Ur-TR: 1955 Triumph TR2

For all we see at most car events where British sports cars gather, Triumph’s roadster lineage may as well have started with the TR3, but it stands to reason that before there was a 3, there… more»

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Perfect World Traveler? 1987 Mercedes-Benz 300TD

I was amused to learn that one of the finalists in the currently airing Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, New York bartender Austin Rogers, revealed on the show his elaborate plan for his winnings: a round-the-world road… more»

Beach Wagon: 1975 Dodge Sportsman Royal SE

When I was a kid, a family that lived down the street had a 1970s Dodge B-series van parked in front of their house, and the only time they ever used it was when they were… more»

Under Cover Since 1991: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

It never ceases to amaze me to find out the kinds of cars that are just hidden away. Case in point, this one-owner, 37,655-mile ’67 Camaro emerging from 26 years of covered storage—conveniently for the seller,… more»

Sexy Sedan: 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

So-called “four-door coupes” have been a fashionable trend over the last decade, typically characterized by a sleek roofline and frameless door glass, but if you ask me, for true more-door style it’s hard to beat a… more»

Monday Motivation: 1970 BMW 2500

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent my weekend on the road in my ’73 BMW Bavaria driving from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and back, and everything was going swimmingly until, about 18 miles from… more»

Bluebird of Winter Project: 1964 Datsun 410

In the comments on yesterday’s Mazda 1800 wagon article, reader CoolHluke shared a link to another cool vintage Japanese project car with an interesting story of its own: this 1964 Datsun 410, with the very low… more»

Hen’s Teeth: 1972 Mazda 1800 Wagon

Here’s one that’s rarer than the proverbial hen’s teeth! A couple of months ago, our pal Scotty Gilbertson shared a ’72 Mazda 1800 sedan with us, one of likely extremely few survivors of that pioneering U.S.-market… more»

Barockangel: 1957 BMW 502

I’m writing from the road today, having traversed California from North to South in my Bavaria to attend the tenth annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet in Van Nuys yesterday. It’s a fun show, and well attended,… more»

Museum Piece: 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia

I know the Mustang II still provokes howls of indignation, but my inner museum curator loves this car. All original and showing just 36,000 miles, this ’77 Mustang II Ghia perfectly encapsulates its moment in time… more»

Mom’s Dream Truck? 1961 GMC Suburban

My mom once had a post-retirement dream of towing an Airstream trailer behind a fifth-generation (1960-66) Suburban. Now that she’s actually retired from teaching, she’s starting her own business instead, and getting her Airstream kicks by… more»

Carriage Trade: Engineless 1961 Bentley S2

No engine or transmission, you say? Hmmmmmm….Here’s a project to bring out our creativity! If money were no object, what would you do with an engineless 1961 Bentley S2? Money need not be an object to… more»

Ranch Wagon: 1958 International Travelall

If I ever go to a dude ranch, I want to be picked up at the airport or train station or whatever in this baby! This 1958 International Harvester Travelall A110 seems like the perfect people… more»