Leno’s Long Lost Duesies

As throngs of people descend on the 18th hole at the Pebble Beach golf course this morning, we are at home. Circumstances prevented us from attending the world’s most prestigious automotive event this year, but we can guarantee that… more»

The Junkyard Ferrari

The following is the story about how a very special Ferrari was discovered in a junkyard. Recounted by Rob Cotter, this tale was originally published in Tom Cotter’s The Corvette in the Barn. It is reprinted here with permission… more»

Black Shadows of Saigon

Today we have an interesting tale about a box full of Vincents. It was written by Lee Klancher and first appeared in Tom Cotter’s book, The Vincent in the Barn. We have gained permission to reprint it here for your… more»

The Automotive Archaeologist

If you think you are a good “barn finder” then you need to read about this guy! This story first appeared in Tom Cotter’s iconic The Cobra in the Barn and it is reprinted here with permission. Subscribe to… more»

A Nose For Rare Vettes

Some people have a knack for sniffing out certain makes of cars. For Joe Trybulec, it’s Corvettes. He has found some rare ones and today we have the tales about two of his best discoveries. These stories originally appeared in… more»

From Behind the Iron Curtain

If you have ever been to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance than you know that the most exciting part, besides the celebrity sightings, is getting to learn the history behind all the great cars on hand. They all have interesting… more»

The Sebring Alfa in the Chicken Coop

This Sunday’s In the Barn story is about the acquisition of an Alfa Romeo race car. Everyone knew about it, but it wasn’t easy to convince the owner to let it go. Enjoy the tale and be sure to… more»

$2.8M Ferrari Chassis Found

Editor’s note: It may not look like much, but this chassis once sat under a very rare competition Ferrari. You may have heard the tale of how Tom Shaughnessy purchased it on eBay in 2006 for a fraction of… more»

The First ’55 Vette

For at least four decades, Steve McCain has had a one-track mind for Corvettes. He decided early on that Chevrolet’s fiberglass sports car was just his style, and he bought his first one—a 1965 model—while still in high school…. more»

The Father & Son Hunting Team

Don and Keith Isley have the perfect father-and-son hobby: searching for old cars. The two have developed an eye for seeing cars that are virtually invisible to most enthusiasts. Take the Corvette that appears above. It was discovered by… more»

Stumbling upon an SCCA Champion

Steve Silverstein is a Sunbeam collector. Unlike most Sunbeam collectors, who seek out only the very desirable Ford V-8-powered Tigers, Silverstein truly appreciates the Tiger’s less-powerful sibling, the Alpine. Alpine Series IVs were powered by 1600-cc four-cylinder engines that… more»

The Robber Baron’s Bugatti Boondoggle

The 1964 Shakespeare-Schlumpf transaction is the grandest used-car deal in recorded history. After Volkswagen AG took over control of Bugatti in 1998, executives at the peoples’ car company thought it might be nice to own one of the six… more»

Leno’s Black Shadow

Built in Stevenage, England, in the 1950s, the 1,000cc Vincent V-Twin was billed as “The World’s Fastest Standard Motorcycle.” Expensive, exotic, loud, and very fast, with a shiny black stove-enameled engine, two into-one faired exhausts, dual Amal carburetors, four… more»

A Propane Gas Delivery Man’s Discovery

Electric company meter-readers, landscapers, and other deliverymen possibly have the best opportunity to discover vehicles “just out of view” from car collectors. After all, they can venture onto properties, look behind bushes, and peer into barns. The story of… more»

The MG in the Barn

We should all be grateful to the mothers in our lives. They put up with our endless babel about automobiles and some even love us enough to come along for a ride. Obviously, mothers do much more than this… more»

MG Discovered in Car-Sized Coffin

Jim Snider’s outstanding Austin-Healey 3000 started a dialogue that twenty years later yielded him an entombed MG. “I owned a bolt and screw business,” said Snider, of Louisville, Kentucky. “One day a customer of mine came into my office to… more»