Award-Winning Original?: 1966 Ford Mustang

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In only its second full year, more than 607,000 Mustangs were sold by Ford in 1966. And many of them were like this nice example, sporting a 200 cubic inch inline-6 with a 3-speed manual transmission (floor-shifted, of course). The seller refers to this as a project car, yet the photos don’t indicate what needs fixing. And the mileage is either 20,000 or 200,000 – but given the awards it has received the lesser figure may be possible. Located in a garage in New Orleans, Louisiana, this Tahoe Turquoise ‘Stang is available here on eBay for $15,700 OBO.

From all indications, this was an ordinary Mustang when it was first assembled. The color of the interior matches the exterior and everything looks quite tidy (except for perhaps a paint bubble or two on the trunk lid). If the car has 200,000 miles, surely the paint and interior have been redone. But if 20,000, then perhaps all of this is original and well-kept. The seller says it runs “normal” for what it is – a gas-sipping pony car made during the brand’s heyday.

We’re told the Mustang had three prior owners. Rather than providing details on the car’s history and why it won the award (s) in the trunk, the seller talks about “left-hand drive and two doors.” The engine compartment is where things deviate from stock and ample bling can be found. Interestingly, one of the three owners decided to install a chrome valve cover where the factory blue one once resided. If this is a project car, I’d sure like to know what work is needed.

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  1. Terrry

    Some six-banger first gen Mustangs could be ordered with four on the floor. A friend of mine had one.

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    • Blyndgesser

      That would be the Dagenham four speed. Nice light shift action but unfortunately even the little Falcon six was a bit much for the fragile gearbox. Parts are now unobtainium. So weird as it seems, I think I’d rather have the three speed—or swap in a T5.

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    • connbackroads

      I had a 64.5 in high school with a 170 3-speed . . . engine was tired, so I swapped-in a 200 from a 65? Comet Caliente. I routed that through a 4-speed from a pickup truck . . . it bolted right in. Much nicer than the 170 3-speed.

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  2. CCFisher

    Memo to the next owner: If you wish to retain the one-piece “export” strut tower brace and the Monte Carlo bar (and personally, I would keep them, because they really stiffen up the front end and improve handling), you should know that there is a Monte Carlo bar with the curve offset to the right to clear the stock six-cylinder air cleaner. The stock air cleaner has much greater surface area and will provide more airflow than the silly little beanie on it now.

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  3. Mark F.

    Not a lot of cosmetic work to do. Maybe the project part has to do with leaks or mechanical, or the lack of undercarriage pictures. But there are a couple cosmetic things. The last picture in the eBay ad shows under the trunk and if you look at the front edge it appears there is some paint pealing or something going on there in the channel below the rear window. And the arm rests need attention. The interior door handles were off at some point because they are at the wrong angle right now. I suspect this was restored years ago and you may have to be really careful about what you are looking at. New paint and bondo hides a lot, so I would at the very least take a magnet to the most prone rust areas. I don’t really like the monte carlo bar on this one, actually never cared for the chrome plated ones. Just something else that needs polished regularly or it will rust. Chrome don’t get you home. I would like to see the floorboards and cowl on this one. Wish it was something better than the basic straight six coupe, but nice car.

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  4. HoA HoAMember

    Marketed by Ford as “Six and the Single Girl”, after a renowned best seller book of a similar name. It was to promote the Mustang as a car for all the single women, mostly from S.California. While the V8 sold more( 354,000) the 6 was one of their biggest sellers at 253,000. That’s a lot of secretaries. I think it still could be a chick car, but the stick. I know, someone said, “hey us old guys still shift gears”, and unfortunately my Jeep is a stick too, but the general consensus is towards an automatic. Sorry, a gearhead doesn’t want a 6, and a secretary doesn’t want a stick. With 40 watched in the last hour, and this nice and not sold, tells me the stick is an instant turn off.

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  5. Mark F.

    I just went back and looked at this car again and realized I missed some stuff under that hood. Maybe because that oval air cleaner monte carlo bar had my attention focused too much on how odd that looked, but I missed the power brakes booster and what appears to be an adjustable proportioning valve. Kinda wondering now if it had a disc brake conversion, and if so is it still 4 lug or has it been upgraded to 5 lug? Can’t tell with hub caps on.

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    The seller claims that the car has had quarter panels put on it. If that is true then it most likely was done due to rust issues. Anyone that is seriously interested in this car would be well advised to do an in person inspection.

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