Italian 4×4: 1961 Fiat AR59 Campagnola

The Willys Jeep made more of an impression on the world than we give it credit for. Willys were loitering around several countries after WWII so many enterprising military organizations deconstructed individual Jeeps to create their own versions. The… more»

Calling Dr. Buckaroo Bonzai: 1976 Bradley GT Boeing TurboJet

What’s a movie doing in a car review? Well, this car might have come from central casting for one of my favorite movies, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension. The movie – a cross between Battlestar… more»

Cheap Driver: 1963 Austin Healey Sprite

This pocket-sized Brit is fun incarnate. If you’ve never driven a Sprite or a Midget, try one on for size sometime; they’re not fast but they feel quick. And though small, the handling infuses the driver with confidence –… more»

Suspended Project: 1960 Fiat 1200 Cabriolet “Vetture Speciali”

  This car entered its seller’s garage in 2019 and has rested undisturbed ever since. One of a vast library of Fiat 1100-based models, the 1200 was introduced as the Granluce saloon and the Turismo Veloce Spider in 1957…. more»

Three Owners: 1960 Volkswagen Beetle

Any guesses as to how many 1960 Volkswagen Beetles are for sale tonight as I write this? lists a couple; Hemmings and Auto Trader another six each; and others are probably lurking at more obscure venues – all… more»

Project Pony Car: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda Four-Speed V8

Plymouth didn’t know it, but it invented a new genre in the pantheon of automotive history: the pony car. Arriving in April of 1964 – just a few weeks before Ford’s Mustang – the Barracuda possessed the long hood/short… more»

Reluctant Sale: 1973 Volkswagen Thing Survivor

Here on eBay is a seller who doesn’t want to be a seller, with a 1973 Thing to sell. Volkswagen made these smart, fun utility vehicles from 1968 through 1980, but the US only enjoyed two model years of… more»

Art Deco Project: 1937 Studebaker Coupe Express J5

After Studebaker built the unfortunately named Dictator, Raymond Loewy grafted its front sheet metal, frame, and running gear onto a useful bed, creating a new type of vehicle. Studebaker called this the “coupe express” – a sort of “car… more»

Mundane or Magical? 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

If you know British engine designer Cosworth, you know that its engines powered Formula One cars raced by Lotus, Ford, March, McLaren, Jaguar, Lola – the list is exhaustive, as are its championships. In 1969, for instance, Cosworth-powered cars… more»

Survivor: 1987 Honda Civic CRX Si

How old does a survivor need to be for us to truly appreciate it? And will any make do? It’s easy to revere a ’50s or ’60s vehicle with low mileage and no changes from stock. We can appreciate… more»

Show and Go: 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Wagon

The Corvair wagon was a weird idea. All manner of Corvairs were selling well in 1961, but the new Lakewood wagon – not so much. With the motor in the rear, the cargo floor was high. This diminished the… more»

No Reserve Survivor! 1947 Dodge WC Pickup

As Dodge developed its light truck line from the mid-1920s onward, it offered a dizzying array of configurations. Still, its trucks shared car chassis and their bodies didn’t look much different from a sedan with a bed appended. Styling… more»

Race Car Project? 1962 Morgan 4/4

The Morgan 4/4 was launched in 1936 as a two-seater and other than a hiatus during WWII, production ran until 2018. No other car model has had as long a run as the 4/4. With an ash body skeleton… more»

Barn Find! 1933 Plymouth PC Coupe

Frisky bidding has pushed the price of this 1933 Plymouth PC project car here on eBay to $5200. A handsome coupe to be sure, but it needs virtually everything, so what’s driving the price? Well, though it needs plenty… more»

No Reserve: 1972 MG Midget

In the beginning, there was the cheap, cheerful Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite. This car filled the “simple sports car” niche that Donald Healey felt had been vacated as its own cars grew heavier and gained seats. At first, the Bugeye… more»

One Owner, Low Miles, No Reserve! 1979 Datsun B210 Survivor

The Datsun B210 arrived in the US in 1973, just in time for the gas crisis to sideswipe America. With its thrifty four-cylinder engine, lightweight construction, and snazzy looks, the B210 sold like hotcakes. Only a handful of compacts… more»