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Baby Ferrari: 1965 ASA 1000 GT

Compact isn’t a word usually used to describe a Ferrari, but that is the best word to describe this 1965 ASA 1000 GT. While this car was built by ASA, this car was commissioned by Ferrari and made extensive use of Ferrari technology. This beautiful example has been in storage for the past 15 years, but is now being offered here on eBay.

In the late ’50s and early ’60s compact cars were gaining in popularity, which influenced Enzo Ferrari to decide the company needed to build a small bore sports car to compete in the compact market. The job of production was outsourced to Autocostruzioni Società per Azioni, or ASA for short. The body was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro, while he worked at Bertone. And Giotto Bizzarrini was brought in to assist with the development of the 1000 GT’s chassis.

The 1000 GT is powered by a 1.0 liter 4 cylinder that is literally one thirds of Ferrari Colombo V12. Two large Weber side draft carburetors were used to feed fuel and air, allowing this motor to produce 97 hp. The engine wasn’t the only thing borrowed from Ferrari. The disc brakes are 250 GTE units and the chassis and suspension are said to be modeled after the 250 GTO.

The interior is well appointed and is very similar to the 250 GT, only smaller. This car was restored to its current condition about 20 years ago, but still looks fantastic inside and out. There were only about 75 of these 1000 GTs built and less than half were sent our way.

This beautifully designed car is nearly as rare as the Ferrari 250 GT, and while the seller is asking $119,000, is a fraction of the cost. The demand for the 1000 GT is on the rise, but we think the seller is a bit optimistic, as these car typically trade hands for less than $100,000.


  1. Ron

    Not as pretty as a Lotus Elite, (not much is) but very sweet indeed.

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  2. J. Pickett

    Beautiful little car, but I’ll bet the parts and upkeep are in Ferrari’s price range.

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  3. Cameron

    What a beautiful car…well outside my price range.

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  4. Hudson

    I always find cars that fall into this category in a strange spot of the car collecting world.

    It’s interesting for sure, but surely not beautiful. Rare, but not particularly desirable or identifiable.

    A Glas GT is every bit as good looking as this, for considerably less money. And just how many people would know the difference or care?


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  5. Dolphin Member

    To me this is a great design all around. The design and proportions are so good that if you didnt know its actual size you would think it was a full size GT car. The only thing wrong with this car is that there are so few of them.

    If you want a great vintage car from the same people who gave the world those multi-million $ Ferraris from decades past but at a fraction of the cost, this is the car to buy. And on top of that it will be the centre of attention at any Ferrari meet you bring it to since most people will only have seen one in a small B & W photo in an old copy of Road & Track or in a Ferrari history book.

    If I had the resources of those the people who buy those high-dollar Ferraris, I would save big bucks my making this my next purchase.

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  6. Steve

    I forecast pain and expense for those that take on odd balls like this.

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  7. James Wallhauser

    A rare and beautiful novelty of a car, but not a toy, and correctly done. The car is so deftly designed that it does indeed trick the eye, right down to the grown up windshield wiper position. I think $119K is a bit much, but hey, people who are plunking down 6 bills cash for ANYTHING recreational can afford it. If I had the cash, loved all things Ferrari and needed an exotic economy car, I’d do it…but $100k is my top offer!

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  8. Hudson

    It’s only 6 inches shorter than a Glas GT guys.

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  9. Horse Radish

    I guess by now the name Ferrari is overrated if even the association with that name supposedly justifies an asking price like that.
    I like others’ comparison with the Glas GT, you just beat me to it.
    With that kind of money I would have my half dozen Glas GTs standing in my driveway in like condition and different colors (one for every day of the week and drive my Mercedes on Sundays…………) Even my Fred Flintstone GT would get a new floor and be up and running

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  10. Chris H.

    Looks like the result of a drunken tryst between an Opel Manta and a Glas GT.

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  11. Andacar

    Very cool indeed, but not my cup of tea. The Consumer Guide book on collectible cars says that these are about impossible to find parts for, and it’s waaaaaay overpriced.

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