Awesome Custom 1939 Ford Coupe!

1939 Ford

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Someone has put a lot of time and money into this 1939 Ford, and it looks like you might be able to scoop this custom cruiser up for much less than what might be in it. The current bid price is $18,100 but the reserve has not yet been met. This completely custom ride is located in Wadsworth, Ohio and has a clear title. You view more information about it and place a bid for it here on eBay.

1939 Ford

One of the many elements that makes this car custom is the power plant under the hood. The engine is an 8-71 blown 355 cubic inch small block Chevy V8 connected to a 350 Turbo Hydro-matic transmission. Out back is a 10-bolt Chevy rear end geared to a 3.5 ratio. According to the listing, the car is turn-key car that runs and drives without any issues. It does have a stock, rebuilt, ’39 Ford axle assembly.

1939 Ford

Inside, you can see where a lot of time and money was spent. It is a completely custom leather interior with plastic still protecting the steering wheel. The seller notes that the car has been disassembled down to the frame, blasted, painted, and re-assembled. There is no fiberglass on the car, it is all metal. The exterior paint is from a one-off 1957 Porsche Green, and it rides on Hankook tires and Mob Steel wheels.

1939 Ford

While custom cars are sometimes hard to find buyers for, because of their unique style and taste, this Ford seems to be, in some regard, plain enough to have a potentially wider audience. It does have some pinstripes and the color combination of paint, wheel, and interior, might not be to everyone’s liking. But, you have to admit that the car has been built well and that is something to truly appreciate.

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  1. CapNemo CapNemo

    Really nice car, looks like good work was done! Personally, I’d install a spacer from Rude Ron, I feel it would make it look a little more aggressive. Good luck with the sale!

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  2. Dusty Rider

    Nice, but take those wheels back to the circus before the clowns get mad.

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    • Bozo

      Stop dissing those cool wheels or I’ll squirt you with my seltzer bottle!!!

      Like 9
    • Mike

      Dusty, I was thinking the same thing about the driveline…it’s generic, to the point of being over done.

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks like a lot of work went into this one. I’d rather see bumpers on it if you plan to drive it on the street and I would rather not see the blower scoop sticking through the hood.
    Overall it looks good and appears to have been done well, but much depends on what the reserve is whether it’s a good deal or not.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Like 86vette said, mucho work done and nicely executed. A set of Torque thrust wheels would set this off so nicely. Those clown car wheels, as dirty harry says “ain’t cuttin’ it”. Good luck to the new owner. Close inspection mandatory.

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  5. Jack M.

    I would also conceal the blower under the hood. It’s fun to cruise around and watch people look around to see where the blower whine is coming from. Turbo 350 and a 10 bolt rear end, l would guess that it’s not pushing very much boost for those parts to survive.

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    • James

      A 10 bolt and turbo 350 can be built to meet or exceed anything you can throw at them for power. Just depends on how deep your pockets are.

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    • YooperMike

      You can change out the timing chain with gears. I had the noise just right in my Chevy p/u trucks. Tighten up the motor also.

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  6. Karl

    Looks like a lot of very well done work the engine if done correctly and depending on boost levels would last a long time I don’t care for the wheels but the rest of the car looks very well done!

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  7. bigdoc

    Cool car but like everyone else the wheels gotta go bye bye.

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  8. TortMember

    Like the car and the color. The blower would be fine if it didn’t stick through the hood. The color of the wheels is fine if they were just steel with Ford small hubcaps. The grill looks like a 37 or 38 that hurts the look substantially. After all that said I would love to own it.

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    • moosie moosie

      This car is a ’39 Standard, they carry the previous years Deluxe grille, just like the ’40 standard carries the ’39 Deluxe grille, after ’40 all bets are off cause they changed the front end sheet metal on a ’41, along with other body pieces and parts. I really like this car and dont want to slam the builders choice of wheels but I think it coulda been better. I like it how the scoop is just peeking above the hood, I like it a lot !

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      • moosie moosie

        Not sure what that grille is from sort of ’37 looking but not quite, maybe a mixture, after all it is a custom ? @ Roger, maybe it has one of those retracta-plate things where the plate drops when the ignition is turned on ??

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      • TortMember

        Owned a 38 Ford coupe and seen lots of 40’s. but didn’t know about the 39 standards had the previous years grill. Thanks

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  9. Roger

    Nice Ride, Where does one hang the license plate? Too nice of a body to drill holes for tag lights.

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  10. Jimmy king

    There were subtle differences between 1938 deluxe and 1939 standard, however this one is modified in the upper rear of the openings. 28 deluxe was rounded towards the rear and 39 standard had a sorta forward point….this one is pretty much straight up and down…shame it’s infested with a rodent engine!

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  11. the one

    Kelsey Hayes would do the trick. Color? Can you say Andersons?!!!!

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  12. TimM

    Not a car to take on a long journey more like a trailer queen!! Would get a lot of smiles per gallon but not a lot of miles per gallon!!! I’m in agreement about the wheels too!! With all the wheels available today you buy some piss yellow steel wheels from a farmers hay wagon!!

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