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Background Finds: 1930 Chevy Truck


Readers often point out interesting cars in the background of postings. Take a close look at this picture for something, well, strange. You see a Cadillac and another car in the background and then you see, what the heck? Is that a car sticking out of the roof?  Perhaps it’s a sign for the car lot next door. This old pickup is listed on craigslist in Houston, Texas, but is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s said to have always lived indoors and been stored for 50 years. I usually wouldn’t pay much attention to postings where they won’t list a price, but I couldn’t pass this up. The truck does look solid, mostly complete and is said to be running and driving. It’s had restoration work at some time.


It’s hard to guess any history of this truck. Would the seat upholstery originally been just plain in a pickup? The parts of the wooden body frame visible look to be in good shape.


It looks mostly complete and original under the hood. The seller claims this is running and driving, but the hose seems to be disconnected at the water pump. The painter was generous with the overspray.


There are places where it appears the respray has pealed away revealing the original green paint, perhaps “Nile Green”. I hope the buyer keeps this old truck original but it would be a good candidate for some sort of custom truck. It might even even look OK if left with this respray blue. As always, the biggest concern is the condition of the wood body frame. If there are no serious issues, what do you think this old truck might be worth? What would you do with it?


  1. Jay M

    Chevy? Check!
    Truck? Check!
    1930’s? Check!

    I would love to add this this little gem to my collection. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Did Chevy have an OHV 6 cylinder this early in the game?

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      Yes, they did. There was no pressure oiling to the rocker shafts in the early sixes. There was a felt laaid over the rocker shaft and you had to Remove the valve cover and oil the felt every so many miles.

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    • dj

      1929 was the first year offered with a six. In 1930, it became standard

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      • Erling Storstrom

        Sorry folks, the first Chevrolet with a 6 cylinder engine came on the market in 1913 constructed by Louis C. Produced from late 1912 to 1914, but also sold in 1915. Total: approx 530 cars, and two existing today.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      In 1929 Chevy advertised it as: “Six for the price of Four.”

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  3. Dave Wright

    Off course………

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  4. Blueprint

    C3 Corvette prices are going through the roof nowadays

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    A nice original Chevy like this would be a welcome addition to any collection. Preserve it as it is or do a good driver quality restoration. It would be fun to have.

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  6. Greg

    I have been lurking on here for a while, I might give this one a try ( but I hate when I see make an offer) what do you all think is a good price range for this? And in the ad it says he knows people that can deliver for 25 to 50 cents a mile ( is that doable)


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  7. Greg

    Just found another craigslist ad for it, he is looking for 13,500 More than I was hoping for

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  8. brakeservo

    Okay, what exactly is a stovebolt that these early six-cylinders are named after?

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    • Dave Wright

      I suspect there were some square head bolts somewhere in the engine…………we used to have a lot of them in old horse drawn carriages.

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  9. Dave Wright

    These are great old trucks, good drivetrains and somewhat uncommon today. My dad had one when he was young, used to tell a story off setting his buddy on the curb as he went around a left hand corner……..they have a lot of wood body frame parts and the doors were so loose they had to tie them shut with a rope to keep them closed. I suspect that is the main reason for so few of them surviving. Howard……did these have mechanical brakes?

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  10. Rhodney Freeman

    Hi! I am 78 years old and have been looking for 49-50 Ford Coupe, 55,56,57 Chevy 2dr HT, 67 Pontiac GTO, 53 Chev 2dr HT or some other. I need a hobby but not an expensive investment. (I don’t know what is cheap and what is expensive, but I MIGHT LIKE THE CHALLENGE OF REBUILDING THE 1930 Chevrolet PU, restoring all the wood, restoring the engine and drive train, and modern paint job. I might not live long enough to get it restored, but just looking at it I have ideas already. I have a good mechanic who also restores cars. How about a price? I am from Mount Pleasant, Texas on I-30.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      It’s still on craigslist so you might still have a chance at it. Good luck.

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  11. Jim Benjaminson

    Have fond memories of the doors flying open on my aunt’s ’32 Chev pickup, which is now restored so the doors stay closed! Lots of wood in them but the windshield pillar door post is all steel so you don’t have the sagging doors of the passenger car bodies. Very rare. The six cylinder was standard in all of them from 1929 on up.

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  12. Leman H. Wilson

    Where is Barn Finds main office located?

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  13. Jim Benjaminson

    Forgot to mention – the seats, including the cushion, was pleated like the back rest; I believe the material was called moleskin. The seat cushions were split because the gas filler is under the passengers seat.

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  14. John

    Wish I had this instead of my 75 Ford

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    • Cassidy

      Anyone hurt in the rollover?

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      • 4-Doors-for-My-Tuba

        I think he’s upside down* in this restoration.

        *Not a personal attack, just a bit of teasing.

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  15. John

    Its gonna get flipped for a thousand dollars! 👀

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  16. bruce bigley

    I had a 28 known as a telephone booth cab, split windshield, wood spoke, green body and bed w/black fenders, orig. wood in bed. Sold it in 1973 for $2800.00.

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