Tom Cotter

About Tom Cotter

Tom is a certified car nut who has been published in the New York Times and Road & Track. He has also authored many great books including his popular In the Barn series. More posts »

The Cobra in the Bedroom

We have heard of cars being stashed in barns, dealerships, and even living rooms, but this is the first one we have seen that was found in a bedroom! It isn’t just any old car either,… more»

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The World’s Fastest Indian

How does it feel to be the keeper of the most famous motorcycle in the world?

A Ferrari Behind the Barn

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. A busy holiday season and a terrible case of the flu took me out of commission for a while there. So, to make it up to you all, we… more»

A Nose for Cobras

We would all love to find a real Cobra stashed away. Well, today’s In the Barn story is about a guy who has unearthed not just one, but many of them over his lifetime. The tale… more»

A Gullwing for Big Dog Garage

This week’s In the Barn story is about how one of the world’s most famous collectors found a Mercedes Gullwing of his own. It comes from The Corvette in the Barn and you can pickup your… more»

The Missing Jaguar Lightweight

Today’s story is about how this long lost Jaguar race car was found and returned to its former glory. It was originally published in The Cobra in the Barn, but is reprinted here with permission for… more»

An MG to Remember

Today’s In the Barn story is about the unexpected discovery of a long lost MG. Not just any old MG either. It was written by Kris Palmer and was first publish in The Cobra in the… more»

The Lawrence of Arabia Death Brough

Today’s In the Barn story is about a special motorcycle that was once owned by a very famous individual. You have probably heard of Lawrence of Arabia and today we have the tale about his favorite… more»

The Vincent in the Barn

Gullwings, Speedsters, and the like are all holy grails when it comes to automotive barn finds, but one of the ultimate finds in the two-wheeled world is the Vincent. Vincents were fast and few were made,… more»

The Hog Farmers Fuel-Injected Mouse Den

We are a day late publishing our weekly In the Barn story, but we think that you will agree that the wait was well worth it after reading this one. Just about every car guy would… more»

The Abarth Biposto Barn Find

Today’s story is about one man’s encounter with a very special Abarth. It just proves that there are still important cars out there to be found and sometimes they are closer than we may think. The… more»

Former AMC Dealership Full of Cars

What would happen if a car dealership closed, just closed, and sat untouched for three decades? In the showroom, brochure racks would still be filled with colorful materials showing the latest models, body styles, and colors for… more»

A Healey in the Shadows

Whenever we feature a car that is sitting in a garage with other vehicles, there are always a few people who will focus more on the one in the background. Today’s In the Barn story is… more»