Glamour Bird Barn Find: 1969 Thunderbird 429 V8

When the Thunderbird arrived, carving out the personal luxury car space, buyers flocked to place orders. Arriving with a V8 from the git-go, the T-Bird almost bumped the Corvette off the map. As the years passed, and generations of… more»

Same Owner Forty Years: 1948 Rover P3 Model 75

Rover’s story began like many a British maker – crafting bicycles and motorcycles starting in 1878. The company’s name was associated with “wandering”, and it chose a Viking longship as its emblem, symbolizing exploration. When the automobile market erupted… more»

Long Term Ownership: 1938 Ford De Luxe Coupe

Ford introduced its V8 engine in 1932, and from then on, advancements in design were rapid. While the Model A changed in only subtle ways over the years, the mid-30s Fords shifted quickly from straight-line sheet metal and upright… more»

Garage Dweller: 1961 Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe

Ford’s Anglia began life in 1939, a typically British bull-nosed saloon equipped with an aging sidevalve engine. Until 1953, the car was nearly unchanged – the new design for that year was only sheet-metal deep. A few improvements had… more»

Hangar Find: 1981 Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin paired up with Lagonda in 1947 – two small-batch makers occupying the luxury niche. After the merger, the Lagonda nameplate was usually cycled into the production mix when Aston Martin offered a sedan to buyers. This car… more»

Mild Project: 1974 AMC Javelin AMX

The AMC Javelin was designed by Dick Teague as an effort to shed AMC’s staid economy car image and begin attracting younger buyers. A true “pony car” fashioned in the long hood/short deck style, the first Javelin was introduced… more»

Storage Unit Find: 1969 Lotus Elan +2

In the early 1960s, Colin Chapman was riding high on successes in Formula racing. But his road-going car, the Elite, struggled in the market, putting Lotus in a precarious financial position. The Elite, while lovely, was fragile and demanded… more»

Romance the Road: 1974 Winnebago Brave D19

Here is a time capsule straight out of the 1970s – a very original 1974 Winnebago Brave D19. With only 43,000 miles on the clock and retaining nearly all of its’70s decor and appointments, this RV is ready to… more»

Estate Find: Maserati-Powered 1972 Citroen SM

In the early 1960s, Citroën embarked on Project S, intended as a sporty version of its DS. Development followed a winding path, as the concept evolved from a version of the DS to a separately engineered, more upscale effort…. more»

Rally Beast: 1981 Renault R5 Turbo 1

Do you remember the Le Car, from Renault? It was a slow, unreliable little thing, just a nick above the Yugo, fading rapidly from our shores after slow sales here. But it sold over 5 million copies in Europe… more»

For Parts? 1969 Ford Bronco U15

Got an early Bronco in restoration? Here’s an opportunity to pick up a parts car in Atlantic Mine, Michigan. Yeah, as the Rolling Stones said in Faraway Eyes, “There she was sittin’ in the corner, a little bleary, worse… more»

Merrill, Wisconsin Estate Sale! Impalas, Packards, Dirt Trackers!

Pining for something to do over the next couple of days? Head on over to Merrill, Wisconsin to check out this forty-car estate sale with a bonus: some of the cars actually have titles! Unfortunately, that doesn’t include these… more»

Better than a Ford? 1934 Terraplane Business Coupe

Businesses were gutsy during the Great Depression. Somehow, they had to survive, and mostly, that meant taking risks. Packard entered the middle market, GM emphasized the low end of the market, and Chrysler cost-cut until Plymouth represented most of… more»

Triple White: 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale Convertible

Our own Scotty G found another fabulous land yacht for us: this 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale convertible in triple white. Located in Bel Air, Maryland, this Olds has traveled just over 95,000 miles since new. An older repaint… more»

One-Owner Barn Find! 1951 DeSoto Custom

American car makers began slicing and dicing the market into socio-economic niches back in the 1920s. Over at Chrysler, Walter P. was late to the trend, as Ford and Chevrolet already had low-, middle- and high-end offerings. The brand-new… more»

Trunk Full of Trophies: 1984 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Coupe

The pages of Barn Finds have been blessed lately by a nice crop of low-mileage Malaise-Era sedans, and here’s another one. This 1984 Oldsmobile 98 Regency coupe is looking for a new home; it has only 57,543 miles on… more»

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