the best look at the truck’s original paint color which, as mentioned previously, appears to be Seacrest Green.

The interior looks original but rough, exhibiting a level of corrosion that’s commensurate with the body’s exterior.  Daylight can be seen poking through the driver side floor pan but the seller claims this is the only area where rust is found on the truck.  I guess he has another word in mind for the slow but gradual breakdown and deterioration of metal that is occurring on the rest of the truck.  Oxidation?  Corrosion?  Wait…I’ve got it…patina!  What are your thoughts on this 5-window classic?


  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Great price for what appears to be a solid project truck! And thanks for sharing what you’ve learned, Jay, both of this truck and ‘50’s Chevy trucks overall.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I could get used to having one of these at my place. These hold considerably more stuff than a 1/2 ton but they still fix up quite well. As always the 216 will work just fine for me. A lot of people will pale at the sight of those split rims but we had them on our trucks when I was growing up and it was nothing to work on the ranch vehicles with them. And when I got into the repair business you just learned to respect those rims…

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  3. Mr. Bond

    Jay, didn’t “5-Window” refer to the cabs with the corner windows?

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  4. Don H


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  5. Rich

    I’m more interested in the truck next to it !

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Can’t quite tell if it’s an ‘Eyebrow’ but I like it too. Bonus if it’s an eyebrow.

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  6. Ken

    It’s hard to tell what year this truck is. It has a Chevrolet emblem on the hood, which makes it pre-1953. 1953 trucks featured only the series number designation on the hood.

    It has a 80-mph speedometer, which would make it a ’51. 1952 and later models had the 90-mph speedometer. But it has post-’51 door handles, which means the doors might not be original to the truck. I think this is a ’51.

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    • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Perhaps a Johnny Cash “One Piece At A Time” Cadillac type Special? You know, “It’s a ‘49-‘50-‘51……-‘59 automobile”

      (We’re all gonna have that song in our heads the rest of the day LOL)

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        I just saw the words and that song is firmly entrenched in my mind…

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      • Ken

        Gotta admit I loved that song when it came out (mid 70s, when I was about 13 or so).

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